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The latest issue of BarberEVO UK is OUT NOW! This issue is set to make waves in the industry…bringing you exclusive content from the best barbers in the business. BarberEVO has brought together a collection of content from our esteemed columnists and industry leaders, whilst also highlighting those rising stars of the industry. Our summer shake-up issue covers everything from interiors and business to hair loss, client comfort and colour. With all of this…and even more – this issue is one for the books! 



This issue, our cover star is the Nomad himself, Miguel Gutierrez, co-creator of STMNT! BarberEVO were lucky to join the STMNT Team take over Barcelona this June for the STMNT 2024 Summit. The STMNT Team gathered in the sunny Spanish capital to watch as the global stars of STMNT Creative Team share the most innovative editorial looks. BarberEVO has the inside scoop – with exclusive info from STMNT co-founders Miguel Gutierrez, Sofie Pok, Julius Caesar, and the team of STMNT global ambassadors.


In our Summer shake-up issue, we are bringing the summer trends to life. We speak to Nick Taylor from the iconic American Crew about their newest collection: Yearbook. Taking you back to your last day of school, racing onto the football field – and knowing that school’s out for the best summer yet. BarberEVO has also managed to bring you the buzzing summer trends from the Babyliss PRO stars, Charlie Venn, Jay Roberts and Simon Butcher. In this summer session, you can also get the exclusive trend tips from Mike Taylor of MTE Hair & Barbering Academy. With a visit to Kent-based Chaps Grooming Co and a look at Byrd Pomade collab with Tallboys – summer in the hair world is in full swing. 

Barber of the Edition 

For our summer issue, the Barber of the Edition is…drumroll, please…Oscar Mendoza! The rising star on the UK hair scene is taking his barbershop and academy to new heights, whilst simultaneously taking his passion and teachings to stages across the globe. Find out more about his journey of resilience and commitment to his craft NOW! 


In BarberEVO Issue 45, Leicester barbershop Roots/CO. has taken the top spot of barbershop of the edition! Owner and founder Vinay Lakhatariya took BarberEVO through his journey to Roots/CO. and tells us exactly why he only has the best of the best in his shop. In this edition, Savills owner Joth Davies also reveals the inside info of moving into his new and expanded barbershop. Additionally featuring BarberEVO columnist Hayden Cassidy, the tiny barbershop Treehaus and Nael’s Hairworks – you can find all the interior insider info HERE! 


Vikki Harrison Smith is back to talk 10 years of building her barbering empire. We also sat down with MR Brothers Cut Club founder and Brosh Ambassador Daisuke Komatsu, so you can read the Diary of this CEO. In this edition, you will also take a trip to Switzerland with us, to join Heiniger owner, Daniel Heiniger, and Creative Director, Rex Silver – going behind the iconic tool brand. With more info on all-important business issues, such as franchising and booking software, you too can have a booming business in no time.

Hair Loss 

Hair Loss is a major facet of this industry and, at last, the subject of hair loss is breaking free from the shackles of taboo! Josh Lamonaca sat down with us to chat about the subject and tell us exactly why hair loss solutions are a MUST in the barbershop. Trichologist Tiffany Hall also features in this edition, giving the BarberEVO audience all the important tips and tricks to help with your clients’ hair loss pain points. 

Client Comfort 

Keeping your clients comfortable is the key to keeping them coming back. Barbershops need to consider all aspects of their clients desired sensory experience – from the aesthetics and furnishings to the services themselves. Comfort is everything! BarberEVO columnist Carlie Cardle talks shop, noting that you can make client comfort your very own USP. We also caught up with barbershops from across the UK, including Angus Mac Salon, Club 13, The Good Folks and more. Columnist Mark McIver also returns to the pages of BarberEVO, alongside columnist Simon Shaw.  


Closing out the summer edition of BarberEVO UK is the section that will tell you everything you need to know about colour. Talking top tips for introducing colour to the barbershop and featuring a great chat with Ainsley Walton about his barbershop Har Sessions – BarberEVO can now reveal that colour is the summer trend that is here to stay. 

The best hair journeys start with you

Denman Creative Holly Rudge takes BarberEVO readers through her process for moving clients throughout their hair journey.

As a professional stylist you are the very best person to guide your customers through their hair journey, so what’s the best way to keep them on track and out of a rut? Denman Creative and independent hair stylist Holly Rudge shares her experience and top tips.

Questions, questions, questions.

I start with an open question, always. ‘What can I do for you today?’ The responses are SO varied, but they always reveal their past hair story which allows me to start a new one. Just letting the client talk is so important. There’s usually a story about how they got in this position with their hair, perhaps they’ve had the same stylist for years who no longer listens or perhaps they are just struggling to find anyone who does what they want. I ask people to forget about any preconceptions they have and simply tell me what their dream hair would be. Then we work back from there until we find a style I’m confident we can achieve, and they will be able to maintain. 

Keep the journey moving but be gentle.

Often clients are tired of their style but have no idea what to do next. It’s my job to help them move through that journey. I ask them to start by making a Pinterest board or save photos of celebrities/people they know with hair they like. Usually, the client doesn’t realise that all of those styles will have a similar vibe…a fringe shape or layer pattern. 

I then go through various (sometimes extreme) options to gauge a response. Sometimes just having the conversation about options is enough as people want to know that you’ve thought about them and shared your ideas and opinions. I’m always suggesting new ways to switch up a hairstyle. Even if a client just wants a tidy up, I ask if there was anything they found annoying about the previous cut. People are more likely to feel confident about being potentially negative if you turn it into constructive conversation! If the response is a yes, then I’m ready with new ideas to help! I’ve had occasions where I’ve made suggestions in the consultation which have been rejected but after a nice relaxing shampoo where a person is left with their own thoughts they come back and request my suggestion after all. You just need to build that trust and not be too pushy. 

Counsel carefully…

If a customer asks for a drastic and dramatic change in their look. I try to establish what has brought on the need for change and how long a person has been planning to do it. You can tell a lot by the confidence someone has and the preparation before the appointment, if they’ve saved images and know their own hair or have had similar in the past then I’m happy to proceed. However, if I can sense any hesitancy, I dig a little deeper and perhaps try to convince a more softly, softly approach. 

…but don’t hold back.

Give your opinion! I’ve worked with stylists who are afraid to give their opinion for fear of getting blamed if the outcome isn’t well received. Be brave and trust yourself to give advice. As stylists we know what works and what doesn’t, so trust your knowledge!

OUT NOW: BarberEVO NA Issue 37 June/July 2024 

The latest issue of BarberEVO NA is OUT NOW.      

Get your copy here!   

The latest issue of BarberEVO NA is OUT NOW! Bringing you only the biggest and the best in the business, this issue is brimming with insider info – from our amazing columnists and guest industry professionals, to education, business and the latest in styling trends. BarberEVO readers, you can rest assured that this edition will take you to another level… 

Cover Stars: Barber Strong 

Our cover stars this month are the team that make up Barber Strong – the booming barber apparel brand. Industry innovators, Danya Gamba (DG Cuts), Angel Raws, Gino Maggio, and Danny Amorim are taking center stage, to shine a spotlight on the value of their industry. We caught up with Steve Berry, the founder of Barber Strong, to find out exactly what spurred him on this journey – and what has pushed the brand to the next level of success. By giving a much-needed modern update to the traditional barbering uniform; Barber Strong are bringing functional luxury to all barbers.  


This month, we are also taking a focus on education. It’s what makes this industry go round, right? Allison Cuts agrees. We sat down with the L3VEL3 Ambassador to talk all things education, particularly why it is important to make the most of your time in education. We cover some amazing events, including the Norcal Barber Expo and the Sharpfade Mastermind weekend, which was led by our columnist, Byrd Mena. Kate Tuttles-Owens and her amazing work with Sensory Safe are also featured. With words from Gamma+ and Stylecraft ambassador, Victorino; Hair in Motion pioneer, Charles Gray; and our columnist, Angie Perino – school is IN for summer! 


The barbering business is booming – and BarberEVO has brought you the tools you need to become the best. At CT Barber Expo, we caught up with some of our industry leaders for exclusive information. We spoke to Marvy Marv to learn all about how SQUIRE can take you to the top. We even got the details about their latest innovation: SQUIRE FLEX. We have many more esteemed columnists and industry luminaries making their mark on the business of barbering in this issue, including, Floyd’s 99’s Karen O’Brien; Joe Miller’s Beard Octane; Brandi Lashay; Chico Boom; and more. 


In 2024, your barbershop can’t rely on just great cutting and styling skills. To bring your business to the forefront – you need to have high-quality interiors. This issue, BarberEVO spoke with Bazooka Charlie’s President, Justin Goehring to find out how he brought his franchise to the forefront, with his interiors. Spoiler alert – Collins’ had a hand in it! CJ at Barberville also brought us an exclusive look into the Snippz 2 U Sprinters, and tells us exactly how you, too, can create the ‘dopest’ barbershop on the road.  


It’s the styling that makes a great haircut… well, at least that’s what our columnist Tyler Kelbert told us. He also gave us the low down on the style of the summer: The Pompadour.  In this issue, we learn all about the latest summer styling trends.  Phoenix Thomson returned to give us a BTS look at the new era of American Crew. We also spoke to STMNT ambassador Renjie about cocktailing and getting the right recipe for you! Featuring other industry innovators, such as PapiBlendzz – this edition is brimming with styling tips and tricks that you DON’T want to miss! 

We hope you enjoy this issue! You can order your print copy here. 

Rory Antonio Celebrates Two Years of Innovation and Excellence in Hairdressing

Rory Antonio, a trailblazing force in the hairdressing industry, has proudly celebrated two successful years of his salon – Rory Antonio Hair & Beauty Lab. Since opening the doors in May 2022, the salon has established itself as a beacon of creativity and excellence, transforming the hair and beauty scene in the UK city of Wolverhampton.

Rory Antonio celebrating two years of his salon – Rory Antonio Hair & Beauty Lab

Rory Antonio’s journey is a testament to passion, innovation, and dedication. Beginning his career at the renowned Royston Blythe salon, Rory honed his skills and showcased his artistic talent at photoshoots and catwalk shows. His desire for new challenges led him to Ashley Gamble, where he furthered his expertise and contributed significantly to the salon’s reputation for excellence.

In 2022, Rory’s entrepreneurial spirit propelled him to launch his own salon, Rory Antonio Hair & Beauty Lab. With a vision to create a distinctive brand, synonymous with creativity and exceptional service, Rory has dedicated himself to pushing the boundaries of hairdressing.

“I wanted to build more than just a salon; I wanted to create an experience and a brand that stands out for its innovation and quality,” said Rory. “Our mission is to offer our clients unparalleled service and creativity, making every visit to our salon a memorable one.”

Known for his expertise in full cut and colour services and his proficiency with hair extensions, Rory has curated a loyal clientele, who trust him for their transformative hair journeys. His commitment to excellence was recognised in 2023 when he made his debut in the British Hairdressing Awards, reaching the finals for Midlands Hairdresser of the Year with his first-ever entry.

Reflecting on his journey, Rory shared valuable insights from his entrepreneurial experience. He emphasises the importance of meticulous financial management, especially navigating government-backed schemes and understanding hidden costs. 

“Persistence and patience are key,” he noted, sharing lessons learned about the unforeseen expenses that come with running a business. Rory also highlights the significance of choosing reliable salon suppliers and understanding the client demographic when selecting products.

“It’s essential to balance financial benefits with the customer experience,” he advised, advocating for a thoughtful approach to retail and product selection.

Building a dream team is another aspect of Rory’s success. He emphasises the value of home-grown talent and creating a supportive and rewarding work environment.

“Finding good, reliable staff is challenging, but investing in your team and showing appreciation can make all the difference,” Rory explained.

As Rory Antonio Hair & Beauty Lab celebrates this significant milestone, Rory remains focused on the future. His goals include further establishing his salon as a community hub, continuing to educate the next generation of hairdressers, and expanding his creative endeavours through photoshoots and competitions.

Rory Antonio’s story is one of inspiration, hard work, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As he marks two years in business, the industry eagerly anticipates the continued impact of his contributions, expecting even greater achievements in the years to come.

Find out more about the hairdressing talent here.

Iconic UK grooming brand Captain Fawcett stocked in V’s Barbershops across USA

V’s Barbershops, synonymous with the authentic barbershop experience since their establishment in 1999, are proud to announce the addition of prestigious UK grooming brand Captain Fawcett Ltd to their repertoire.

Captain Fawcett Ltd is a Manufacturer and Purveyor of a simply delectable range of ‘First Class Gentlemen’s Grooming Requisites’. The multi-award-winning product ranges are proudly ‘Made in the UK’ and favored by top-tier barbers and hair stylists throughout the world.

Founded by Jim Valenzuela (Mr V) in homage to cherished boyhood memories at Nick’s Barbershop, V’s Barbershops are acclaimed across the US for their time-honored sense of community and impeccable service.

Now, bolstering their mutual commitment to quality and tradition, V’s Barbershops introduce Captain Fawcett, renowned for heritage, craftsmanship and commitment to excellence. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both brands, as they continue to redefine the barbershop experience, fostering memorable moments for men and their sons across the nation.

Mr. V (Jim Valenzuela) said: Partnering with Captain Fawcett to be their exclusive US retail launchpad is an exciting moment for V’s Barbershop. Their uncompromising quality, refined aesthetic, and elite reputation make them a standout in the men’s grooming space.

“This is something the American market hasn’t seen before, and we’re honored to be the ones to introduce it.

Richie Finney, founder of Captain Fawcett, said: “I am absolutely delighted our brand has found its first American home with V’s Barbershop, marking what promises to be the beginning of an inspiring partnership.

“Mr V shares my own love for the cherished traditions of classic barbershops, places where time slows down, stories unfold and memories are not just made, but woven into the very fabric of our lives, honoring the timeless bonds uniting us across generations.”

Inspired by the many aromatic oils collected upon his voyages around the globe, Captain Fawcett offers a comprehensive range of contemporary male-specific products, infused with elegant fragrance and perfect for scent layering.

Masterminded at a magnificent Gentleman’s Emporium in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, UK, Captain Fawcett pays tribute to the ageless spirit of adventure which lives on in the hearts and minds of gentlemen everywhere.

Captain Fawcett is a key Brand Partner of The Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s ‘Project MEN’, providing products to global industry experts as they mentor the new generation of barbers and hairdressers at prestigious events throughout the year.

American Crew Elevate Jamie Dornan’s MET Gala ’24 Do

Iconic men’s grooming brand, American Crew, teamed up with top hairstylist, Kumi Craig to elevate movie star, Jamie Dornan’s MET Gala 2024 look. 

Whilst the MET Gala finished in the wee hours of Tuesday the 7th of May, the fashion-forward looks that celebrities from across the globe delivered are still on our minds. Jamie Dornan, who played the infamous Mr Gray, is one of them. Teaming up with go-to stylist, Kumi Craig, who has also worked on stars, such as Sebastian Stan, Nicholas Cage and Pete Davidson, Jamie’s grooming stood out on the beige carpet. 

Kumi said: “For Jamie’s look, we wanted to keep it simple and effortless. I used a few of my go-to American Crew products to enhance and add texture to his curls and keep his beard soft, conditioned and ready for the red-carpet night ahead.” 

American Crew was founded in 1994 creating a market for grooming options made specifically for men. Over 25 years later, the company has developed a comprehensive portfolio of premium products, as well as a legacy steeped in commitment to the performance that stylists demand and the quality that men trust. From hair and body to shave, skin and fragrance, the American Crew® brand is dedicated to fulfilling the styling needs of today’s man.

Kumi used American Crew products to create his look and BarberEVO has the exclusive details from the artist herself…

Jamie’s Look Breakdown

  • “I then applied American Crew® Fiber Cream evenly throughout his hair to enhance his curls, provide a natural shine, and create flexibility with control for an effortless look.”
  •  “Last, I apply American Crew® Beard Serum to my palms, rub my hands together and spread evenly throughout his beard to keep it well-groomed, looking soft, and ready for the night ahead.”

OUT NOW: BarberEVO UK and Ireland Issue 44 May/June 2024

The latest issue of BarberEVO UK and Ireland is OUT NOW.     

Get your copy here!

The latest issue of BarberEVO UK and Ireland is OUT NOW! Inside this issue, we have exclusive content from a variety of esteemed columnists and industry professionals covering everything from education, additional revue to your business, and the latest styling trends. We cover all this and more inside the latest issue.  


Hayden Cassidy  

BarberEVO columnist and cover star, Hayden Cassidy, tells us all about her exciting new collaboration with Dior as their brand-new UK Grooming Expert. We speak to Hayden about her new role with the luxury fashion brand, as she takes us behind the scenes of her new opportunity; giving readers the inside scoop on how this came to fruition, what’s to come and showcasing the endless possibilities for barbering talent in the UK.  


In this industry, there is always room for investing in education. We speak to Simon Shaw and Alan Beak all about The Fellowship’s new Project Men & Media program and hear from those involved. Elsewhere we focus on how Artero is setting themselves apart in the industry as educators with Eric Way Lovemore. Also featuring words from some of our favourite educators, Vikki Harrison Smith, Mike Taylor, Ben Clifford, and Sigma Male Grooming.  


In a modern barbershop, being able to deliver a quality cut isn’t enough. Your store needs to look and feel good to clients, as we delve into the ways to boost your interiors. Here, we delve into how Barber Smiths transformed their shop with bespoke REM chairs, how to elevate your offerings with Takara Belmont, and how to revamp your workstations.  

Business & Technology 

Choosing how to market your business is never simple, as we speak to Josh O.P about his decision to build a brand based on himself while we get behind-the-scenes access to Heiniger’s latest UK campaign with Rex Silver and Robert Braid. Elsewhere, columnist Carlie Cardle tells BarberEVO readers about finding a side hustle that fits your lifestyle, while Jay Robert tells us all about the additional services you can add to your barbershop to boost revenue, and much more.  

In an increasingly digital world, technology is always evolving to make our lives easier. Which is where Rascal’s owner and founder Sam Bentham comes in, as we discuss all about why Fresha was the only and obvious choice for him when it comes to barbershop tech.  

Product Focus: Styling  

Styling is a huge part of being a barber, and knowing how to use the right tools and products to transform your client is key. Speaking to the very best, Bridey Jo shares her best styling tips, tricks and top products with BarberEVO readers. We hear from Curly Tom about why Byrd Hairdo Products is the ultimate choice for him when it comes to textured hair, while Chambers Sheffield owner Jonno Hart swears by Dapper Dan for premium results. 

 We hope you enjoy this issue! You can order your print copy here. 

Andis launches new limited edition galaxy colourway tools in the UK

Leading barbering tool manufacturer and professional education, Andis® Company, has just unveiled its new limited-edition Galaxy colourway.

Meant to capture the infinite possibilities when working with Andis® tools, the sleek, iridescent look of this new collection captures the hearts of professionals whose sights are set on the stars.

Featuring some of Andis® Company’s most popular tools, the Galaxy collection includes the cord/cordless Slimline Pro Trimmer and the Envy Li Adjustable Blade Clipper, which are available individually and as a combo kit.

“Fans of the Envy Li Clipper and Slimline Pro Trimmer will love this exciting new colourway!” said Angie Perino, Andis’ Global Education Manager. “These popular tools are lightweight, cordless and comfortable for professional all-day use, but pack the power and precision to create any style.”

The Slimline Pro Trimmer features a balanced, ergonomic shape for outlining, designing and dry shaving. Sleek and lightweight, the cord/cordless design allows for greater flexibility with zero downtime. Built with a powerful motor for increased speed and power, the lithium-ion battery delivers up to 2 hours of runtime. Equipped with a close-cutting, precision T-blade, the Galaxy edition Slimline Pro Trimmer embodies utility and style.

The Envy Li Clipper is also a mainstay for professionals worldwide due to its taper blade that adjusts from size 000 to size 1 – perfect for creating fade and taper styles.

Exceptionally versatile, the Envy Li features a high-speed, rotary motor but is extremely lightweight and balanced for comfort behind the chair. This clipper is also equipped with a lithium-ion battery, delivering over 2 hours of nonstop runtime. The cord/cordless Envy Li shines in its new Galaxy colourway.

The limited-edition Galaxy tools feature a 1-year warranty and are available at authorised Andis® dealers and In the UK, this stunning colourway can be purchased here.

To learn more about Andis Company, follow them on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

OSMO Announces Latest Ambassador is Love Island Star & Huncho Barbershop owner, Dale Mehemet

Innovative hair brand, OSMO, have just appointed their newest ambassador – the Glasgow born and based owner of Huncho Barbershop, Dale Mehmet. 

Dale began his barbering career 8 years ago, with his easy manner and naturally creative talent drawing him into the barbering world.

Having initially attended university after school to study art, he found the formal training restrictive and decided to leave in his final year.  After a short time in retail, he found himself drawn into the world of barbering, after a visit to his local barbers led to him being invited to shadow the owner.  Dale was hooked – he realised this was the creative buzz he’d been looking for.  

The self-taught barber built his clientele in a rented studio space before taking the jump to open his own Glasgow barbershop, Huncho Barbers, in 2023. 

Dale said: “I’ve been using OSMO products for most of my career, so it was a natural progression to take the range into my shop when I opened.  I’m constantly creating content for social media for my shop, and the OSMO team were excited by the work I was sharing and reached out.  It was an organic step for us both to collaborate and I’m looking forward to working closer with the team on creating more social content with OSMO.” 

Dale’s style of barbering is founded in the traditional techniques, but he likes to adapt his skills and cutting, so it’s unique to his creative style. A very busy barber, Dale balances running his shop with educating his growing team, whilst also creating social content to encourage footfall and excite his peers with his style of barbering.

OSMO Senior Brand Manager, Sinéad McLaughlin, added: “Dale is not only a great barber, but his understanding of social media is really stand out for us.  We know he’s been using our products and sharing this with his customers and followers for a long time now.  There’s lots in the pipeline with Dale and OSMO and we’re all looking forward to seeing how his ambassador role develops.”

Captain Fawcett wins global recognition in Cosmoprof and Cosmopack Awards

Norfolk-based gentleman’s grooming Captain Fawcett has announced that their new product has been awarded as a ‘Men’s Grooming Products & Accessories’ Finalist at Cosmoprof Bologna.

The global lifestyle brand has been acclaimed for its  ‘Expedition Reserve’ Matt Styling and Volumising Hair Powder. The Cosmoprof & Cosmopack Awards in partnership with BEAUTYSTREAMS celebrate excellence in the global cosmetics industry and with over 700 entries, from across the globe, the contest is extremely competitive, with just 3 finalists per category. 

Products are independently judged on category criteria including Innovation, Creativity, Packaging & Design, Product Benefits, Ethics and User Experience.

Captain Fawcett’s new ‘Expedition Reserve’ Matt Styling and Volumising Hair Powder is the latest addition to the highly acclaimed ‘Hair Couture’ collection, created for both professional barbershops, salons, and luxury styling at home.

Captain Fawcett founder Richie Finney was delighted to join fellow global industry leaders at the The Grande Soirée Cosmoprof & Cosmopack Awards Ceremony in Bologna, Italy on Friday 22 March. 

He attended the glittering occasion with Valentino Bergamini, CEO and Founder of Captain Fawcett’s highly esteemed Italian distributor Bottega della Barba Srl

Richie said: “It is a huge honour for Captain Fawcett to be recognised as being amongst world leaders in the beauty and grooming industry. Being named as a Finalist amid such impressive competition from all across the world is testament to the ambition and hard work of the whole team, not least our simply magnificent distributors who do so much to support the Captain Fawcett brand in their home territories. 

“Captain Fawcett thanks all colleagues and friends for each playing their hugely appreciated parts as we continue to forge ahead in 2024!”