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Male Clients Summer Hair Care Routine & Summer Hair Styling


All year round male clients should be looking after their hair, providing it with TLC and locking in moisture with good quality moisturising products, but particularly in summer when the sun can zap away moisture from their hair. Below are some of my top tips to advise male clients on to keep their hair looking its best during the summer season and information on the must have products they should be investing in!

Scalp Scrub – healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp and clients should use a scalp scrub every week/couple of weeks to ensure their scalp stays in the best condition, free from dryness and flakiness! Using a scalp scrub will also get rid of buildup on their hair and give it a deeper cleanse.

Conditioner – many men miss this step in their haircare routine and if there’s a time to add a conditioner it’s during the summer when we want to retain moisture in our hair. We should encourage our male clients to apply a small amount of conditioner after they shampoo to ensure their hair is kept nourished. If your male clients are heading on holiday, advise them it’s a good idea to invest in a leave in conditioner that they can spray through their hair throughout the day for extra nourishment.

Hair Mask – for added TLC during the summer male clients should use a hair mask on their hair every week/second week. This will prevent  hair from becoming brittle and damaged and instead, keep it soft, shiny and healthy. Recommend to your male clients that they only use the hair mask on their mid-lengths and ends avoiding the roots so as to avoid the hair becoming oily and/or weighed down.

Heat Protection Spray – if your male clients are to invest in any product during the summer, it should be a heat protection spray to ensure their hair is protected from the harsh UV rays!

When it comes to styling your hair in the summer months, less is more. The sun is already causing damage to the hair, and therefore it’s a great time for clients to take a step away from the heated styling tools to avoid further damage being done and instead, embrace natural and effortless hair looks that are so on trend for the season.

Beach/textured waves are a great look for men in the summer, particularly if they already have naturally wavy/curly hair and want to enhance it further. A salt spray can simply be spritzed through damp or dry hair and scrunched in for a ‘just off the beach’ inspired look.

Sleek styles are also incredibly on trend at the minute and as well as creating a more polished look, the products used to create these hairstyles can also give hair an added dose of moisture and hydration. Hair oils, serums and shine sprays are three products that are great for creating sleek styles and these can be distributed with a comb, slicking the hair back off the face or to one side to create a sophisticated and well-groomed finish.

For men with longer hair, ponytails, half updos and buns often make a comeback during the summer season, and they can look incredibly stylish. We are also seeing a more contemporary way to wear this trend with men teaming their man bun/ponytail with a haircut that’s short at the sides and the length kept longer on top. With this look, using a gel/pomade with a soft shine to it will help bring all of the hair out of the face whilst keeping it free from frizz and flyaways for a slick, smooth and shiny finish.

Captain Fawcett’s Great Expedition

One Man. Two Wheels. Over 10,000 miles across 24 countries… 

On 7th May Richie Finney, who heads Norfolk-based, multi award-winning gentleman’s grooming company Captain Fawcett, set off on a Great Expedition, an epic solo motorcycle adventure, visiting barbershops across Europe.

Taking place in three sections between May and October 2023, The Great Expedition will see host barbershops inviting customers to a local event showcasing the hugely popular Captain Fawcett brand. As the company founder, Richie Finney, who is known as the Captain’s ‘Right Hand Man’, will highlight the best of British Gentleman’s Grooming expertise in his distinctive anecdotal style. Giving attendees the chance to meet the man behind the business, he’ll share inspirational personal stories about how a humble kitchen experiment became an iconic global brand.

The road trip aims to connect with barbers, clients, distributors and stockists, who in turn will gain local, national and international exposure though Captain Fawcett’s social media, newsletters and special features on the Captain Fawcett website, where a dedicated Great Expedition page will follow the Right Hand Man and his barbershop destinations using a live tracker.

Richie Finney says: “From somewhat humble beginnings in 2010, Captain Fawcett has become an international lifestyle brand, exported to 38 countries with distribution agreements in over 27. As well as winning multiple global awards, we have affiliations with some of the industry’s most celebrated global brand ambassadors. In fact, for four years running, Captain Fawcett has been recognised as a DBT British Export Champion. I have always been a great believer in the importance of real life connection, enormously curious about the world and its people. Which is fortunate because I’ve learned that in-country knowledge is really crucial when building relationships in overseas markets. 

“Furthermore, whilst AI may well be fiendishly clever, it cannot replicate the sheer spontaneous joy of simply being human. By its very nature, the traditional barbershop experience is hands-on. As well as sprucing up one’s appearance, having a delightfully relaxing shave or haircut, the barbershop environment is all about having a chat, a laugh, a drink, a hug, a handshake. It’s about the sensual things – scent of perfume, a head massage, a luxurious close shave. These tangible moments of connection combat isolation and celebrate togetherness. They are the stuff of life! 

“We’ve created a fantastic itinerary of Barbershop gatherings, meeting highly esteemed colleagues old and new. I’m enormously excited to be out on the road again seeing chums face-to-face, in real life as it should be – Huzzah!” 

Use the Live Tracker to follow the Right Hand Man as he rides through Europe in real time! 

Tune into Fawcett’s Diary for regular updates from the road… photos, stories and up to the minute mayhem guaranteed!



Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Gdańsk, Berlin, Luxembourg & Antwerp.


SEP/OCT 2023

South Germany, Czech, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland & Paris. 

Mark Maciver (AKA @SliderCuts) has just been announced as an official Fresha Brand Ambassador.

Barber of 20+ years, author, speaker and educator, Mark Maciver (AKA @SliderCuts) has just been announced as an official Fresha Brand Ambassador. Already a trailblazer in the industry, Mark has used Fresha’s state of the art and user-friendly platform to enhance his business and find even greater success in the industry. 

As someone who has built his own authentic brand and become a role model and leader in the barbering industry, Mark told us that he isn’t likely to partner or represent just any brand. He said: “I understand the influence that I have in the barber community so want to ensure that the brands I work with are genuine, authentic, and bring real value to barbers lives and businesses. For me, Fresha’s software passed that test. It has incredibly high standards and is a brand I’m happy to put my name behind, and to recommend to my community.” 

For Mark, the barbershop should be a pillar of its community, and he works to ensure that his shop helps his local community thrive and grow. One of the ways he does this is through a youth mentorship scheme. He explained: “We have a handful of local boys who come in every Saturday. We mentor them, pay them for their work, and offer helpful life skills, like teaching them how to do stock counts and counting the till. Giving them responsibility and accountability encourages a higher confidence, helps them think independently, and apply these skills to other aspects of life. We also teach them to cut hair and are here for any other help they need.”

Mark told us that one of the boys he mentors is currently going through his GCSEs, and was struggling in one subject in particular. So, Mark paid for a tutor to help support his mentee to get through this subject. He said: “Paying for the tutor for a few months might cost £700, but if that better grade can help his life forever, then of course it’s worth it. I want to show him that you don’t give up on something just because it’s difficult.” 

Mark believes that more barbershops should be engaging with their communities, giving back, and offering support. He said: “I can’t think of any other sector that has people from all walks of life working harmoniously. In the barbering world, there’s no cloth divide. One day, you could cut the hair of a heavyweight boxing champion, the next a judge, then a lawyer, an accountant, a tradesman, a troubled young kid… You name it! Why not use that diversity to uplift each other?”

So, what stood out to Mark about Fresha, and how does it differ from other platforms? He said: “I went to their office in London and liked that they had strong engineering and customer service teams in one place. It gave me that reassurance that if anything goes wrong, there is a team locally based, right there, ready to help you. Better than being outsourced to a call centre where you can wait hours to speak to someone.”

We asked Mark how he believes this partnership will lead to elevating the Fresha brand. He told us: “Meeting with Fresha’s owner showed me that my thoughts and input will be listened to and considered. He explained how much thought, consideration and testing goes into every feature and element of the Fresha platform, and how much they value the feedback from industry professionals. For me, a software platform like Fresha should be all about making life easier and taking work off barbers’ hands to make their work life easier and more efficient.” 

For Mark, the key to success and growth is being open to new opportunities that spark your creativity. We asked Mark – how can Fresha help unlock potential and allow barbers to take advantage of new opportunities? He said: “Not only does Fresha allow you to better organise your time – which is key to allow you explore new ventures, opportunities and creative ideas – but it also offers so many business resources for free to its users. This can be so inspiring and valuable when it comes to taking the next steps as a barber or business owner. Fresha is so much more than just a software.”


Best Supporting Actor Winner Ke Huy Quan Sports Suave Look for the 95th Academy Awards Thanks to Andis and Anissa Salazar

Using a premium selection of Andis company’s premium barbering tools, celebrity stylist Anissa Salazar crafts a timeless look for everything everywhere all at once star, Ke Huy Quan.

HAIR BY: Celebrity Stylist Anissa Salazar for Andis Company

TIPS/TECHNIQUE: To achieve this look I began with the Andis reSURGE Shaver for a smooth and clean shave. The titanium plates are flexible and set you up for a tight shave, where the head of the shaver can hug the contour of the face. This amazing feature is key in not missing any straggling hairs!

Next, I began removing bulk quickly using my cordless reVITE Clipper, then trimming with my shears. Afterward, I cleaned up the nape and around the ears using the beSPOKE Trimmer, using a point-cutting motion to take out any additional weight and then using the reSURGE Shaver on the neck and nape for a clean finish. These trimmers are great to get a precise, razor-sharp line.

Then, I prepped the scalp using Tecuane Esperanza Scalp Tonic. This tonic provides instant hydration and acts as a nongreasy primer. I complete the look by blow drying the hair 70% dry using the flat wrapping technique, and round brushing to over-direct in the opposite direction to achieve height and volume. Finally, I polish the look with lightweight and matte pomade! – Anissa Salazar

PRODUCTS: Andis reSURGE Shaver ($110), Andis reVITE Clipper ($200) Andis beSPOKE Trimmer ($250), Tecuane Esperanza Scalp Tonic ($66)

You can purchase all Andis Company products from,, and authorized Andis® dealers. To learn more about Andis® Company, follow them on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

About Andis® Company

Andis® Company is a fourth-generation, family-led business and a market leader in barbering, styling and animal grooming founded in 1922. Its industry-leading clippers, trimmers and styling accessories are used by both professionals and DIYers across the globe. The #1 preferred brand for textured hair, Andis remains committed to leading the category while ensuring quality, durability and innovation. Andis believes that creativity makes the world a better place and takes pride in developing tools and educational resources that help everyone create their way. To find a local distributor or retailer, call 800-558-9441 or visit

The Industry Take on the 2023 Golden Globes

The Golden Globes was back for 2023 – and after a few years off, we couldn’t wait to see some of the biggest stars in TV and film walk the red carpet.

As the first event of the Hollywood awards season, the Golden Globes doesn’t just hint at who will be taking home the trophies over the coming months, but it also sets the pace for those all-important red-carpet fashion and beauty moments.  The home of some of the most iconic moments in fashion industry, it certainly did not disappoint. Striking the perfect balance of sophistication and dazzle, our favourite stars make us swoon with their fabulous looks.

We caught up with some of our hair industry favourites to get the lowdown on some of the star-studded guest list’s looks, plus top tips for replicating them in the salon.

Golden Globes red carpet reporter Amelia Dimoldenberg looked ultra-glam and blow-dry queen Lisa Carter says: “Amelia’s vintage waves give off a glamorous feel, yet feel slightly more effortless. The way they’ve been dressed out leaving a much softer finish reminds me of the iconic Rita Hayworth. Her hair colour is not only perfect for her skin tone but goes very well with her outfit and really helped to accentuate the look as a whole.”

Barb Mahoney, owner of Leicester’s Do My Hair says: “Amelia is oozing with style. Her sunset copper hair complements her fair complexion, and she sets the look off perfectly with her mermaid waves.”

Bridal specialist Sharon Roberts says ‘I love how Amelia’s colour palette works from top to toe. I feel like her colourist, hair stylist and fashion stylist must have collaborated to ensure a really cohesive look. The dress and hair are not competing for attention – it’s a winner for me and no doubt will be copied by a lot of brides this year.”

Best Musical/Comedy Television Actor winner, Jeremy Allen White, turned heads for all of the right reasons – showing that he scrubs up just as well as outside of the kitchen! 

Lisa says: “Jeremy has embraced his natural texture, and I love that he’s attended such a prolific event with natural curls; it’s refreshing to see men with hair that is a little longer, looser, and in a more natural state – but still giving that groomed look.”

Curl Specialist Tori Kiff adds: “Jeremy has styled his curls back, which opens his face up and shows off his baby blue eyes. By pairing his curls with a tux, he is the perfect combination of styled and smart, with a touch of rugged and relaxed. I hope seeing Jeremy’s curls will encourage more men to embrace theirs.”

The much-loved Jenna Ortega stepped out in sexy, silky, pleated Gucci number – with hair that’s a world away from Wednesday’s trademark black braids.

“Chocolate is the gorgeous undertone I see here,” says Siobhan Haug, salon co-owner at Haug London Haus. “Those bronzed Gucci pleats are a subtle tone-on-tone complement to the warm chocolate nuances within that cool shag haircut. Our in-salon colour portfolio, IGORA Royal by Schwarzkopf Pro, has the most delicious range of chocolate tones on every level, which is perfect for recreating this look. Think coco blondes, velvet brunettes and melted chocolate on a light brown level.”

Also commenting on Best Actor for Motion Picture Drama winner, Austin Butler, Siobhan says: “I love his effortless waves offset with that sharp tux. Nothing says expensive like relaxed hair paired with precision tailoring. Incredible!”

Selena Gomez looked effortlessly elegant in a strapless black gown, paired with a ponytail. Jack Kilpatrick, owner of JKP Hairspa, Whitstable says: “I love this hairstyle on Selena as it looks effortless yet classy. The hair has an undone, lived-in feel with soft texture, which keeps it looking youthful and fun. To create this on a client, I would dry the hair upside down to add volume at the root. I would then put in some loose waves using a wand to create a hint of movement. I’d use my hands rather than a brush to put the hair up into a high ponytail – this prevents it looking too slick and neat. Wrapping a small section of hair around the band elevates it and to finish, I’d add hold and a subtle shine with a light hairspray”.

Denman Delivers for Haircuts 4 Homeless

Stewart Roberts founder of Haircuts 4 Homeless recently received 200 bespoke branded Denman Original Stylers to gift or sell in support of his amazing charity. Haircuts 4 Homeless has built a community of skilled hairdresser volunteers who generously give their time free of charge to give haircuts to homeless people. This simple act of personal care helps give those experiencing homelessness a boost and just a little of the kindness they so richly deserve. Kevin McNamee, CEO of Denman International says “We were so happy to gift these tools to this amazing charity. We have a dedicated CSR team at Denman that actively seeks out opportunities to support brilliant causes like this one.

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Along with the branded Original Stylers Denman delivered 10 full hairdressing brush and comb kits for Stewarts professional network and 60 Be Bop Brushes to gift to their clients. The Be Bop is a simple palm styler that is small, lightweight and very easy to clean, making them the perfect takeaway tool. 

If you believe you can help extend Stewart’s network by volunteering your time and talent then please reach out on @haircuts4homelessuk on Instagram.

Andis Company’s Global Education Team Taps Barbers Daniel Montalvo and Dharmesh “Dodo” Hingorani

New barber recruits from Mexico and India further expand brand’s creative vision.

Andis® Company, a leader in professional tools and education for the barber and beauty industry, is excited to announce today Daniel Montalvo and Dharmesh “Dodo” Hingorani as the latest additions to its Global Education Team; which now consists of 45 educators across four continents. Both barbershop owners, Daniel and Dodo have strong interests in passing on their hard-earned knowledge to the next generation of creators in their home countries and on the world’s stage.

“I’m thrilled to add more international barbering talent to our roster of global educators,” said Angie Perino, Andis® Global Education Manager. “Both Dodo and Daniel are incredibly talented. They’re strong advocates for barbering education locally, but, most importantly, they are committed to bettering the next generation of barbers and stylists, no matter where they’re from or what stage in their career.”

Daniel Montalvo (@nicksbarbertattoo) — Hailing from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, Daniel Montalvo has more than 15 years of barbering experience, owns three barbershops, a trendy micropigmentation and tattoo studio, eyelash studio and an academy for training in his hometown. He has won multiple awards including back-to-back wins at Barber Match México.

Daniel believes in paying it forward to help others. His team of barbers have collaborated with rehab shelters to offer free haircuts to those in need. He also works with barbers throughout Mexico to put on free barbering events to bring continuing education and hands-on training to those who might not be able to afford to travel to major cities.

Having used Andis tools since the beginning of his career, Daniel is excited to be a part of the Andis Global Education Team where he can continue to pass along his knowledge to the brand’s global following, especially in Mexico and Latin America.

Dharmesh “Dodo” Hingorani (@dodothebarber) — Mumbai-based “Dodo” Hingorani’s professional career began in 2005. Having an interest in hair from an early age, a haircut on a trip to Canada from an Art Director at Toni & Guy cemented Hingorani’s desire to pursue barbering.

Education is everything to Hingorani. Recently, he began to organize free barbering workshops to empower others in the industry.

Hingorani owns Zido Salon in Mumbai, India’s most populous city.
For more information about Andis Company or the brand’s educational offerings, please visit

To keep up with Andis global educators and see how others #CREATEYOURWAY, follow Andis on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

Create the Perfect Skin Fade

Jim Shaw, owner of Toni&Guy, Billericay, shares his knowledge on the perfect skin fade.

A fade is a classic men’s haircut and one that will come back on-trend time and time again and with that in mind, it’s an important haircut for men’s hairdressers to master. Below are my top tips for helping achieve the perfect fade in the salon/barbershop for your clients…

  1. Ensure you have the right tools in hand before creating your cut. You will want clippers with a comb guard that you will use for the majority of your skin fade. I love to use clippers that are cordless to allow for maximum control. You will want scissors and a barber comb to allow you to make the cut more precise and clean, getting as close to the head as possible. 
  2. Always start around an inch above the ears as a guideline, cut the hair with the 0 setting on your clippers from the bottom of the hairline up to the guideline and work your way around the head
  3. Repeat the above process directly above the guideline point but change your clipper setting up a notch. Repeat this process until you reach the top of the sides of the head.
  4. Don’t rush but ensure you have rhythm as you work on your fade. You don’t want to take away chunks of the hair or have any imperfections. Start slowly, build the rhythm and gain confidence. 
  5. Ensure the cut has a flawless blend. If you have any imperfections, you can always go back over them or use your scissors to help neaten up the look. 
  6. Use your hair tools to sharpen up the sides and accentuate the look.
  7. Finish the look with styling products that will enhance the cut. I particularly like to use products like American Crew Boost Powder that give further volume to the hair on top that’s longer in length and give the look a more dramatic, statement finish or pomades and waxes with a matte finish like Label M Matt Paste to help give the hair shape whilst also having a natural finish. 

Booksy Announces Eddie Gallegos, Award-Winning Barber, as the First GET DISCOVERED BACKSTAGE Contest Winner!

Congratulations to the very first winner of Booksy’s Get Discovered Backstage contest: Eddie Gallegos, the award-winning barber, better known as @monster_eddiejr! Earlier this year, Booksy, the leader in booking and business technology for the beauty industry, partnered with Idle Hand Collective, a group of traveling barbers and hairstylists who provide complimentary haircuts to top performers and artists at music festivals around the world. Together, Booksy and Idle Hand Collective joined forces to give beauty pros the incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to style some of the country’s most popular musicians backstage at top music festivals.

While many extremely talented barbers, stylists, and nail techs competed to showcase their talent at PsychoFest in Las Vegas from August 19th– 21st, Eddie’s freshly sculpted cuts, cosmetology background, and long list of 5-star reviews pushed him to the top of this month’s competition.

Eddie Gallegos is the owner of Monster Eddie Jr. Barber Shop in Henderson, Nevada. When Eddie found out that he would be cutting and styling hair for chart-topping rockstars, he admitted to becoming “a little emotional.” The opportunity to showcase his talents after 10 years of dedication to the barbering and cosmetology industry means so much to him. Over the years, the industry has introduced him to a host of like-minded professionals, opened numerous career doors, and given him the opportunity to set an example for others. 

“It’s just been a long journey, and this is just super special for me. It’s a very special moment because people will see my skills, get to hear my story, and know that I come from a good place. I just want to be able to inspire people. Thank you Boosky for this opportunity,” said Eddie through tears of joy.  

“Anyone that comes from a rough upbringing knows change can come when you give your all to something positive. It’s not easy, and there’s a lot of hard work behind it, but if you give it your all, you can definitely achieve anything,” said Eddie.

The Booksy’s Get Discovered Backstage contest is running through November 2022. To enter this contest, visit

Booksy providers must meet three eligibility requirements:

  1. Must have an active Booksy account
  2. Have at least 10 reviews on your profile
  3. Have cumulative profile review rating of at least a 4.8 or above

Winners will be notified of their win three weeks before the music festival they want to attend. Each winner will also be able to take advantage of an exclusive one-on-one educational opportunity by learning and asking questions about the celebrity styling industry. The opportunity to create a look for your favorite artist or style a bonafide rockstar who’s been at the very top of your playlists doesn’t come around often, so act fast and complete the application form today! Also remember to download the Booksy Biz mobile app for free or visit to learn more.

Takara Belmont Announces the Winners of their TT100 Contest

Kacie Nguyen, founder of Sunkissed Salon in San Jose, California was named the Salon & Spa Grand Prize Winner and Calen Koenig, owner of Electric Barbering in Williams, Arizona was named the Barber Grand Prize Winner. The Takara Turns 100 Contest was announced in conjunction with the celebration of Takara Belmont’s 100th Anniversary. Participants were asked to share their dreams, experiences, and success stories for an opportunity to take home a grand prize package.

“Our team received many incredible submissions in the Takara Turns 100 Contest from a lot of amazing beauty and barber professionals around the nation,” said Kohei Fujimoto, COO at Takara Belmont USA, Inc. “It is truly an honor to celebrate our customers and their stories.”

“We couldn’t be more grateful or proud to be a part of every one of their journeys,” said Koji Orita, Executive Vice President of Takara Belmont USA, Inc. “It’s because of them and their enthusiasm for their profession, industry and for our products, that we can celebrate over 100 years of business.”
Sunkissed Salon, located in San Jose, California, values not only their client’s lush locks, but their client’s time and overall salon experience as well. Their mission is to provide the best experience they can, helping their clients achieve their beauty goals.

“When I started Sunkissed salon, I wanted to make sure our salon met every high-end expectation…so of course, I had to go with the best, which is Takara Belmont. Our chairs, stations, shampoo bowls & rollerballs are all Takara Belmont”, said Kacie Nguyen, Founder of Sunkissed Salon.

In 2016, Kacie Nguyen purchased her first commercial unit, a fresh build with nothing inside. Through hard work and dedication, the empty shell was transformed into the thriving salon that it is today.

“I’ve worked hard to be able to open my own salon. It’s basically my second home therefore I only want what’s best”, said Kacie.

Sunkissed, featuring dark hardwood floors, tall brick walls and white subway tile is a small slice of the Big Apple in sunny California. Whether a client is getting shampooed in a relaxing RS Luxis shampoo unit, taking a selfie of their new ‘do on the tan leather couch in the reception area, or helping themselves to coffee and a snack in the kitchenette, this salon makes any guest feel right at home.

Electric Barbering is a two-chair shop, established in an old courthouse building, located in a historic Arizona town with proximity to the Grand Canyon and Route 66. Their goal is to create an atmosphere where clients will enjoy the haircut experience and depart looking forward to their next appointment.

Calen Koenig, founder and owner of Electric Barbering, spent many years in the construction industry. He found his passion for barbering later in life after being laid off as a HVAC technician. While unemployed, a friend told him about a barbershop. This barbershop changed Calen’s life, inspiring him to work in an industry that made a positive influence on people’s everyday lives. After attending barber school, he spent 7 years working through different shops before returning to his hometown. Life came full circle when he was handed the keys to a space that held memories of many life milestones including his own high school graduation. Calen transformed this space into the town’s first barbershop. His ability to build a unique and memorable brand with a shop design that features two vintage 225 Belmont chairs and a collection of western cowboy and 70’s motorcycle décor, has turned Electric Barbering into more than a shop, but a destination.

“I want to live simple and provide a quality space for people and enjoy my time. The [225 Belmont] chairs get much praise because they don’t ask for attention, but they are too interesting to ignore and that’s the type of space I hope I’ve created,” said Calen.

For more information about the winners and their stories or to view images of their salons and shops, click here. The Takara Turns 100 Grand Prize Winners, Runner-ups, and Honorees can be found on Takara Belmont’s Instagram and Facebook pages.