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Mark Maciver (AKA @SliderCuts) has just been announced as an official Fresha Brand Ambassador.

Barber of 20+ years, author, speaker and educator, Mark Maciver (AKA @SliderCuts) has just been announced as an official Fresha Brand Ambassador. Already a trailblazer in the industry, Mark has used Fresha’s state of the art and user-friendly platform to enhance his business and find even greater success in the industry. 

As someone who has built his own authentic brand and become a role model and leader in the barbering industry, Mark told us that he isn’t likely to partner or represent just any brand. He said: “I understand the influence that I have in the barber community so want to ensure that the brands I work with are genuine, authentic, and bring real value to barbers lives and businesses. For me, Fresha’s software passed that test. It has incredibly high standards and is a brand I’m happy to put my name behind, and to recommend to my community.” 

For Mark, the barbershop should be a pillar of its community, and he works to ensure that his shop helps his local community thrive and grow. One of the ways he does this is through a youth mentorship scheme. He explained: “We have a handful of local boys who come in every Saturday. We mentor them, pay them for their work, and offer helpful life skills, like teaching them how to do stock counts and counting the till. Giving them responsibility and accountability encourages a higher confidence, helps them think independently, and apply these skills to other aspects of life. We also teach them to cut hair and are here for any other help they need.”

Mark told us that one of the boys he mentors is currently going through his GCSEs, and was struggling in one subject in particular. So, Mark paid for a tutor to help support his mentee to get through this subject. He said: “Paying for the tutor for a few months might cost £700, but if that better grade can help his life forever, then of course it’s worth it. I want to show him that you don’t give up on something just because it’s difficult.” 

Mark believes that more barbershops should be engaging with their communities, giving back, and offering support. He said: “I can’t think of any other sector that has people from all walks of life working harmoniously. In the barbering world, there’s no cloth divide. One day, you could cut the hair of a heavyweight boxing champion, the next a judge, then a lawyer, an accountant, a tradesman, a troubled young kid… You name it! Why not use that diversity to uplift each other?”

So, what stood out to Mark about Fresha, and how does it differ from other platforms? He said: “I went to their office in London and liked that they had strong engineering and customer service teams in one place. It gave me that reassurance that if anything goes wrong, there is a team locally based, right there, ready to help you. Better than being outsourced to a call centre where you can wait hours to speak to someone.”

We asked Mark how he believes this partnership will lead to elevating the Fresha brand. He told us: “Meeting with Fresha’s owner showed me that my thoughts and input will be listened to and considered. He explained how much thought, consideration and testing goes into every feature and element of the Fresha platform, and how much they value the feedback from industry professionals. For me, a software platform like Fresha should be all about making life easier and taking work off barbers’ hands to make their work life easier and more efficient.” 

For Mark, the key to success and growth is being open to new opportunities that spark your creativity. We asked Mark – how can Fresha help unlock potential and allow barbers to take advantage of new opportunities? He said: “Not only does Fresha allow you to better organise your time – which is key to allow you explore new ventures, opportunities and creative ideas – but it also offers so many business resources for free to its users. This can be so inspiring and valuable when it comes to taking the next steps as a barber or business owner. Fresha is so much more than just a software.”


Best Supporting Actor Winner Ke Huy Quan Sports Suave Look for the 95th Academy Awards Thanks to Andis and Anissa Salazar

Using a premium selection of Andis company’s premium barbering tools, celebrity stylist Anissa Salazar crafts a timeless look for everything everywhere all at once star, Ke Huy Quan.

HAIR BY: Celebrity Stylist Anissa Salazar for Andis Company

TIPS/TECHNIQUE: To achieve this look I began with the Andis reSURGE Shaver for a smooth and clean shave. The titanium plates are flexible and set you up for a tight shave, where the head of the shaver can hug the contour of the face. This amazing feature is key in not missing any straggling hairs!

Next, I began removing bulk quickly using my cordless reVITE Clipper, then trimming with my shears. Afterward, I cleaned up the nape and around the ears using the beSPOKE Trimmer, using a point-cutting motion to take out any additional weight and then using the reSURGE Shaver on the neck and nape for a clean finish. These trimmers are great to get a precise, razor-sharp line.

Then, I prepped the scalp using Tecuane Esperanza Scalp Tonic. This tonic provides instant hydration and acts as a nongreasy primer. I complete the look by blow drying the hair 70% dry using the flat wrapping technique, and round brushing to over-direct in the opposite direction to achieve height and volume. Finally, I polish the look with lightweight and matte pomade! – Anissa Salazar

PRODUCTS: Andis reSURGE Shaver ($110), Andis reVITE Clipper ($200) Andis beSPOKE Trimmer ($250), Tecuane Esperanza Scalp Tonic ($66)

You can purchase all Andis Company products from,, and authorized Andis® dealers. To learn more about Andis® Company, follow them on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

About Andis® Company

Andis® Company is a fourth-generation, family-led business and a market leader in barbering, styling and animal grooming founded in 1922. Its industry-leading clippers, trimmers and styling accessories are used by both professionals and DIYers across the globe. The #1 preferred brand for textured hair, Andis remains committed to leading the category while ensuring quality, durability and innovation. Andis believes that creativity makes the world a better place and takes pride in developing tools and educational resources that help everyone create their way. To find a local distributor or retailer, call 800-558-9441 or visit

More Than Two Thirds of Employers in the Hair and Beauty Industry Set to Hire Ex-Offenders in 2023

New research reveals how recruitment challenges are encouraging employers to consider ex-offenders. The findings mark the launch of Sodexo’s new campaign, ‘Starting Fresh’, which will encourage, and provide guidance to businesses on proactively hiring ex-offenders.

  • 50% of hair and beauty businesses polled said they were struggling to fill job vacancies, with 34% reporting in excess of 10 open roles that need filling in their organisation
  • Despite this, 46% of business leaders in the hair and beauty industry say they do not believe they currently employ any ex-offenders
  • More positively though, 68%[1] say they anticipate hiring ex-offenders in the year ahead and 72%[2] said they would like to learn more about hiring those with criminal records

7 March 2023: 46% of UK hair and beauty businesses (considerably higher than the UK private sector average of 30%) do not currently employ any ex-offenders, despite half saying they are struggling to fill positions. This is according to a new study commissioned by Sodexo, the food services and facilities management business which runs six UK prisons on behalf of the Ministry of Justice and Scottish Prison Service. The study sought to understand the extent to which prison-leavers and ex-offenders who have not served custodial sentences have the same employment opportunities as other job seekers. Launching the campaign ‘Starting Fresh’ today, the organisation is collaborating with partners including New Futures NetworkThe Oswin ProjectClean Sheet and Novus Works to help remove the perceived barriers associated with the employment of ex-offenders, which hold back the reintegration of people into communities.

Sodexo, which itself is a Ban the Box employer, commissioned research of 1,000 owners and senior leaders with hiring responsibilities across British businesses, finding nearly two thirds (61%) will be hiring ex-offenders in 2023, while 21%[3] say they will not. 

When asked about their greatest concerns, one quarter (25%) agreed they were worried employees would re-offend, and the same proportion agreed they feared for the safety of the rest of their workforce (25%). More than one in five (23%) agreed that they wouldn’t trust them to behave appropriately at work. 

When it comes to the hair and beauty industry, as part of this campaign, Sodexo is keen to ensure employers understand the training facilities and qualifications available in some of its prisons. In HMP Bronzefield in Surrey for example, prisoners are able to train in an Ofsted-checked environment for their City & Guilds Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Hairdressing or in Beauty Therapy, which is externally assessed. Read Emily’s story

Support on further progress

When respondents were asked what might encourage them to hire ex-offenders, 22% suggested there should be a government initiative which incentivises businesses (46% of hair and beauty industry respondents). A fifth (20%) suggested an initiative giving businesses a target for hiring ex-offenders, and 20% said a need to fill crucial skills gaps would force them to look at individuals with criminal records. 

According to the UK government, though the proportion of prison-leavers who were employed at six months from their release rose by almost two thirds between April 2021 and March 2022 to 23%[4], this must improve. 

Sodexo is itself committed to filling 5% of appropriate job opportunities with ex-offenders. During 2021 and 2022, the business had 162 DBS applications return as positive, 133 (82%) of these went on to gain employment. The facilities management and food services company, which employs more than 30,000 people in the UK and Ireland, knows both from its own experience looking after a prison population of over 6,000 people across six prisons, with a commitment to rehabilitation, and as a proactive employer of ex-offenders, how critically important it is for both the individual and the wider community to support those with a criminal history. Statistically, ex-offenders who get a job are less likely to re-offend, while 81% of consumers believe businesses employing ex-offenders are making a positive contribution to society.[5] 

Commenting on the findings and launch of Starting Fresh Tony Simpson, Justice Operations Director at Sodexo UK & Ireland said:“While not all ex-offenders are prison-leavers, an important aspect of this campaign is to help employers understand the quality of learning which takes place in prison. Nearly 50,000 people leave prison every year, many emerging with formal qualifications they didn’t have before.

“Prisoners at the sites we manage are prepared to be job-ready for the opportunities in the outside world, whether that be in IT support, cleaning, catering, hospitality or hairdressing and beauty. It can be a win-win situation because there is a huge skills shortage in many UK sectors, and we believe ex-offenders could absolutely help to plug some of these gaps, while providing a more stable and secure income, and a better future, for the individual. It’s positive to see the majority of businesses suggesting that they will employ from this largely untapped talent pool in 2023. Starting Fresh is not just about helping employers understand the valued contribution ex-offenders can make to their business, but to also encourage them to proactively engage with our prisons and our partners to start the hiring process with prison-leavers. We have more to do, and we want to start new conversations about how we share our experience and learn from others as part of this campaign.”

Caroline Larissey, Director of Quality and Standards at the National Hair and Beauty Federation added: “I think the majority of salon owners will be surprised to learn that there are barbershops and salons operating within the prison system where prisoners are currently training to achieve the same qualifications as candidates learning in colleges and through training providers. Post-pandemic we’ve seen nearly a 50% drop in people entering the sector, and research we did at the NHBF showed that the industry is operating on a 60% vacancy rate. 

“Hair and beauty is one of the most inclusive sectors, excellent at embracing and supporting people, giving them confidence and improving their self-esteem. With many salons struggling to recruit staff hiring an ex-offender could provide an ideal solution and give someone a second chance.”

To help businesses with the employment of ex-offenders, Sodexo has launched Starting Fresh. There are resources for employers seeking to discover the underutilised community of people with criminal backgrounds and support them in the workplace, as well as case studies of what impact this has had on the companies and individuals involved. Sodexo is also using this campaign to let employers know they are welcome to visit their prisons if they are interested in offering opportunities on release. Organisations with multiple job opportunities can even run employer days in the prisons.

Jayson Tatum Pays Homage to Barbershops with new JT1’s Colorway

Celtics F Jayson Tatum debuted a new colorway for the Jordan Tatum 1s titled “Barbershop,” which draws inspiration for his love of keeping up with his fresh cut. The JT1 “Barbershop” colorway officially releases in April on Nike’s website and in select retailers, but the Celtics forward gave fans a peak of the new shoe recently in a game against the Pacers.

After signing with Jordan in 2019, Tatum finally debuted his first line of signature shoes with the Jumpman brand during 2023 All-Star Weekend, where he wore both the “Zoo” and “Pink Lemonade” colorways in a historic performance during the All-Star Game. The “Barbershop” colorway features a knit-mesh upper in various hues of tan and brown with a black overlay. On both heels is a red Jumpman logo on the shoe’s back straps, which are detailed in red, white, and blue, similar to a barber’s pole you would see outside of a barbershop. The colorway is finished with Tatum’s “JT” logo in gold on both tongues, as well as the shoe’s side. 

A SHOE-IN: In terms of specs, the “Barbershop” colorway is equipped with a reinforced TPU frame and an uncaged Zoom Air unit in red and blue in the midsoles to provide energy return. Other specs includes plate technology in the outsoles that is designed to help with quick transitional movements and supported comfort in the outsoles, making it one of Jordan Brand’s lightest basketball shoes. According to data from Zoomph, Tatum’s social post showcasing the new colorway drew a social value of about $77,000 from close to 2 million impressions online.

Samson’s Haircare Showcases 2023 Men’s Trending Styles

New hairstyles and hair trends for women are easy to find, as they’re always emerging online, in magazines and on celebrities. For men’s trending hairstyles are not always as prominent – and they should be! Men’s hair deserves just as much attention as women’s, and that means delivering not only the hottest hair trends, but the best hair products to support them. 

With the help of Samson’s Haircare, an artisanal men’s hair and beard care range and Ethan De Nolf (@denolf), and barber and owner of DeNolf’s Barbershop, we have identified year’s trending men’s hairstyles. 

Messy Crop: Crop top fades have been increasingly trending! The sharp contrast between buzzed sides and longer hair on the top helps any man make a big style statement. One of the best things about this hairstyle is the versatility, no matter what texture hair a man has. Samson’s Haircare Volumizing Matte Powder (1.4 oz. / $19.00) can help you achieve an unstructured, full yet controlled crop. A few quick sprays will help mattify hair, while providing volume, dimension, and texture. 

Grown Out Curls: Men are embracing their natural texture and growing out curls for more styling versatility. Samson’s Haircare Foster the Curl (5 oz. / $26.00) is perfect for curly and textured hairstyles. It nourishes, defines, and holds curls all day long thanks to its low shine, light hold, protein-packed crème. The name Foster the Curl is representative of Samson Haircare founders, Jake Hamlet and Adam Muncy’s passion and advocacy for the foster care system. A portion of the revenues from Foster the Curl will be donated to Foster the Family to provide self-care products for multicultural children entering the foster care system. 

Modernized Mullet: The ‘80s have made a comeback with the modernized mullet haircut. More and more celebrities – men and women – have been rocking this blast from the past look, and Samson’s Haircare Matte Styling Cream (4 oz. / $19.00) can help elevate this edgy hairstyle. Use it to nourish and hold loose, textured hairstyles, but if you’re feeling a more slicked back, sleek look, you can also use it on your towel dried hair, combing it through, for a firm holding, satin finish. 

All Samson Haircare products are available online at


Largely embedded in the foster care community, Jake and Adam strive to do everything with good intent and purpose, and their character is built within their hard work and dedication to delivering the best hair care products possible.

Root Cause Clinical Launch The Science of Hair Event

Root Cause Clinical, a telehealth concept to support those with hair loss and scalp conditions, are delighted to announce the launch of their online event, The Science of Hair – Q&A for all your hair and scalp concerns.

The informative and interactive session about hair loss and scalp concerns will be held by two of Root Cause Clinical’s expert qualified trichologists, Wil Fleeson and Jacky van Driel-Nguene, who have an extensive experience of working with clients who are experiencing hair loss and scalp anxieties.

The event will start with Co-Founder of Root Cause Clinical, Victoria Russell introducing Wil Fleeson, fellow Co-Founder and Trichologist, and Jacky Van Driel Nguene, Board Advisor. Victoria will ask questions and Wil and Jacky will provide the answers.  Questions will include the importance of understanding the racial bias between hair and scalp, how and when hairdressers should discuss sensitive hair loss and scalp concern issues with their clients, and how they can use tools like Root Cause Clinical to their advantage to gain loyalty and trust with their clients. This will be very interactive and two way before the session will open up with a general Q&A that will be advantageous not only for hairdressers and salon owners themselves, but also their customers.

Commenting on event, Root Cause Clinical Co-Founder and Trichologist, Wil Fleeson said, “We are thrilled to now have launched our The Science of Hair event. This will be a fantastic event for hairdressers who want to know more about approaching the hair loss and scalp concern topic with their clients and the signs to look out for when it comes to hair loss, but also for clients who are experiencing these issues and would like some advice from leading, qualified trichologists. It’s incredibly important that hairdressers and Trichologists work together when it comes to being able to provide clients with the best care possible when it comes to hair loss and scalp health anxieties and Root Cause Clinical bridges this gap.”

Date and time – Monday 6th March 2023 18.00pm – 19.30pm GMT

Location – Online

Price – £20.00

Full event information can be found at:

OUT NOW: BarberEVO UK and Ireland Issue 37 – March / April 2023

Welcome to BarberEVO issue 37! Let’s talk about style, baby! This issue is all about finding your unique style as an artist, keeping up with trends, and ensuring your space matches your personal vibes.

Gracing our coveted cover this issue is American Crew’s latest ‘AC-iD’ collection – a tribute to the style and music of the ‘90s, using AC’s iconic collection of styling pucks. We caught up with the AC Creative Team on the set of this shoot to see how the magic all comes together.

The man with style for days, Tariq Howes, kicks off our styling feature by sharing his experiences in the session styling world and as a BaByliss Ambassador. Gio Uktolsej based In Rotterdam talks about developing your own iconic style, and Liam Lovetts gives us the facts on short vs long styling. 

Next, EVO goes ECO. In this feature, we talk all about how to eco-ify your barbershop, not only to help save the planet, but to save money, and bring in more clients too! You don’t have to go vegan, but maybe your hair products can. Food for thought. 

Finally, we take a peek into some of this season’s best barbershop interiors. How can you add style to your space? Maybe it’s in investing in the best chairs, customising your furniture, finding a theme, or investing in a new state-of-the-art technology? We love Jazzman Grooves barbershop, which boasts an eclectic mix of industrial furniture and artistic, street-inspired décor. RUGER give us a look inside their contemporary space, while Gents @ 27 tell us how to take your barbershop ideas from pitch to brick and mortar premises.

We hope you enjoy this issue! You can order your print copy here.

Fringe Benefits Encourage Staff Back in to the Office

Global creative consultancy 3 Monkeys Zeno are the latest corporate to sign up to an office barbering service as part of a range of well-being initiatives for staff.

The London, Old Street-based firm brought in mobile barbers Get Groomed to provide some in-office pampering to help encourage people back into the office.

The company is one of several Get Groomed corporate clients across the UK including Car Finance 24/7, PitchBook, Oscar Recruit and Pareto FM to use their services.

3 Monkeys Zeno’s Nicholas Barnard said: “Everyone is so busy these days, it can be hard to find space in your own time to go to the barbers, so having someone come in was really welcome.

“It couldn’t have been easier. The barber set up shop for the day in one of our meeting rooms and all we had to do was book a slot and pop in when our session was called.”

Nicholas says that for 3 Monkeys Zeno, an integrated communications agency, with 29 offices across the world – employee perks are part of the company culture.

“Incentives like this help enrich the whole work experience and show the added value companies like ours give their employees,” he added.

“It’s fun and creates a dynamic around the office again and with a hybrid working model currently in place, helps encourage them back into the office.”

Get Groomed was founded by Giuliano Dore and Sabrina Vjaykumar offering haircuts, wet shaves and beard trims in homes, offices, and hotel rooms across London, Manchester, Birmingham, Kent and Guildford, Surrey. 

“It was a delight to provide our services to such a great group of guys at 3 Monkeys Zeno,” said Giuliano. “They were a pleasure to work with.

“Everybody benefits from workplace events like these; it creates a bit of a buzz and gives the employer another reason to encourage staff back into the office. “

Details of corporate sessions can be found at

The Creation of the Captain – Celebrating 13 Years of Top-Class Styling Products with Captain Fawcett

Captain Fawcett has an outstanding brand identity. As well as creating award-winning gentleman’s grooming products, the writing, design and social media have a unique narrative flair, combining British humour and heritage with a contemporary take on what it means to be a gentleman in the 21st century. 

SO, what’s the secret to creating an iconic brand? Captain Fawcett founder, Richie Finney, spilled the beans… 

The journey began, quite literally, with beans! I was using empty baked bean cans (thoroughly washed!) to blend my own Moustache Wax, intended purely for personal use. My wife, Christine Greenwood, an Emmy & BAFTA award-winning hair and make-up artist, took the wax on set. People loved it but I had no sense of any commercial value. I started with 100 jars, little did I know what wonders would follow! 

Richie shared his top 10 tips for building a brand that is memorable and iconic.

1: Be authentic

25 years in the Sound Department of the British Film Industry gave me an understanding of immersive experience. If you believe in a world from the inside out, you can be true to it without affectation. When an actor is immersed in their character, even if they’re improvising off script, they say what their character would say. So, by living your brand, you can’t really go wrong.

2: Deliver superb customer service

When people are delighted, they talk about it and your customers become your cheerleaders. Word of mouth recommendations are of huge value. 

3: Build a trusted team

Early on, you have complete control but when you expand you need some humility. Find people with skills you don’t have, who really get what you’re doing.

4: Be consistent

Reinforce your brand with repeated images and phrases. Create your own catchphrases, such as ‘Keeping A Stiff Upper Lip Regardless’®. With repetition they’ll become widely recognised. Arguably, that familiarity is when a brand starts to become iconic.

5: Collaborate

Instead of paying influencers, work with colleagues and ambassadors who have a vested interest and genuine belief in your brand. It brings integrity to your relationships and helps extend your customer base.

6: Be philosophical

The stronger your brand identity the more polarising it can be. Some people will be attracted, some repelled. You can’t be all things to all men. To thine own self be true.

7: Blend product branding with aesthetic

Your logo, colour palettes, and tone of voice should be recognisably yours. These might evolve so there’s room for poetic licence! But don’t dilute your core storyline.

8: Utilise social media

Barbers are about the shop, the physical experience. So be what you say you are, and deliver what you promise on social media or you’ll be found out. 

Don’t be afraid to share lows as well as highs. Humans buy from other humans. And stick to platforms you can manage, better to show up consistently on one platform than drive yourself crazy creating content for everything. Social media is a tool, not your master.

9: Quality is king

It has to be a top-quality product. Fancy packaging and a terrible product immediately lose trust. Get the product right, then work on beautiful presentation. Share samples with respected experts in your field and earn their genuine endorsement. Again, it’s about conviction and trust.

10: Have fun!

Profit is but a result of your initial and enduring idea. However, it’s never guaranteed, so make sure you enjoy the ride. Money should not be the motivation although, with a combination of hard work, surrounding yourself with excellent people, a pinch of good luck and an element of success, it may well be the consequence.

Final tips?

Enjoy the journey because fuck knows what the destination is.” 

Curious about the legacy of the Captain? Or fancy trying some products? Find out more at, the home to a simply delectable range of first-class gentleman’s grooming requisites. 

For wholesale enquiries please email & mention BarberEvo for 10% off your first order. 

Andis Unveils New “Creative Collab” with Award-Winning Educator John Mosley, the “Popular Nobody”

Benefitting a change is coming scholarship program, this collaboration highlights one of the industry’s top creators and gives kids support for college & vocational programs.

Andis® Company, a leading manufacturer of barbering and styling tools and education for professional barbers and hair stylists, has joined forces with award-winning barber and educator John Mosley, known professionally as “Popular Nobody,” to launch its most unique collection yet. One of Andis’ leading Global Educators and 2022 NAHA Educator of the Year, John uses his influence to inspire creativity among professionals and this new collaboration, featuring three limited-edition tools, highlights his artistry and encourages others to create their way. 

“Kicking off our Creative Collab Series with John and his Popular Nobody brand is incredibly exciting. Andis is always looking to inspire and encourage others to create their way, so when we spoke with John about the idea of creating a custom clipper with a common vision to support a great cause, we were excited to bring it to life,” said Angie Vlasaty Peterson, Andis VP of Marketing. “We think people will really love what we’ve done with John and B. Clark Customs.”

Branded with the signature Popular Nobody “Atlas” Gorilla logo and a design based on a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted colorway by B. Clark Customs™, this special-edition release includes custom versions of the Master® Cordless Li Clipper, the Cordless Envy® Li Clipper, and the Slimline® Pro Li Trimmer. Each tool for this collaboration was chosen by John with professional creators in mind. It combines some of Andis’ best-selling tools with the imagination and style of the Popular Nobody brand wrapped using fresh, modern colors, and a surprise black light glow design. Tools in the collection include:

Master Cordless Lithium-Ion Clipper

Andis Company’s most popular professional clipper, The Master Cordless, offers high-speed power, constant speed technology, and an adjustable blade for unbeatable precision that make it perfect for skin-tight fades and tapers. With a 90-minute cordless runtime and a durable aluminum housing, the Master Cordless Clipper delivers premier-quality cuts with the aesthetic edge of Popular Nobody style. 

Cordless Envy Li Adjustable Blade Clipper

With 2 hours of cordless runtime on a 90-minute charge, the super lightweight Cordless Envy Adjustable Blade Clipper is designed with the craft in mind. The lightweight design is ideal for smaller hands and for comfortable all-day use. Decked in a unique Popular Nobody colorway, this clipper embodies creative freedom. 

Slimline Pro Li T-Blade Trimmer

A sleek, lightweight profile and extra-sharp carbon-steel T-blade mean this trimmer was built for ultra-close, precision detailing. The Slimline Pro Trimmer boasts an ergonomic design perfect for controlled outlining, designing and touchups on the neckline. Also showcasing the Popular Nobody graphics, this trimmer completes this incredible, artful set of tools. Dedicated to giving back to his community, John has pledged $10,000 of the proceeds from this collaboration to A Change is Coming, a Texas-based 501c non-profit foundation that provides scholarships to Black and Brown youth. Andis will also be making a matching grant of $10,000 through its Andis Foundation to support the group’s work.

Of the donation, John said: “There comes a point in your career where you realize your success wouldn’t have been possible without someone else helping you. As an Andis Global Educator, I have seen how teaching others to be successful makes a difference. This creative collab with Andis is a great expression of artistry and giving back and A Change Is Coming is the perfect partner to benefit from this project.”

Available while supplies last, these limited-edition tools will be sold separately on the Popular Nobody website. To learn more about Andis® Company, follow them on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. To keep up to date with John Mosely and Popular Nobody, follow him on Instagram

We are inspired by the dreamers and visionaries remaking our world today, because creativity makes the world a better place. We are creators and together we shape the world.For more information, visit the Creative Collaboration page on the Andis website.

About Andis® Company

Andis® Company is a fourth-generation, family-led business and a market leader in barbering, styling and animal grooming founded in 1922. Its industry-leading clippers, trimmers and styling accessories are used by both professionals and DIYers across the globe.  The #1 preferred brand for textured hair, Andis remains committed to leading the category while ensuring quality, durability and innovation. Andis believes that creativity makes the world a better place and takes pride in developing tools and educational resources that help everyone create their way. To find a local distributor or retailer, call 800-558-9441 or visit