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OUT NOW: BarberEVO NA Issue 37 June/July 2024 

The latest issue of BarberEVO NA is OUT NOW.      

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The latest issue of BarberEVO NA is OUT NOW! Bringing you only the biggest and the best in the business, this issue is brimming with insider info – from our amazing columnists and guest industry professionals, to education, business and the latest in styling trends. BarberEVO readers, you can rest assured that this edition will take you to another level… 

Cover Stars: Barber Strong 

Our cover stars this month are the team that make up Barber Strong – the booming barber apparel brand. Industry innovators, Danya Gamba (DG Cuts), Angel Raws, Gino Maggio, and Danny Amorim are taking center stage, to shine a spotlight on the value of their industry. We caught up with Steve Berry, the founder of Barber Strong, to find out exactly what spurred him on this journey – and what has pushed the brand to the next level of success. By giving a much-needed modern update to the traditional barbering uniform; Barber Strong are bringing functional luxury to all barbers.  


This month, we are also taking a focus on education. It’s what makes this industry go round, right? Allison Cuts agrees. We sat down with the L3VEL3 Ambassador to talk all things education, particularly why it is important to make the most of your time in education. We cover some amazing events, including the Norcal Barber Expo and the Sharpfade Mastermind weekend, which was led by our columnist, Byrd Mena. Kate Tuttles-Owens and her amazing work with Sensory Safe are also featured. With words from Gamma+ and Stylecraft ambassador, Victorino; Hair in Motion pioneer, Charles Gray; and our columnist, Angie Perino – school is IN for summer! 


The barbering business is booming – and BarberEVO has brought you the tools you need to become the best. At CT Barber Expo, we caught up with some of our industry leaders for exclusive information. We spoke to Marvy Marv to learn all about how SQUIRE can take you to the top. We even got the details about their latest innovation: SQUIRE FLEX. We have many more esteemed columnists and industry luminaries making their mark on the business of barbering in this issue, including, Floyd’s 99’s Karen O’Brien; Joe Miller’s Beard Octane; Brandi Lashay; Chico Boom; and more. 


In 2024, your barbershop can’t rely on just great cutting and styling skills. To bring your business to the forefront – you need to have high-quality interiors. This issue, BarberEVO spoke with Bazooka Charlie’s President, Justin Goehring to find out how he brought his franchise to the forefront, with his interiors. Spoiler alert – Collins’ had a hand in it! CJ at Barberville also brought us an exclusive look into the Snippz 2 U Sprinters, and tells us exactly how you, too, can create the ‘dopest’ barbershop on the road.  


It’s the styling that makes a great haircut… well, at least that’s what our columnist Tyler Kelbert told us. He also gave us the low down on the style of the summer: The Pompadour.  In this issue, we learn all about the latest summer styling trends.  Phoenix Thomson returned to give us a BTS look at the new era of American Crew. We also spoke to STMNT ambassador Renjie about cocktailing and getting the right recipe for you! Featuring other industry innovators, such as PapiBlendzz – this edition is brimming with styling tips and tricks that you DON’T want to miss! 

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OUT NOW: BarberEVO UK and Ireland Issue 44 May/June 2024

The latest issue of BarberEVO UK and Ireland is OUT NOW.     

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The latest issue of BarberEVO UK and Ireland is OUT NOW! Inside this issue, we have exclusive content from a variety of esteemed columnists and industry professionals covering everything from education, additional revue to your business, and the latest styling trends. We cover all this and more inside the latest issue.  


Hayden Cassidy  

BarberEVO columnist and cover star, Hayden Cassidy, tells us all about her exciting new collaboration with Dior as their brand-new UK Grooming Expert. We speak to Hayden about her new role with the luxury fashion brand, as she takes us behind the scenes of her new opportunity; giving readers the inside scoop on how this came to fruition, what’s to come and showcasing the endless possibilities for barbering talent in the UK.  


In this industry, there is always room for investing in education. We speak to Simon Shaw and Alan Beak all about The Fellowship’s new Project Men & Media program and hear from those involved. Elsewhere we focus on how Artero is setting themselves apart in the industry as educators with Eric Way Lovemore. Also featuring words from some of our favourite educators, Vikki Harrison Smith, Mike Taylor, Ben Clifford, and Sigma Male Grooming.  


In a modern barbershop, being able to deliver a quality cut isn’t enough. Your store needs to look and feel good to clients, as we delve into the ways to boost your interiors. Here, we delve into how Barber Smiths transformed their shop with bespoke REM chairs, how to elevate your offerings with Takara Belmont, and how to revamp your workstations.  

Business & Technology 

Choosing how to market your business is never simple, as we speak to Josh O.P about his decision to build a brand based on himself while we get behind-the-scenes access to Heiniger’s latest UK campaign with Rex Silver and Robert Braid. Elsewhere, columnist Carlie Cardle tells BarberEVO readers about finding a side hustle that fits your lifestyle, while Jay Robert tells us all about the additional services you can add to your barbershop to boost revenue, and much more.  

In an increasingly digital world, technology is always evolving to make our lives easier. Which is where Rascal’s owner and founder Sam Bentham comes in, as we discuss all about why Fresha was the only and obvious choice for him when it comes to barbershop tech.  

Product Focus: Styling  

Styling is a huge part of being a barber, and knowing how to use the right tools and products to transform your client is key. Speaking to the very best, Bridey Jo shares her best styling tips, tricks and top products with BarberEVO readers. We hear from Curly Tom about why Byrd Hairdo Products is the ultimate choice for him when it comes to textured hair, while Chambers Sheffield owner Jonno Hart swears by Dapper Dan for premium results. 

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OUT NOW: BarberEVO North America Issue 36 April/May 2024

The latest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW.     

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Making a Statement 

The latest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW! We speak to industry experts about the ways to boost creativity within your barbershop, while showcasing a range of important topics in the industry from our columnists. In this issue, we showcase the very best mobile barbershops across North America whilst highlighting the technology systems you need to streamline your business: all this and more inside.  

Barbers of the Edition: Sofie Pok x Julius Caesar 

Barbershop of the Edition: Zephyr, Alabama

Behind The Brand: Josh O.P 

Diary of a CEO: Supreme Clippers, Eldad 


Sofie Pok x Julius Caesar 

We were very excited to catch up with STMNT co-founders Sofie Pok and Julius Caesar off the back of the STMNT WRKSHP. Sofie gives us behind-the-scenes insight into the shoot where she focused on capturing the day on film, while Julius worked as creative director throughout. The pair worked cohesively to showcase the talent and individuality of the new STMNT ambassador and education team, pairing each barber with the right theme to allow their talents and innovation to shine through.  


In this feature, we highlight barbers who are pushing the boundaries of what a haircut is, proving that hair can be art. We speak to Lord Blendz, who uses his client’s hair as a blank canvas to enhance creativity through color, and Queen of the South who pushes the limit of braids, with her intricate and artistic designs. Columnist Phoenix Thomson showcases the best of barbering in Australia with American Crew All Star, Mark Rabone at Esquire Male Grooming.  


Does your barbershop need a freshen up? Are you in need of some inspiration? Then look no further. Here, we highlight California style barbershop Zephyr and their stunning, serene interiors that are making a mark stateside. Columnist Barberville showcased barbershops with a slight difference in this issue, they’re on wheels. Highlighting the best mobile barbershops in North America and how they make the most of their limited space while The Barber Studio in New York shares why Collins was the only choice for their furniture.  


Here, we are celebrating the best in the barbering business. We speak to Josh O.P, starting from the moment he wanted to be a barber, to launching his own education line and slowly taking the business focus off himself. Supreme Trimmer CEO Eldad Tehrani talked us through his entrepreneurial journey, while Beards & Riffs co-founders Nathan and Wayne discuss their personal approach to business, prioritising genuine relationships and how that’s shaped their success.  


Technology is an important part of any business, but especially in a barbershop. Having the right tech within your business can elevate your client experience and make your life a lot easier. We highlight the best online systems to streamline the everyday in your business like Get Lovage, Squire and The Cut; while we catch up with Fresha’s brand new ambassador Sam Bentham as he tells BarberEVO all about why he is their biggest fan.   


Aftercare in the barbering industry can sometimes feel like an afterthought, but we want to showcase that isn’t the case. Paul Mitchell education Larry Legend tells us that educator is paramount to ensuring clients keep up with good aftercare products, recommending MVRCK and Tea Tree products. Elsewhere, we focus on Imperial Barber Products and Johnny B for barbers looking to expand their product range. 

We hope you enjoy this issue! You can order your print copy here.  

Care. Climb. Kilimanjaro.

Andis supports barber Daniel Rymer as he reaches Kilimanjaro summit to raise £100k for homeless charity, Caring For Bristol.

The effects of Covid-19 and its impact on the mental and business health of barbers all over the UK, and indeed beyond, cannot be understated or overestimated. And, like many barbers, Andis ambassador Daniel Rymer struggled to adapt as the doors to his barbershop closed, and he found himself at home contemplating what the future would hold for his career, his team and himself on a personal level. 

An inner strength to bring about positive change

That said, adversity can often reveal an inner strength and self-determination that drives people to achieve extraordinary things and, as Daniel says, this is what motivated him to accomplish such an amazing feat, with the help and support of Andis. “I found it hard to deal with lockdown and, despite what people say in public, many barbers and local businesses I spoke to were all feeling the same. When you’re not in the shop you become disconnected from the thing you’re most passionate about, and the people who share that passion; you lose your sense of purpose. The financial impacts compounded matters with the loss of income and trying to keep the business going with loans and costs. It was a worrying time and I felt I needed to do something positive for me, but also for other people.”

To overcome his predicament and fulfil his need to get away from his situation, Daniel hit upon the idea of scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro to not only address his own mental health challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, but also to help others in the process. “I wanted to achieve something positive, challenge myself to do something I’d never done before, and raise money for people dealing with homelessness and hopelessness. I decided to raise money for Caring in Bristol – a local charity whose vision is to create a city that’s empowered to solve homelessness as, despite everything, I felt I could do more for disadvantaged people. This is when Andis stepped in to offer their support.”

A passion for barbering meets ambition

Combining this personal feat with his passion for barbering, Daniel set about assembling a team to reach Mt. Kilimanjaro’s summit and undertake the highest haircut on record. With a collective of likeminded business owners from his area, and expert porters, Daniel embarked on a gruelling ten-day ascent to the 5,895m summit, which saw him coping with altitude sickness, blisters and acute tiredness. 

“It was very challenging with six days on the mountain. It took three days to get to base camp and we reached the summit on day four. The views were spectacular and it was a massive achievement for me and the whole team. Equipped with my Andis tools, cape and branded clothing, I performed haircuts on the mountain, which was an unbelievable experience and great for bonding everyone together on our shared mission.”

Care. Climb. Kilimanjaro. 

£100,000 raised, and time to reinvent his brand

Initially intending to raise £6,000 individually, a target which he has exceeded, the team’s efforts have now surpassed £100,000, and this achievement motivated Daniel to emerge even stronger. Giving him the time and space away from his business, he returned to the UK refreshed and reenergised with a new model in mind. “I’ve now rebranded my business to ‘Rythm Barbering’. Unlike before, this is a community hub that offers a safe, cool and creative space for independent barbers, as well as empowering self-employed beauty professionals, nail technicians and other creatives to thrive.”

Thanking Andis for their support, Daniel points to the range of tools, accessories and encouragement offered by the brand. “Andis has been amazing. They provided warm weather gear and a wide range of tools that enabled me to work throughout the trip, and on the mountain. Two of the tools I took on my trip were the Andis Galaxy Clipper and Trimmer. They are powerful and precise but also extremely lightweight – and that matters when you have heavy gear strapped to your back! I even gifted some tools to one of the porters, who happened to be a barber, so he can better support his family, so it’s been an enriching experience in so many ways.”

Named ‘Care. Climb. Kilimanjaro.’ Daniel has documented his trip and, as he concludes, this is both the “best and worst thing” he’s ever done. “It was an incredible journey, but it was gruelling, and it tested my resolve to the limit. But I’m so proud of what we achieved, and I look forward to continuing to receive donations in support of this worthy cause.” 

Donate to Daniel at:

For information on Caring in Bristol, visit

Visit Rythm here:

For information on Andis visit

OUT NOW: BarberEVO UK & Ireland Issue 43 March/April 2024

The latest issue of BarberEVO UK & Ireland is OUT NOW.    Get your copy here! 

Step into Spring

The latest issue of BarberEVO UK & Ireland is OUT NOW! Our second issue of 2024 is one you won’t want to miss. Inside, you’ll find exclusive interviews and features focusing on creativity, sustainability, business and retail tips as well as our brand-new column with Hairgound’s Live podcaster Simon Butcher. We showcase the best up-and-coming barbershops in London, as well as a stunning EVO abroad location in Tennessee; and much more inside.  

Cover Star: Charles Gray 

Founder of Hair in Motion and barbering legend Charles Gray needs no introduction, but in this issue, we highlight his career from young apprentice to heavyweight educator and entrepreneur. Charles reflects on starting his apprenticeship aged 18, to now being expert educator with Hair in Motion, co-founder of Leaf Signature Styling, and creative director at Leaf Scissors. We discuss all this and more with Charles in the latest unmissable issue.

Staying Creative      

In this issue, we are focusing on the best ways to stay creative as a barber, speaking to experts in the industry and highlighting the tools and skills necessary. We speak to creative expert and educator Alessandro Barca about his best tips, and tools he recommends for barbers to stay on the pulse of trends. While highlighting collections and advice on embracing individual techniques and finding a creative niche from Hayden Cassidy, Fede Damiani, Darren Heywood Kenny, Ex The Barber and Charlie Cullen. 


With Earth Day 2024 approaching, we want to shine a light on the barbers, businesses and brands doing their bit to protect the environment. We speak to Brighton-based duo Ally Papworth and Dan Hall at The Tin Can Barbershop on their sustainable shop built in a shipping container, as well as columnist Carlie Cardle sharing sustainable insight to fellow business owners.  

Product Focus: Aftercare 

In this industry, barbers are spoiled for choice with the best and most exciting aftercare products for clients. We showcase speak to Matakki director Emma Curd about how their scissor brand has a unique function helping barbers avoid repetitive straining, as well as focusing on new releases like; Artero’s latest clipper, The Brooklyn; Wahl Professional’s Hi-Viz Trimmer, 5 Star Cordless Detailer Li, and the latest A-Lign Trimmer.  


Looking for the next way to expand your business? Focus on retail. Teaming up with Morgan’s Pomade, Kevin Vorley tells us about his tour to improve retail offerings in barbershops. While columnist Mark Maciver from SliderCuts Studio shares his advice to business owners and self-employed barbers about all thing’s insurance, with helpful tips about everything you need to know.  

We hope you enjoy this issue! You can order your print copy here. 


Be Part of California’s Biggest Barber Expo: NORCAL Aug 6th


Between this power duo, they have 10 years-worth of experience in education and event organisation. Alejandro works with the Urban Barber College and Jerry organized the Bay Area Barber and Beauty Expo. NorCal, however, will be the largest Barber Expo in California at more than 20,000 sq ft. exclusively for the Barbering community and lifestyle. “It’s an exciting opportunity for barbers and cosmetologists to come together, network, learn, and celebrate their craft in a dynamic and live setting,” Alejandro told BarberEVO. “NorCal Barber Expo strives to create new networks, and industry relationships to create an event that showcases the best of the barbering industry.” 

In the early days, Jerry reached out to Jay Majors, one of the godfathers of the barber industry, to help consult and make the NorCal Expo an industry staple. Alejandro said: “Attendees can learn from industry leaders, witness live demonstrations, enter competitions, and stay updated on the latest trends and techniques. The expo is a place to explore and shop for new and innovative products that can enhance their work.” 

What can barbers expect from Nor Cal this year? “To start on August 6th, we’ll have education and workshops from 9am to 1pm, hosted by Ivan Zoot and headlined by Chris Bossio of Tomb45. The expo then continues from 1pm to 8pm.” 

The layout boasts a main stage for announcements, a Barber Battle stage as well as live demonstrations and Spanish education stages. Alejandro told us that having a spanish language stage is important to enhance diversity, embodying what NorCal is about. “Our Barber competitions will have categories for professionals, students and beauty,” he said. “We want to bring together barbers, cosmetologists, and anyone who shares a passion for the craft.” 

Alejandro continued: “NorCal’s main sponsor, Cocco Hair Pro, will educate barbers on their Digital Gap technology and best new tools. Vendors will show off the newest in tools and products on the main expo floor. “And of course, being in Northern California, one of our main sponsors is Redman Medicine a recreational Cannabis company, so you can say hi to them too.” 

“We have a lot of exciting barbering brands that you will not find anywhere else in the world and we are excited to bring them to a bigger stage. We also have Bebe Latino who hosts the Golden State Expo from San Jose, CA, who will be hosting the Spanish language education stage.” 

What benefits does their history in education bring to the table? “Being in the school environment is rewarding because students are always so excited to learn new things – and we see this amplified on our stages. When people first get into barbering, they have an open mind and are willing to try new products, which is always fun. Having firsthand experience in guiding and mentoring students as they develop their skills and enter the barbering profession is a pleasure.” 

Ultimately: “NorCal Barber Expo is an excellent opportunity for barbers to connect with peers, industry leaders, product suppliers, and potential mentors for collaborations, and career opportunities. It’s a time to celebrate the art of barbering and appreciate the art!” 

Check out and @NorCalBarberExpo on IG for essential announcements about scheduled activities, guest speakers, and tickets. 




EVO Partners with Barber Strong at Top Industry Events

With the industry events season at its height, EVO have teamed up with some of the leading brands in the industry, such as legendary apparel and cape brand, Barber Strong. Making a huge splash at Chicago’s ABS, CT Barber Expo and now, onto Premiere Orlando, they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. 

At each event, the EVO Media Zone features multiple interactive activations, such as the EVO Cover Booth and the EVO Interview Hub. As a collaboration with Barber Strong, the EVO team (including the publication’s Director and Co-Founder, David Foster, and Editor Jennifer Paxton) interviewed countless industry leaders, such as: Kenny Duncan, Tyrik Jackson, Jay Majors, Kristi Faulkner, Byrd Mena, Hayden Cassidy, Steven Rivera, Kevin Nguyen, and many, many more. 

With each interviewee, the discussions surrounded the pro’s career, industry advice, and the importance of client comfort and barber professionalism. With the EVO Interview Hub decked out in Barber Strong’s top selling products, barber and salon professionals spoke about the importance of investing in durable, top quality, and long-lasting barbershop essentials. Interviewees held up their chosen jackets, vests and capes and discussed the top elements of what they look for in these products, and why Barber Strong are at the top of their game. 

Engineered especially for the professional barber, Barber Strong apparel and capes, use innovative methods, such as their NanoShield Technology to repel hair and maximize airflow for peak performance. In addition, the products are water and chemical resistant which gives the barber and stylist peace of mind when creating. Their wide collection of capes and apparel excel at providing a comfortable experience for clients, heightening the client experience. 

This is what some of the interviewees had to say: 

“You have all shapes and sizes of people come into your shop. So, to have a cape you know is going to be durable, comfortable and adaptable for all sizes, it will just help your clients feel relaxed and comfortable in your chair.” – Kristi Faulkner, on Barber Strong’s Shield Collection Barber Cape

“Client comfort is the number one thing. When you create a business, you have to reverse engineer and think of the customer’s experience before you think of your own needs. What is the customer experience going to be like? To me, it’s all about the five senses. Taste, smell, sight, hearing, and feeling. This cape feels good.” – Tyrik Jackson, on Barber Strong’s Classic Collection Barber Cape 

“When you walk into my barbershop, you know exactly who the barbers are, and who the clients are. So, every barber in the shop has a uniform and looks the part, so the clients know who to go to for any help they may need.” – Angel Raws, on Barber Strong’s Barber Tech Tee

Missed the EVO Media Zone at ABS or CT? Well, you’re in luck because we are taking it on the road again. Next stop, Premiere Orlando, and then, to a city near you?

Find out more about Barber Strong at


Samson’s Haircare, the artisanal men’s hair and beard care range, have recently launched an innovative hair styling clay designed to help men achieve and maintain the perfect hairstyle, while at the simultaneously nourishing the hair with vital minerals. Samson’s Haircare Dead Sea Clay (4oz. / $22.00) is an easy-to-use moldable hairstyling clay that provides a matte finish and a medium-to-high hold. It is ideal for men (or anyone with short hair) who wants a natural-looking style that lasts all day.

This new hair styling clay is made with natural ingredients sourced from the Dead Sea region on the Eastern shores of Jordan. The formula predominantly contains the coveted Dead Sea Clay, which is known for its nourishing and healing properties that cleanse and purify the hair. The product also contained the addition of Black Hawaiian Sea Salt which delivers a naturally soft and moldable texture. Samson’s Dead Sea Clay is suitable for all hair types and can be used daily to revitalize hair texture.  And….the best part is that this clay can actually be rinsed out with water!

Dead Sea Clay is medium-to-strong hold, which makes pliable and easy to use, allowing you to style hair into the desired look with ease. Whether you prefer a casual, messy, textured look, or a more formal, modern pompadour style, this clay provides a natural-looking ultra-matte finish that lasts all day. 

The Samson’s Dead Sea Clay is packed with good-for-you minerals that nourish hair follicles and allow them to retain a healthy moisture level. The matte finish of the product ensures that hair looks effortlessly styled without appearing greasy or shiny compared to other products on the market. The Dead Sea Clay and Black Hawaiian Salt are ethically sourced and are hand batched and distributed by the Samson’s Haircare team.  

“We know that men want a hair product that is easy-to-use and delivers great results,” said Adam Muncy, co-founder of Samson’s Haircare. “We originally started experimenting with Dead Sea Clay for its healing and restorative properties and our new forming clay is specifically designed to provide a range of benefits for men’s hair. The product itself is a major achievement for my partner Jake, as a brewer and formulator, as this improves hair health and delivers a natural-looking style that lasts all day. We believe that this product will be a game-changer for men who want to achieve stylish and healthy-looking hair with minimal effort. Usually, it’s almost impossible to check all these boxes at once, but Samson’s Dead Sea Clay allows us to do so.”

Samson’s Haircare is committed to using only the highest quality and naturally sourced ingredients in every product. The Dead Sea Clay is free from harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, making it safe and gentle for daily use to improve hair texture, hold and moisture levels for men who care about the look and health of their hair.

Dead Sea Clay is now available for purchase online at Samson’s Haircare website. Customers can enjoy free shipping on orders over $16 and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For more information on the Dead Sea Clay Hair Product and other Samson’s Haircare products, please visit their website

Wahl Barber Academy to Open to train the next generation of barber professionals

State-of-the-art school to be located in Chicago, IL.

Wahl Clipper Corporation is pleased to announce plans are underway to open the Wahl Barber Academy. This first-of-its-kind barber school is scheduled to open in the Spring in Chicago, IL. 

The Academy is in partnership with Pivot Point Academy which will operate the school and oversee curriculum. The Wahl Barber Academy will continue a legacy of industry firsts by being an elite barbering institution designed to train the next generation of barber professionals.

“Education has always been a cornerstone of Wahl’s philosophy. The opening of the Wahl Barber Academy furthers our commitment to providing the educational excellence needed to succeed in the barbering industry,” said Lance Wahl, senior vice president of professional sales & marketing at Wahl Clipper Corporation.

The Wahl Barber Academy will equip future barbers with the skills needed to perform at the industry’s highest levels. With its reputation for developing exceptional new hair and beauty professionals, Wahl found in Pivot Point Academy a partner that matches its commitment to excellence and a shared drive to improve the beauty and barber industry.

“The Wahl Barber Academy was designed to create well-rounded, exceptional barbers. The students will learn hair cutting, shaving, grooming and basic skin care, along with the business skills necessary to prepare them to succeed in the men’s grooming industry,” said Denise Provenzano, managing partner and co-owner of Pivot Point Academy.

Wahl and Pivot Point Academy have assembled a team of leading licensed instructors who demonstrate technical skill and the ability to inspire and motivate students. Provenzano oversees faculty recruitment with Pivot Point Academy’s Master Barber & Lead Educator Ken Washburn and School Director Michelle Lamantia.

The award-winning team at Interworks Architecture is designing the modern-industrial 6,183-square-foot educational space located at 8501 W. Higgins in Chicago near O’Hare Airport, and easily accessed from the CTA blue line.

In addition to offering world-class education for future barbers, the academy will serve as an advanced training center, hosting educational opportunities for industry professionals and Wahl’s global team of educators. Classes will begin in Spring 2023 and guests will be able to schedule hair and grooming appointments with the next generation of leading barber students starting shortly thereafter.

A private grand opening celebration is slated for Friday, April 14, in advance of America’s Beauty Show.



Andis® Company, a leading manufacturer of barbering and styling tools and education for professional barbers and hair stylists, has joined forces with award-winning barber and educator John Mosley, known professionally as “Popular Nobody,” to launch its most unique collection yet. One of Andis’ leading Global Educators and 2022 NAHA Educator of the Year, John uses his influence to inspire creativity among professionals and this new collaboration, featuring three limited-edition tools, highlights his artistry and encourages others to create their way. 

“Kicking off our Creative Collab Series with John and his Popular Nobody brand is incredibly exciting. Andis is always looking to inspire and encourage others to create their way, so when we spoke with John about the idea of creating a custom clipper with a common vision to support a great cause, we were excited to bring it to life,” said Angie Vlasaty Peterson, Andis VP of Marketing. “We think people will really love what we’ve done with John and B. Clark Customs.” 

Branded with the signature Popular Nobody “Atlas” Gorilla logo and a design based on a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted colorway by B. Clark Customs™, this special-edition release includes custom versions of the Master® Cordless Li Clipper, the Cordless Envy® Li Clipper, and the Slimline® Pro Li Trimmer. Each tool for this collaboration was chosen by John with professional creators in mind. It combines some of Andis’ best-selling tools with the imagination and style of the Popular Nobody brand wrapped using fresh, modern colors, and a surprise black light glow design. Tools in the collection include:

Master Cordless Lithium-Ion Clipper: 

Andis Company’s most popular professional clipper, The Master Cordless, offers high-speed power, constant speed technology, and an adjustable blade for unbeatable precision that make it perfect for skin-tight fades and tapers. With a 90-minute cordless runtime and a durable aluminum housing, the Master Cordless Clipper delivers premier-quality cuts with the aesthetic edge of Popular Nobody style. 

Cordless Envy Li Adjustable Blade Clipper:

With 2 hours of cordless runtime on a 90-minute charge, the super lightweight Cordless Envy Adjustable Blade Clipper is designed with the craft in mind. The lightweight design is ideal for smaller hands and for comfortable all-day use. Decked in a unique Popular Nobody colorway, this clipper embodies creative freedom. 

Slimline Pro Li T-Blade Trimmer

A sleek, lightweight profile and extra-sharp carbon-steel T-blade mean this trimmer was built for ultra-close, precision detailing. The Slimline Pro Trimmer boasts an ergonomic design perfect for controlled outlining, designing and touchups on the neckline. Also showcasing the Popular Nobody graphics, this trimmer completes this incredible, artful set of tools. 

Dedicated to giving back to his community, John has pledged $10,000 of the proceeds from this collaboration to A Change is Coming, a Texas-based 501c non-profit foundation that provides scholarships to Black and Brown youth. Andis will also be making a matching grant of $10,000 through its Andis Foundation to support the group’s work.

Of the donation, John said: “There comes a point in your career where you realize your success wouldn’t have been possible without someone else helping you. As an Andis Global Educator, I have seen how teaching others to be successful makes a difference. This creative collab with Andis is a great expression of artistry and giving back and A Change Is Coming is the perfect partner to benefit from this project.”

Available while supplies last, these limited-edition tools will be sold separately on the Popular Nobody website. To learn more about Andis® Company, follow them on InstagramTikTok and Facebook. To keep up to date with John Mosely and Popular Nobody, follow him on Instagram

We are inspired by the dreamers and visionaries remaking our world today, because creativity makes the world a better place. We are creators and together we shape the world.