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Out Now: Issue 22 UK & Ireland [September/October]

Back to normality!

As we wave goodbye to one of the strangest and bleakest summers we’ve ever seen, at BarberEVO we’re hoping to brighten up your autumn days with a splash of colour. Issue No.22 is bold, make no mistake about that!

The latest edition of our 104 page, printed magazine is brimming with inspiration and advice from some of the industry’s biggest names. As you flick through your copy, you’ll see how they’ve been fighting to make sure that this comeback is a success and that the barbering industry won’t be disappearing again any time soon.

We delve into everything from tech to going green (environmentally, that is). Danny Robinson shares details of his futuristic new Danny & Co. shop, while we look at the latest innovations in barbershop technology, and on the other end of the scale, all-natural brands and barbershops.

We focus on tattoos, from independent artists like Quyen Dinh, to studios like Deerheart Collective, finding out how the pandemic has affected them day-to-day.

Our interview with the always colourful Tom Baxter is a great read – he tells us about his fantastic new educational series, and why the industry needs to go back to basics when it comes to colouring techniques.  

We’re also speaking to some fantastic barbershops from all corners of the UK to find out how they’ve found things post-lockdown. Luka Chitty of Luka’s Barbers tells us about his incredible new project, Together Create, which he hopes will inspire small, local businesses to come together and create something beautiful.

This issue really is about coming together and supporting the industry, local businesses and artists in this very weird period in time. I hope reading it brings a little spark of hope to your day and inspires you to check-in and support each other.

Stay safe, stay creative, and look out for your community – we’ll get through this together!

Barber Garms Now Available at Barber Blades

The ‘tech-infused workwear for barbers’ has just landed at, making it easier than ever before for barbers to get their hands on this stylish, comfortable and durable alternative to aprons.

Barber Blades is known as the ‘one-stop shop’ for all barbering essentials, but the new addition of Barber Garms will give barbers an option of everyday workwear that repels hair splinters.

Barber Garms was founded in 2019 by George Tierney Abbott of Flanagans Barbers to rid barbers of the uncomfortable feeling of hair splinters in their clothes throughout the day. After testing hundreds of fabrics and designs, George landed on the Barber Garm t-shirts with TightWeave© technology. The TightWeave© fabric was developed specifically for the hair and beauty industry with thread count per millimetre that is almost triple that of regular clothing.

Barber Blades currently carries both the Oversized and Slim Fit unisex tees in black and white.

Find out more at, and keep up to date with the latest on Barber Garms on Instagram @barbergarms.


It has been a difficult few months for our beloved industry. The pandemic has affected us all in different ways, but barbers are resilient and we know that they will come back from this stronger and better than ever.

Speaking of a comeback… we are so excited to share this new issue of BarberEVO with you. As UK and Irish barbers all prepare to get back to doing what they do best, we hope that this comeback edition of our magazine can inspire and inform you as best as possible.

We made the decision early on, as the pandemic set in, as difficult as it was, to postpone the May edition, and hold out until barbers were back behind the chair. Therefore the July ‘comeback’ edition is here!

But we haven’t hidden under a rock…! Between our March edition and now, we decided to focus our efforts on keeping this industry updated and making sure that we continued to support you in the right way. EVOLive was born! And you can read all about it in this edition.

Our cover star is none other than Johnny Baba. We exclusively spoke with the King of Barber Barber about the ‘new normal’ and his thoughts on how the industry can bounce back.

We also speak with Keith Conniford, Registrar and CEO of The Hair and Barber Council, about the topic of mandatory state registration for barbers, and how this pandemic has perhaps brought this issue closer to home.

We talk to Natalie Cresswell about her bold decision to revamp her shop during lockdown, and how Booksy has been a godsend to her and will be pivotal for a successful return to business.

Globally renowned barber Robert Braid shares his lockdown stories and explains why Squire is going to make all the difference when he returns, and a host of leading barbers, stylists and colourists share their thoughts on how to fix those pesky DIY home haircuts.

While a safe reopening is of the utmost importance, it is just as important to look after ourselves too, in both body and mind, so we have put together advice on how to take care of your own mental and physical wellbeing too.

We’re also delving into retail – an important resource for barbershops keen to claw back some of that lost revenue – with advice from the shops and barbers who have used retail to their advantage, and who will be putting an even bigger emphasis on it in the coming months.

As we navigate through this new normal, we will continue to do all we can to support the barbering industry, and we want to personally wish each and every one of you the best of luck for your return to work.

Enjoy this new issue of BarberEVO. We can’t wait to hear all about everyone getting back behind the chair in the coming days and weeks!

Order your copy of issue 21 exclusively here.


BarberEVO Magazine UK & Ireland 16 is out now!

Inside issue #16 we speak exclusively to cover star Ollie Nobbs – while most barbers in the UK know Headcase Barbers, few of them know the man behind the brand. With over years’ industry experience, founder Ollie Nobbs talks life before Headcase and how his brand can help barbers like you.⁣

We pay homage to the home city of BarberEVO by visiting some of the leading barbershops in Glasgow, Scotland – including Frequency Barber.

We sit down at the ‘home of cricket’ Lords, with Triumph and Disaster founder Dion Nash, who went from glittering cricket career to launching a global skincare brand.

Our good friend and Hattori Hanzo Shears ambassador from across the pond Popular Nobody talks us through MVRCK’s products and their launch in the UK.

Summer has finally arrived and for anyone that is self employed, taking a vacation is a big decision, Bcs-Barber Cover Solutions are here to help and give us the advice you need when planning your next getaway.

There is so much more to Barbering than cutting hair, with barbers today taking inspiration from their personal backgrounds. The industry is a reflection of a range of subcultures and we explore skater culture in the Barbershop, featuring the new Andis Company x Uppercut Deluxe collaboration.

Fresh off the back of Barber Connect 2019 we review the UK’s leading barbering event and the BarberEVO Global Crossover after party along with your fix of all the latest products, news and collections crammed into 104 pages BarberEVO #16

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