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Charity Duo who are Raising Funds and Awareness for Two Good Causes are Looking for Sponsors to Support Their Epic Journey

On the 5th of January 2023, celebrity hairdresser Adee Phelan and record-breaking charity fundraiser Iain Ward will be travelling a total of 3,000 miles across eight states and through three time zones from New York to LA to raise funds for two charities. 

The journey on foot and by bike will be filmed by a camera crew for a future documentary, accompanying them on a tour bus, which they will eat and sleep on. Along their journey they will be joined by various celebrities that will either run part of the journey with them or make an appearance in support of their cause. Each day of their journey, they will wear a T-shirt featuring a different person to show support to someone who is fighting a battle or pay respects to someone who is no longer with us to reinforce the true meaning behind this challenge. 

Adee and Iain will be donating the funds they raise to two causes close to their hearts – the Marina Dalglish Cancer Foundation and Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM). Adee lost his father to cancer and has struggled with depression for over 30 years. CALM is a mental health charity that offers a free confidential and anonymous helpline, live web chats and support for anyone struggling with their mental health. Iain is living with a terminal brain tumor and was given an estimated five years left to live two years ago. the Marina Dalglish Cancer Foundation supports cancer research and treatment. 

Adee and Iain are looking for brands that can offer sponsorship in order to fund their journey and – once this has been completed – donate to the charity in order to help them raise the most amount of money possible. In return for sponsorship or product donation the pair are offering promotion through company branding of items such as the bikes, tour bus and clothing. 

They are also looking for brands with a large following and active social media status who can help to promote the journey to the general public and other influencers in order to achieve the maximum exposure and potential this journey can take. 

Adee says: “The film crew will be joining us throughout our entire journey and much of the key focus will be when I cut a person’s hair in every one of the 66 towns we will visit on our journey. The opportunities for sponsorship from a key brand from the hairdressing family is immense.”

If your brand is interested in providing sponsorship or product donation, or you have any futher questions, please contact: Izzy Branson Hammond | | 07710 676301

Hair & Beauty Takes Seasonal Battering

The hair & beauty sector is once again at the frontline of the impact of the current economic instability, with a drop in the proportion of businesses saying that they are confident of their survival at 49%, down from 64% in July, as reported in the results from the latest National Hair & Beauty Federation (NHBF) State of the Industry survey. 

These businesses have battled through the last two years and seen two periods of initial recovery in September 2021 and July 2022, but this latest set of results shows the fragility of the recovery.

Escalating energy costs, business supplier and staff costs have brought growth to a screeching halt. Sector businesses find themselves once again dealing with a set of survival challenges. Declining consumer confidence has meant that a sense of uncertainty has replaced the signs of recovery that we saw in July.

While the proportion of businesses making a loss has not increased, fewer businesses are making a profit with 35%, down from 44% in July, and there has been a corresponding increase in those who are breaking even at 46%, up from 36% in July.

The general trend towards increasing prices continues. 51% of businesses raised their prices over the last three months (although this was down from 62% in July). A further 65% (up from 51% in July) will do so over the next three months.

Reliance on external support has increased again, with 74% of businesses either partially or completely reliant on Government support, which is up from 50% in July, although not quite as high as January’s 81%. Unsurprisingly in the current climate, 77% are paying more for energy than they were six months ago. For half of businesses, energy costs have increased by 40% or more.

Debt levels are rising again, with 54% of businesses in debt, back to levels last seen in January. 42% of businesses in debt report that the amount of debt they are carrying has increased. 58% believe it will take them more than two years to clear.

Richard Lambert, chief executive of the NHBF says, “Many hair & beauty businesses are teetering on the edge of survival. A range of indicators including business activity, rising prices, rising debt, reliance on government support, uncertainty around survival and a dip in growth aspirations all signal shift towards a more negative outlook over the summer.

Businesses have benefitted from an array of support from the UK and devolved governments over the last two years, most recently in the form of the Energy Price Guarantee. However, further support will be needed through the winter and beyond and we are talking to the Government about how best to address this.”

The economic impact is having an obvious knock-on effect on staffing, recruitment, and apprentices. Recruitment intentions have dipped slightly and are less optimistic for the future. In the next three months, only 12% of the survey respondents are definitely, or likely to take on new staff (down from 27% in July). Over the last three months, 25% have cut back on apprentices (up from 17% in July). In a slight dip, only 9% were definitely or likely to take on apprentices in the next three months.



Denman supports Schools Sport Outreach Programme

Supporting the local community is a continuous goal for Denman International. Earlier this month Denman partnered with Annandale Men’s Hockey Club in South Belfast to help launch expansion of their landmark Schools Outreach Programme. Denman Chairman, Dr John Rainey MBE has long had ties to the club from his hockey playing days and was delighted to donate £2000 to fund opportunities for children that might not otherwise be able to afford to play the sport. The donation is part of Denman’s consistent and purposeful CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategywhich seeks ways to do good for the community, the environment and the industry. 

Speaking at the launch, Club Chairman John Stephens said ‘This program is all about bringing the sport of hockey to schools who would not otherwise have the opportunity to play it. The programme has proven very popular in introducing hockey to children in a fun setting. We are indebted to Denman and Belfast City council without whose support this expansion would not be possible.’

Dr John F. Rainey MBE, Chairman of Denman and the Denroy Group added ‘Sport is a great way for children to exercise and the kids really enjoy it. The work that Annadale is doing with these schools is absolutely fabulous and long may we continue to support this.”

Image: Teachers and pupils from Knockbreda Primary School, Dr John Rainey MBE Denman Chairman and Annandale Hockey Club Chairman John Stephens. 

OUT NOW: BarberEVO UK and Ireland Issue 35 – November / December 2022

The latest issue of BarberEVO UK and Ireland is OUT NOW. This issue is packed full of advice, features and trends to keep you up to date with what’s current at the busiest time of year.  

Gracing the coveted front cover (even if we do say so ourselves) is the WAHL British Barber of the Year 2022, Charlie Baker. We got an exclusive interview with the winner at Salon International in London, who told us what it takes to be the best in the bizz.

We also have the first reactions of the winning team of WAHL British Barbershop of the Year 2022, Ruffians Shoreditch. Unmissable reads all round!

Also in this issue:

Furniture and interiors

We visited some of the coolest shops in the UK to find out why making your space a comfortable and welcoming place to be is the way to extend that client list and keep your people coming back to your chair treatment-after-treatment.

Hestory tells us about their Moda chairs – why they went with the brand and what makes them a cut above the rest. Comfort and style in equal measure, is what we’re told. 

Lighting matters too – at least that’s what Cubed Cuts and Coffee told us. They set up a unique space that offers, you guessed it, coffee and haircuts. Bringing two of the owners’ favourite things together creates an atmosphere unmatched by other shops in the area.


Let’s talk colour! Creativity is at the heart of barbering – and that doesn’t just mean with the clippers. We chat to some of the most talented creative colour experts in the UK about how to apply colour that lasts.

Surrey-based Ahmed AlsanawI has taken the hair, tattoo, and coffee worlds by storm with his three A-STAR shops. He’s the Chelsea F.C. team’s favourite barber and our expert in all things creative colour. He tells us his journey toward barbering for the stars.

Murray McRae heads up STAG in Edinburgh and champions inclusive hairdressing for all genders and hair types. A lot of his clients want to try something crazy to build their identity – he told us how to build their confidence using colour.


Styling isn’t just for session and editorial hairdressers. We find out what trends are trickling down from the catwalk to the barber chair. What did we learn? Don’t limit yourself to the familiar; try different products and collaborate with other talented barbers to boost your creativity. 

Ciara Madden – American Crew’s All Star Winner for Ireland shared her advice on picking the right pomade for your client, Alan Beak shares his top styling tools, and much more. 


It’s the busiest time of the year, but we’ve got your back. Discover how to make the most of the festive winter season with our expert guides to boosting retail in a way that not only encourages clients to look after their cuts but to dare to try something new, too.

Woodstock Barbershop show us how they do it, while Todd’s Chop Shop tell us why making a place feel accessible to all people – young, old, families, genders – is your key to encouraging additional purchases and revisits. 

We hope you enjoy this issue! You can order your print copy here.

BarbersRide 2022 smashes target to raise over £26K for Make-A-Wish UK Children’s Charity

BarbersRide 2022 have stormed past their target on this year’s epic fund raising road trip. Now in its sixth consecutive year, BarbersRide’s total funds reach over £110K for The Lion’s Barber Collective, London’t Great Ormond Street and Liverpool’s Alder Hey children’s hospitals and Make-A-Wish.

This year alone BarbersRide have raised £26K* with more donations still coming in for Make-A-Wish UK. Huzzah! 

This year’s epic motorbike ride tackled an epic 800 miles across the South of England. On the 7th August a fine fellowship of mad-cap adventurers, united by their passion for bikes and barbering, set off from Weston-Super-Mare on a 5 day mission to support ‘Make-A-Wish’, a charity which turns the dreams of seriously ill children into real life magic.

 Richie Finney, owner of Captain Fawcett Ltd is one of BarbersRide’s founding members and key sponsor of the annual road trip adventure. He says “It is a true pleasure to be part of bringing barbers and bikers together on these extraordinary annual journeys of camaraderie, mayhem and just fantastic goodwill. In 2022 our haphazard band of brothers took to the highways amidst a record-breaking, tarmac-melting heatwave with fantastically formidable trails through the beautiful West Country and on to Margate. We’ve never been so glad to cool down at the BarbersRide’s legendary after parties! This year’s hosts excelled themselves providing live music, food and drinks to revive the somewhat wilting riders. We simply couldn’t do it without them. And my personal thanks to Jenna at Fawcett HQ for her outstanding support and magnificent logistical expertise!”

BarbersRide have supported Make-A-Wish UK since 2019, saying: “Make-A-Wish grants special wishes for sick children when they are most in need and bring positivity and happiness in times of distress. We decided to work with a national children’s charity so that children from each region could benefit and Make-A-Wish were the perfect organisation to partner with. We even managed to ride in 2020, observing social distancing, with incredible support from our sponsors, our riders, the barbers and barbershops. Now more than ever, global upheavals make all of us appreciate how important it is to find ways to keep going and stay resilient when there are obstacles in our way.”

Make-A-Wish UK Chief Executive Jason Suckley said: “We are hugely grateful to BarbersRide and all those who have supported their brilliantly unique way of fundraising for Make-A-Wish over the years. Any money they raise will help us with our ambitious mission to light up the lives of every child in the UK who has a critical condition, by granting their wish. From the moment they are diagnosed, the joy of childhood is often brought to an abrupt end while treatment, medical appointments and worry take over. It can’t be underestimated how powerful a wish can be in bringing light and joy to those children, as well as their loved ones, creating positive moments and cherished memories that have a lasting impact on all their lives.”

Rumour has it, BarbersRide may be heading across the sea to Ireland in 2023. Watch this space… 

* 2022 total is calculated via a number of JustGiving pages as well as offline donations direct to Make-A-Wish.

Now is the Time to Stand Up: One in Five Brits are Told They’re Not Good Enough

Bed Head launches ‘Stay Headstrong’ campaign that encourages individuals to let their creativity rule.

  • Two fifths of Brits wish they could have been braver with their hair growing up and believe their hair is the most important part of personal appearance
  • One in 10 look up to Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles and Vivienne Westwood as headstrong role models
  • Over half of Brits think their hair is an extension of their personality
  • The campaign has just launched a new web series fronted by FFSYTHOLily Phillips and Lucia Blayke to coincide with its first nationwide consumer retail launch at Boots
  • This year, Bed Head is supporting STONEWALL to drive awareness and help create safe and equal opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community

Original rebel hair brand, Bed Head, has launched ‘Stay Headstrong’, a campaign celebrating fearless self-expression and encouraging experimentation. The ‘Stay Headstrong’ campaign is a response to new research that shows that one in five (19%) Brits admit they’ve been told they’re not good enough, with one third (30%) being made to feel inadequate at some point in their lives with regards to how they look. Of those surveyed, more than half (60%) rely on their hair to give them confidence, with two fifths (40%) claiming their hair-do is the most important part of their appearance.  As part of Bed Head’s campaign, the brand has launched ‘Chats from the Chair’, a web content series on its native platform, that features interviews from headstrong queer Grime artist FFSYTHO, cutthroat comedian Lily Phillips, and trans pride activist and creator Lucia Blayke. The interviews shed light on why the ‘stay headstrong’ attitude is so important to each of the stars and illustrates the integral role products play as tools for self-expression, enabling people to be true unapologetic versions of themselves. When it comes to role models, the consumer research revealed people admire creative challengers Miley Cyrus,Harry Styles and Vivienne Westwood for their bold fearless nature (42%), integrity (47%) and courage to stand up for what they believe in (44%). The results also showed that half (51%) of Brits think their hair is an extension of their personality, changing their style on average every two or three years (32%). Of those surveyed, adopting a headstrong attitude has helped people with:

  • Improved confidence – 29%
  • To take more risks in their personal lives – 21%
  • To persevere after rejection – 20%

Katie Westerby, Senior Marketing Manager at Bed Head, said: “At Bed Head, our purpose has always been to champion creativity by equipping artists with elevated professional hair care products and encouraging all consumers to push the boundaries of what they can do. Being headstrong is not only something we embody as a brand, but a belief we want to instil in everyone who buys our products. We hope that this campaign will spark conversation and motivate new and existing Bed Head devotees, and we can’t wait to see it.”  This year, Bed Head is supporting and donating to STONEWALL a charity that stands for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning and ace (LGBTQ+) people everywhere. In the UK, more than a third of employees don’t believe it’s appropriate for their LGBTQ+ colleagues to be out in the workplace. In response to this, Bed Head and STONEWALL want to help create more equal opportunities in society so LGBTQ+ people feel safer in our modern society.  For more information about Bed Head’s ‘Stay Headstrong’ campaign, please visit

Introducing Samson’s Haircare Small Batch, Artisanal Men’s Hair and Beard Range

Welcome to Samson’s Haircare, an artisanal men’s hair and beard care range, founded in 2019 by barber Jake Hamlet and relationship manager, Adam Muncy. Like many pioneers in the beauty industry, Jake and Adam hand-batched their first product in a basement using a modified rice cooker. After much experimentation and evolution, this grassroots company has become much more than just a range of hair and beard care products but rather, it has become an extension of who they are.

As the son of a lineman and veteran, Jake and Adam take great pride in Samson’s Haircare, their mission, the formulas and creating this range themselves. With no outsourcing or backdoor chemist, everything is produced on site from start to finish using only the finest, quality ingredients. Samson’s isn’t a conglomerate of marketing professionals and PhD chemists; it is the result 2 hair obsessed guys focused on delivering a better product to the beauty community.

Some of Samson’s top products include:

Hair Pomade (3 oz. / $19.00) – You know how disappointing it is to have a great hair day in the morning only to have it deflate by lunch? This exceptional pomade won’t let you down. Endurance is what makes us different from everyone else on the market. Sunup to sundown, Samson’s will hold your hair in place. It is small batch goodness and Midwest made! Delivers all day hold and natural shine.

Beard Balm (2 oz. / $17.00) – This sought-after beard balm is specifically designed to nourish, soften, and tame beards so you or your clients will feel comfortable and distinguished. Looking like a caveman is not a requirement for having a beard.

Beard Oil (1 oz. / $16.00) – Do you suffer from dry skin and coarse facial hair? Our beard oil is perfect to combat these exact issues. Our oil is formulated with sweet almond oil, avocado and jojoba oils, and other natural ingredients that moisturize and soften your beard and the skin underneath it. 

Matte Finish Clay Pomade (3 oz. / $19.00) – When you want a lightweight, medium hold pomade with no-shine, this is the choice for the task at hand. Developed over 4 months with input from 100s of clients and barbers, it’s a favorite. With an easy scoop and breakdown, application of this product is a breeze with the same restyling you’ve come to expect from Samson’s Original Pomade

Matte Styling Cream (4 oz. / $19.00) – When you want easy application, a great result, and a matte finish, Samson’s Matte Styling Cream is the product for the job. Jake prefers to use if for loose textured looks, but it can also achieve tight traditional styles. It could be the brand’s most versatile product yet. 

Foster the Curl (6 oz. / $26.00) – As business owners, Jake and Adam felt very frustrated that some of their products could not serve families. Both men are foster parents of children with textured hair. Foster the Curl is a light hold crème that delivers low shine and holds curls all day while nourishing hair.

Also available are The Bench Leg ShampooConditioner, Solid Cologne, and Volumizing Matte Powder.

For these two entrepreneurial gentlemen, it is not only about sharing their barbering passion and creating an exceptional range of men’s products, but it’s also about sharing their passion and love for the foster care community. Currently, there are more than 400,00 children in the foster care system in the US. To help battle those numbers, a portion of proceeds from Foster the Curl will go towards supporting foster youth in achieving safety, permanence, and well-being.

All Samson Haircare products are available online at, or by contacting Lisa Finucane at 630-935-4534.


Largely embedded in the foster care community, Jake and Adam strive to do everything with good intent and purpose, and their character is built within their hard work and dedication to delivering the best hair care products possible.

Booksy Wins Five The Startup Weekly Awards

Booksy, the leader in booking and business technology for the beauty industry, is honored to be the recipient of five awards by The Startup Weekly! This year’s awards attracted a record number of applications across different categories in the United States, and the winners were selected by a panel of judges comprised of top executives, founders, investors, and industry experts.

The five The Startup Weekly awards Booksy is a proud recipient of are: 2022 Customer’s Choice, 2022 Software Companies to Watch, 2022 Diverse & Inclusive Employer, 2022 Exceptional Workplace, and 2022 Founder’s to Watch.     

Booksy was awarded The Startup Weekly’s 2022 Customer’s Choice award, which is awarded to companies that have demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction. Booksy’s user-friendly mobile app allows their over 15 million users across the globe to book anytime, anywhere with beauty professionals in their area.  

As Booksy’s software continues to advance, they were very proud to be recognized as one of the 2022 Software Companies to Watch! The companies in this category were evaluated based on growth, strength of the technology product or service, impact on the industry, and commitment to customer success.

Booksy is committed to their users, but they are also committed to creating an exceptional and diverse employee culture are proud to be awarded with The Startup Weekly’s 2022 Diverse & Inclusive Employer award and the 2022 Exceptional Workplace award! The companies in this category were evaluated based on a combination of employee survey results, proprietary fact sheets, online and offline reviews, and industry recognition.

Finally, The Startup Weekly presented Booksy with the 2022 Founder’s to Watch award! Recipients demonstrated distinct entrepreneurial excellence in building and growing businesses throughout the year. The final awards list was based on personal achievements, professional success, and contributions to the business community at large. 

Download the Booksy mobile app for free or visit to learn more.


Booksy is a cloud-based appointment booking solution for hairstylists, colorists, barbers, nail artists, estheticians, massage therapists, salons, barbershops, spas and more. It offers appointment scheduling, calendar management, online payments, and a suite of marketing management functionalities. Android and iPhone apps supported. Booksy features two mobile applications: Booksy Biz for businesses and Booksy Lite geared more for independent professional plus a Booksy app for clients.


The Startup Weekly is a leading independent source of news, insights, interviews, and awards for business builders across all sectors of the economy. The company’s media contributors include founders, business executives, investors, and other thought leaders. The Startup Weekly is committed to establishing a community for those pursuing entrepreneurial excellence. For more information, visit:

Must-Have Kid Friendly, Fuss-Free Products

As a stylist, your clients are the most important part of your business. It’s important to remember that clients come in all different shapes, sizes, and ages, and mop® (Modern Original Products for Modern Original People) Hair Care is helping you include all of them! Even your littlest clients need to have their hair taken care of, and their experience in the salon should be pain-free. mop® offers kid-friendly options that are gentle enough to be used on any little tike.  

mop® makes washing and styling children’s hair in the salon fun and safe, as their products are 100% vegan and gentle enough for even your youngest of clients.  

Infants and toddlers have more sensitive scalps than adults, so it’s essential to wash with a shampoo that is gentle and safe for their tiny heads. mop® pear gentle shampoo is the kindest, most effective way to cleanse sensitive scalps. Pear extract and soothing aloe doesn’t dry out tender skin and scalp while pear puree moisturizes sensitive skin. It contains no harsh additives, and is easy to rinse, making it especially helpful for little ones squirming in the salon chair. An infusion of fruits, vegetables, and botanicals make it smell just plain yummy! A neutral pH guards against eye irritation and stinging, so you can wash hair worry free!   

Getting children to sit still in the chair can be challenging enough, let alone trying to detangle frustrating, snarly knots. Combing through these knots can be painful and may even be damaging to hair. mop® pear detangler detangles twisted hair with naturally soothing pear juice, aloe and silk amino acids. Nature’s emollients join forces to do away with nasty knots, leaving hair happy, healthy, and carefree. With no added parabens or sodium chloride and 100% vegan ingredients, this detangler is perfect for your littlest clients. 

Don’t forget that your kid clients are just as important as your adult clients! Kid-friendly mop®products can help keep the tiny hairs on their head strong, happy, and healthy.

mop® can be found in salons nationwide and at

About mop® Modern Original Products for Modern Original People

For over 15 years, mop has been making innovative products for the professional beauty industry. Our mission is to create a community of salons, stylists and their clients where they express themselves without being judged, condemned or criticized. At mop® we want everyone to be the best versions of themselves and to know that our community is inclusive, not exclusive. Formulated with the most powerful ingredients, our products are designed to inspire every stylist to unleash their creativity and have the freedom to style hair their way.

Editorial Bootcamp with Thomas Hills

Prepare for the Keune Hairstylist Awards and discover the complete process of how to create Editorial-style looks from multi-award winning industry professional, Thomas Hills!

Thomas Hills’ achievements include 2x British Hairdressing Awards wins (Southern), over 300 magazine features and 25 front covers (incl. HJ, Pro Hair). 

During the Editorial Bootcamp session, you’ll join Thomas Hills along with our Education Team to explore a mix of theoretical and practical elements on how to create show-stopping looks that are perfectly executed and ready for Editorial exhibition. 

DATE: Tuesday 1st November 2022

LOCATION: PH Group Studio, 19 & 20 De Havilland Road, Skypark, Exeter, EX5 2FL

TIME: 10:00am until 4:00pm, with breaks for lunch and coffee.


OR redeem your place at*

*Limited spaces available. Spaces cost £50 excl. VAT each. Spaces redeemable on the Keune Rewards store for 12,000 points.