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Worth a Shot?

Chicago-based barber, Deshon Mcadory, has been charged with first-degree murder of former patron Christian McDougald. The shooting took place at Mcadory’s barber shop.

The Chicago-based barber has been accused of shooting a customer for not paying the $15 for his haircut.

The Chicago Sunday Times reported on Sunday that Mcadory has been held on bail valued at $250,000, the 40-year-old is being charged with first degree murder of his 31-year-old former client.

McDougald started arguing with barbers in Mcadory’s barber shop, which is located in the Chicago-based suburb, Maywood at around 4pm. It has been reported that McDougald followed Mcadory into the back of his shop, which is where the incident took place.

After being rushed to Loyola University Medical Centre, but was pronounced dead at the establishment. Anthony Burch, Mcadory’s attorney, explained to the court that Mcadory is a licensed gun-carrier, and was retreating to the back of the shop when he was followed, he also categorised McDougald as an “aggressor”.

Burch then went on to present Mcadory as a model citizen and member of his community with strong business ties, while highlighting McDougald had two previous convictions.

Mcadory’s business partner was also charged in connection with the shooting, 43-year-old Samuel Williams also appeared at court on Sunday for unlawful use of a weapon by a felon. His bail is set at $25,500.

Shots at the Shop

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 20: John Nad is covered in an American flag barber cape as he receives a haircut from barber Will Walker at Collage Dominican Hair Salon in the Petworth neighborhood after Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on January 20, 2021 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Joshua Lott/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Black-owned salons and barber shops are set to be turned into possible COVID vaccine sites, says Health officials.

City Health Officials and the National Association, as part of a White House initiative, has established a plan to help train Black-owned hair salons and barber shops to help provide accurate information and dish out vaccines where possible, along with providing information says Lori Tremmel Freeman, Chief Executive Officer of NACCHO.

On Wednesday the Biden Administration said they were teaming up with multiple organisations such as the Black Coalition Against COVID, the University of Maryland Centre for Health Equity, and the Shea Moisture company. The initiative is to be called “Shots at the shop” is to engage black-owned barbers and salons throughout America to promote vaccine education and have local outreach.

This could be an indicator as to why salons and barbers have been chosen to host these educational events, Freeman goes on “The role that NACCHO’s going to play is trying to match barber shops and beauty shops with local health departments, so that we can forge a relationship there and figure out if any of these business locations can also become vaccination sites or what it would take for that to happen”.

For generations salons and barbers have been safe havens for African American people, especially in the time of segregation. They could gather in numbers feel safe in their community, and now decades later the safe space of feeling continues and discuss topics such as health and wellbeing.

Illinois barbershop celebrating 140th anniversary

Lincolnway Barber Shop in Plainfield, Illinois is celebrating its amazing 140th birthday by treating its customer to haircuts costing $1.40!

This barbershop is 140-years-old, pretty much in the same spot in Plainfield, Illinois, and I’m the fourth generation to own it.” Said owner Don Kinley.

Mr Kinley still sweeps the floors and cutting a few heads at the Lincoln Way Barber Shop in Plainfield, just as many of his family did before him; grandfather, and great-grandfather who first bought the shop in 1881.

Kinley then goes on to say, “It’s probably maybe one of the oldest businesses, family owned, in the state of Illinois.

Albert Worst, Don’s great grandfather, bought the barbershop in the very same street in Plainfield block 140 years ago this week, and back in the day it was so much more than just another place to get a haircut.

It was the place where people gathered,” says Sharon, Kinley’s Wife.” It was the place where people would express their views on everything. It was political. It was about all those things and what’s happening with the farms and businesses in town and all.”

Regular customer, Paul Fey, says “”It’s an anchor in the community. Trusted family. Trusted name. And a trusted haircut,” he has been coming back for 35 years.

On Sunday they start the festivities with family, former workers, and to top it all off, a barber shop quartet. They also start their promotional $1.40 haircuts.

I loved what I did. It wasn’t work or anything and still made a few bucks. Never dreaded a day going to work.” Kindley says finally – and that he plans on leaving the business to his children and grandchildren.

Care Behind The Chair

Barber launches mental health support for barbers: Care Behind the Chair

Oran Lasocki has launched a supportive network for those working within the barbering and hairdressing industry called ‘Care Behind The Chair’.

We all focus on supporting our clients and providing a safe space for them to discuss their feelings and experiences of mental health, we rarely consider our own mental health as an industry. This network will facilitate informal sharing and conversation opportunities for those who have or are currently experiencing mental health illness in any form. Through coffee and conversation events held digitally, CBTC aims to be whatever users need or want it to be. I am keen to hear from readers about what this network could look like, what potential users might find helpful, and how shops and businesses could get involved.

Our values:

  • All welcome – everyone has a place in CBTC
  • Confidential – when signing up to an event, everyone agrees to respect the privacy and confidentiality of their fellow users.
  • No judgements – everyone in attendance will create a safe and welcoming environment for each other to share.
  • Supportive – everyone in attendance will provide a supportive environment to their fellow users.

Oran is a 29-year-old from Aberdeen, Scotland, living in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, and now managing at Barber Barber UK in Spitalfields London. Oran has been barbering for eight years, managing to work in some of the best shops and companies in the UK.

I have always poured my time and efforts into my work, which had been somewhat a cover for how I was feeling and how my mental health was. In 2020 and alongside the pandemic I was diagnosed with clinical depression and high anxiety, I went to work with meds and therapy straight away which has been a positive step in my journey.

I slowly started to tell friends, family and colleagues, which sparked a question, ‘why aren’t there any social or wellbeing networks for people in our industry?’. Which is why I wanted to start Care Behind The Chair. We put on a brave face and leave our issues at the door while we are at work making sure that every client gets the best experience possible, but now this will be a space for us to get together and voice our worries and talk about our mental and physical wellbeing.

I need your help to get this network off the ground, I want it to be created by us and for us. If you want or need anyone to talk to, please do not hesitate to reach out to me on or if you are interested in helping and joining the network to help it positively grow.

Email Contact:

OUT NOW: North America Issue 19

Raw Talent

We open this issue up with an incredible story from our cover star, SCurl Ambassador Angel Raws.

Angel tells us about how determination, taking yourself out of your comfort zone, and accepting new opportunities can lead you to positions of power and respect.

We also talk about his position with SCurl, his experiences as an educator, and his advice for young barbers looking to make it big. 

Old Spice

There are few brand names as universally known as Old Spice.

We all remember their advertising campaigns and their signature scents.

A brand that has survived since 1937 is certainly doing something right, but they have gone one further to step up their game— The Old Spice Barbershop in Columbus, Ohio. We talk to Chris Talbott, Senior Brand Director, to learn a little more about Old Spice’s brand-new venture. 

Hair Art

It is no news to barbers that working with hair is an art, but some barbers out there have given that phrase a whole new meaning.

We talk to hair art pros like Los Cut It, John Carmona, Henry Rodriguez and Assyria Gindo, to learn a bit about the skills and techniques required to create their works of art, where they draw their inspiration from, and the tools and products necessary to get the job done. 


In this industry, you don’t just pass your exam and throw away your books. Education is something that is continuous throughout your entire career.

The day you stop learning, is the day you die. In this feature, we spoke to leading educators such as Kevin Nguyen, Alessandro Comai, as well as mentor/mentee duo turned educational team, Zach Ramsay and Cam Mahar, to learn a thing or two, and find out what the best lessons they have learned over the years have been. 

Summer Haircare

We have had a rough year and for many this summer there is only one goal: live your best life.

So, we spoke to Eufora Style Director, Mirza Batanovic for the best tips for barbers and clients on how to get the best summer hair, and how to keep it healthy and protected in those summer elements. 

Essential Scissors

What might seem like an obvious necessity to any barber: the humble scissor and the skillset that goes with it, has seemed to have somehow gotten lost along the way. However, the art of the scissor is back and sharper than ever.

With tips from scissor-work expert Alan Beak, to advice on maintaining your shears from Washi scissors. This feature is jam-packed with helpful tips on how to keep your skills and your tools from going dull. 

Wahl Professional Launch 5 Star Barber Dryer

Wahl Professional Announces Release of New 5 Star Barber Dryer

Equipped with two heat and speed settings, this professional dryer is designed for the busy barber.

May 25, 2021 (Sterling, IL) –  Wahl Professional is excited to announce the release of its newest tool, the 5 Star Barber Dryer. This innovative dryer is created for the barber who wants to take their styling techniques to the next level.

The 5 Star Barber Dryer comes with two heat and speed settings, a cool shot button, two nozzle attachments, a professional rotary motor, and a nine-foot cord that allows barbers to create finished looks in a matter of minutes. When developing the dryer, Wahl was inspired to leverage its leadership and deep experience in the field to create an indispensable tool for professional barbers everywhere. Each performance feature on the dryer plays an essential role in the creative process: Speed for shape control, heat for efficiency and smoothing and the cool shot button for freezing styles into place. With a $99 price tag, this innovative 5 Star Barber Dryer is affordable and available for purchase on Wahl’s website here.

Disruptour Team educator Trevor Moots (@tailorfade) says, “This tool completes Wahl’s arsenal, giving barbers everything, we need to be successful behind the chair. Each tool Wahl creates complements the next.

While regular blow dryers are suitable for medium to long hair, this retro chrome-finished tool is designed for short to medium-length hair. This new dryer is also designed to work with the 1919 Styling and Finishing line, including Wahl educators’ favorites the Matte Control Cream, Fiber Paste, and Firm Hold Gel. As for Trevor Moots, his favorite 1919 product is the Thickening Styling Cream because it gives him shape and control as he blow-dries a client’s hair in place.

Though this dryer was created with the barber in mind, it’s also perfect for hairstylists looking to step up their finished looks on shorter hair. Moots notes that this tool will help hair professionals further express their individual creativity.

The most exciting thing to me is being able to watch what people create and see how this tool will elevate and shape men’s grooming. As artists, this tool will enhance the art of barbering and styling in ways none of us thought possible,” says Moots.

Wahl is always looking for new ways to solve a problem for the barbering and stylist community,” says Senior Marketing Associate, Aaron Flick. “For over 100 years, we have been at the forefront of product innovation and quality tools. We are excited to provide a tool that will assist in creating and perfecting the artists’ finished looks.

As Wahl continues to lead the industry with high-quality products, innovation doesn’t stop there. Along with creating tools, the clipper manufacturer also places a great emphasis on high-quality education. Whether the education is focused on proper tool techniques, retail business, or even how to create editorial looks, Wahl has something for every level of barber and stylist.

To learn more on how to use the 5 Star Barber Dryer click here to see Trevor Moots give an instructional how-to video on how to use the dryer correctly to create quality, finished looks. The product is now available for purchase on Wahl’s website here. For more information about Wahl Professional, visit the website at or follow them on Instagram (@wahlpro).

Vintage-style Diesel Barbershop opens at Cityline

A new vintage-themed Diesel Barbershop opened in April at CityLine, Richardson. The business, located at 1150 State St., Ste. 170, Richardson, is described as “part barbershop, part salon, part old school record store, part mechanics garage and part vintage arcade,” according to a news release. The local franchise is owned by brothers Spencer and Garrett Watkins.

“We knew we wanted to open our new franchise somewhere that was well-populated and exuded excitement, and CityLine fits those qualities perfectly,” Garrett Watkins said in a statement.

“With great restaurants and really cool live events, there’s always something going on at CityLine, and it’s definitely a place we want to be. We are excited for the opportunity to bring our barbershop to this area of Richardson.”

In addition to haircuts, the shop will offer shampoo service, scalp massage, hot-towel face treatment, back of the neck shave and relaxing shoulder massage, among other services.

Barber Returns To Work After Freak Scissor Accident

The Boston barber who accidentally stabbed himself with scissors in February has recovered from his injuries and returned to work.

Steve Silva, who cuts hair at Boston Barber Co. on Beacon Hill. said: “I’m happy to be back, it’s good to see my customers and everyone I work with.”

Silva, 30, who lives in Wilmington, was cutting a customer’s hair at the barber shop on Feb. 12 when he slipped and fell on his scissors.

“The floor was a little wet from me spraying the kid’s hair…and my foot went off the mat and kind of slid away.”

Trying to break his fall, he landed heavily on the pair of shears he was holding, and the scissors plunged into his chest.

At first “I didn’t know I stabbed myself,” he said. “It didn’t hurt too much.”

Silva was bleeding heavily, and his co-worker Sarah Santiago rushed over to help him.

“Sarah, she grabbed paper towels and put pressure on it,” he said. “My customer laid me down.”

Silva said he could have died because the scissors “punctured the sack that your heart sits in” and if they “went in any further, I would’ve actually hit my heart muscle.”

Silva had to undergo open heart surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital. He spent about a week in the hospital (at one point, he was in the intensive care unit) and it took him about a month and a half to recover from his injury.

Silva is now back to working at Boston Barber Co. three days a week.

Silva said he was grateful to Robert Dello Russo, the owner of Boston Barber Co., for being so supportive and for helping him out while he recovered from the accident. “He texted me every day,” he said.

He’s also thankful to everyone who donated to the GoFundMe fundraising campaign that was created on his behalf, and for all the well wishes and messages of encouragement that he’s received.

“I’m just grateful for the support,” he said.

Making a STMNT

As featured in the April edition of BarberEVO North America

Looking to rewrite the standards of grooming and fuelled by the knowledge and artistry from leading barbers, the STMNT brand looks to go beyond the product. We caught up with the co-creators of STMNT to find out a little more about what their brand has to offer.

The STMNT brand is a product of the collaboration between some of the industry’s most innovative and cutting-edge artists: LA based, Julius Cvesar and Sofie Pok, as well as Miguel Gutierrez aka Nomad, from Liverpool, UK. Between the three, they have more than 50 years’ experience in the barbering industry, as well as a wealth of knowledge in hair education, visual arts, fashion and editorial.

We asked the group, how did STMNT come to be?

Miguel said: “STMNT was born out of a vision between three creators who all hold the same standards yet have completely different styles to add into the mix. We originally got started after being approached and slowly realized a dream team was being created, that’s when we all got onboard and decided to fully immerse ourselves into developed the brand to what it’s become. Our whole direction was to become a grooming brand that was performance driven, bold and premium in packaging, fragrance and ingredients.”

Talking to the team, it is so clear how well the three get along and fit together creatively. Julius said: “I believe we were specifically chosen to co-create STMNT because of our multi-faceted roles as not only leaders within our industry, but with the already diverse background in visual arts, film, photography, fashion, and education. We all are still active barbering professionals with clientele in our chairs, yet we’ve truly brought a whole new perspective to being a well-rounded image consultant. I believe my connection to raw imagery inspired by metropolis cityscape and brutalism, alongside my visual delivery that takes a lot from my genuine love for art and fashion made me a standout artist to collaborate with my two fellow co-creators.”

So, what makes STMNT stand out amongst the crowd?

“The beautiful thing about STMNT is that it can work for the girl on-the-go, the guy getting ready for a formal event, the couple at the gym, or the family on vacation. STMNT promotes individuality and acceptance. Barbering has been known as a male dominated field, but we knew how important it was to build a brand that would serve the stylists, cosmetologists, and barbers all the same” says Sofie.

Miguel added that the brand is completely gender neutral, and all of their products are cocktail-able: “We are truly set far above any barber brand in my view for versatility and range of types of product.”

In terms of creative process, unlike other brands that just stick a well-known name to a product, the STMNT creators were involved in every part of the process.

Julius continued, “In creating STMNT, it was important that myself, Sofie, and Miguel as the professional co-creators not only put our combined knowledge and expertise to use in creating the line, but truly worked in unison with our brand development team’s strength to bring the line to full fruition. The storytelling and vision had to be vividly clear across the board with every department.”

The question on everyone’s minds? What statement are they aiming to make?

STMNT is bold, it is demanding, and it’s the definition of how we all choose to live our lives. We hope to inspire others to find their purpose and share their gifts with the world and to get specific! Stand up for who you are and the changes you are trying to make” said Sofie.

“We are really aiming to rewrite the standards of men’s grooming” adds Miguel. “The industry has been and will always be in a transition state from one thing to the next, but I believe what we’ve created will live on way beyond any other trends currently out there.” 

“When co-creating STMNT, one message (or statement) I really wanted to purvey is that being a barber is more than just a hair service – we are so much more. These products were developed with not only acknowledging the core essentials in product styling with the line, but also innovated new iterations of product attributes that can notably be standout to professionals and clients alike.  Bridging the gap between Barbering and Salon ecosystems, the acknowledgement of gender-neutral aesthetics, and a focus on professional grade to lifestyle driven performance were all key points in making our statement.”

To find out more, read about STMNT in our April edition of BarberEVO North America or go to

American Crew Introduces 2021 Collection: HQ

As featured in the April edition of BarberEVO North America

American Crew® has introduced The 2021 Collection: HQ, a trend offering that takes old-school barber techniques to new heights.

This new collection features techniques that fuse clean editorial silhouettes with dramatic, exaggerated shapes. HQ, short for Height Quotient, is inspired by the military crew cut while paying homage to the nineties film and music eras. 

Embodying the perfect harmony between austere aesthetics and solid fundamentals, the curated program consists of six cuts and offers styling options for various hair densities and textures. With a focus on tapered barbered fades, HQ capitalizes on height as a level for disciplines and diverse creative expressions. 

“Men’s style is constantly evolving. By taking a step back from the meticulously groomed look, we are seeing a resurgence of dynamic shapes and texture — and our HQ Collection celebrates just that,” said American Crew Founder David Raccuglia, “HQ is a bold barber-centric collection that allows stylists to adapt any texture or type of hair to achieve the style their client desires. I absolutely love the fact that the shape of a haircut can cross into so many cultures.”

David continued: “Needless to say, our industry has been hit hard by the pandemic with the closures of barbershops, salons and schools. It’s been a challenging year for the Pro community, but their strength and resilience hasn’t kept them down. While their businesses have been shut, they’ve applied themselves to further their learning and precise their techniques – they really are some of the hardest working people out there! As a team, we knew we had to get creative and pivot our educational strategy to support the Pro when they need it the most and HQ has been our creative vehicle for that. We are offering a plethora of digital education with HQ so this is an incredible and very versatile collection that stylists and barbers around the world can utilize to learn new techniques.”


Highlighting Yah Yah’s incredible texture, this cut features a strong square and tall technical shape throughout the front whilst focusing on a curved silhouette and a blown out, non-textured finish. The razor fade exaggerates a clean blend of skin to hair in the perimeter for strength and scalp exposure. 

Product used: American Crew® Ultra Gliding Shave Oil, Lather Shave Cream, Revitalizing Toner and Prep & Prime Tonic.


Andrei’s silhouette driven cut is a 90’s movies styling journey. Inspired by iconic looks featured in Rocky and Top Gun, and utilizing American Crew Boost Powder for extra volume, the hair is styled using an upward momentum to create the dramatic shape. 

Products used: American Crew® Prep & Prime Tonic and Boost Powder.


Vin’s structure contains a concave interior to recreate an editorial version of the traditional 50’s flat top. The strong silhouette helps build the exterior, exaggerating the clipper over comb enhanced interior, while the texture and separation results in a structured yet broken finish.

Products used: American Crew® Prep & Prime Tonic, Firm Hold Gel and Molding Clay.