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Wahl Unveils Icons of Wahl Campaign, Fusing Sound of Iconic Barbering Clippers with Original Music Tracks

The innovator in the barber industry is crossing over into music, integrating the unique sound of their clippers into a summer soundtrack created by legendary professionals.

STERLING, IL (August 1, 2023) – Did the inventors of the electric hair clipper just drop an album? Sounds like it. Wahl Clipper Corporation, a pioneer in the barber tool industry for over 100 years, dropped six new tracks as part of its new Icons of Wahl campaign.

At the heart of every barbershop is a musical backdrop that sets the tone for the space, the experiences, and the clients. The sound of their iconic clippers and trimmers has always been an omnipresent hum in the background of every haircut. In a bold creative move, Wahl blended these familiar sounds with music that resonates with modern professionals, giving birth to six fresh tracks, each seamlessly incorporating the distinctive sounds of a Wahl tool all while celebrating the unique identity and diversity of industry pros.

Every Wahl clipper has its own distinct vibration, tone, and pitch, creating a symphony of sound that is unmistakable to those who wield these legendary tools. Factor in the variable speeds, swappable blades, along with a variety of different cutting techniques, and you have a rich sonic palette of sounds that have become the hallmark of Wahl products.
The Icons of Wahl campaign showcases their line-up of headliner tools, Wahl’s most enduring products, each with its own unique legacy. These tools stand the test of time and have become the cornerstone for modern barbers and stylists. With Wahl’s clippers and trimmers in hand, these professionals elevate their artistry, producing exceptional results that leave a lasting impression on their clients.

The Icons of Wahl campaign features legendary professionals, including Rick Morin, Fernando Ibánez, Garland Fox, Kristi Faulkner, Nieves, and Arisa Thomas, each paired with the headlining Wahl tool that has played a pivotal role in shaping their careers. Wahl enlisted producer John Ferreria to craft original songs that merge the rhythms of their favorite tools with the genres that inspire them:

01. Rock the Look – Rick Morin feat. Wahl Senior® (80’s Rock)

02. Abracadabra – Kristi Faulkner feat. Wahl Magic Clip® (Electro Pop)

03. Style Standards – Garland Fox feat. Wahl Legend® (Jazz)

04. El Cabello – Fernando Ibánez feat. Wahl Super Taper® (Latin)

05. Fine Tune – Nieves feat. Detailer® Li (Alt Hip-Hop)

06. Fur Sure – Arisa Thomas feat. KM10® (Easy Pop)

Garrett McGuire, Wahl’s Global Brand Director, explained the thought process behind the inventive blending of tool vibrations with music, stating, “The buzz of Wahl tools has always been music to my ears, and I know barbers and stylists will immediately recognize each tool’s unique rhythm and vibration within these new songs. We are passionate about celebrating the essence of their craft in a way that resonates, with music being such a large part of the barbershop or salon experience, and feel inspired and energized in this industry they cherish.”

The Icons of Wahl campaign is a genre-blurring crossover for barber professionals and music enthusiasts alike, with custom music tracks available for download and sharing on various social media platforms. 
As part of the campaign, the entire Icons of Wahl line, including the Senior, the Legend, the Magic Clip, the Super Taper, the KM10, and the Detailer Li, is now available for purchase at

The original Icons of Wahl songs can be enjoyed on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and can be downloaded from

Issue 32 of BarberEVO North America is out now!

With three iconic powerhouses on our cover, you just know this issue is going to be one to dig into. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and enjoy… 


On our cover this month, we have three of the biggest names in barbering – Brandi Lashay, Hayden Cassidy, and Taylor Leven. This power trio gave us exclusive access to their badass photoshoot together, held in CT Barber Expo’s Mohegan Sun Casino venue. We talk about everything from tools and products to career highlights and what it takes to be a successful barber in 2023.   

Running a great barbershop is all about finding a balance between barbering skills and business prowess. While both will naturally come to some of you, the two don’t always come hand in hand. That’s why we have put together a barbershop business feature, offering business advice, success stories, and hints and tricks on improving your business through techniques like retail and service packages.  

Retail is a funny thing, because although it can nearly DOUBLE your yearly revenue, still a lot of barbers and barbershops are put off by it. Why? Perhaps they don’t like having to give their clients a sales pitch, or they don’t like keeping track of inventory. Well, in this feature, we are going to debunk and unpack your retail fears and get you to a place where you are ready to rule your retail!   

Close your eyes and think of a barbershop. What’s the first image that comes to mind? Other than maybe a barber pole, you probably pictured a barber chair! They are an iconic element of the barbershop interior and one of the most important investments and purchases you make for your shop! So, how do you ensure you’re making the right choice and avoiding buyer’s remorse? You’ll find out in this issue!    

Be sure to get your hands on your very on physical copy of our 104 page hard-spiked, beautiful print magazine! Simply click the link below.

Fresha’s marketing campaign builder transforms how barbers engage with their clients

Marketing is key to your barbershop’s success, and finding easy-to-use tools that can boost client engagement while saving your business time and money can be a gamechanger. To help barbers build and launch end-to-end email and text message campaigns from scratch, Fresha just added a campaign builder to its suite of marketing tools. 

With a simple drag-and-drop system, you can create content, segment your audience, schedule email sends, and reach out to your clients with text messages. Not only will all those elements help you keep your clients informed, but you can do it all quickly, right from your phone, tablet or computer.

This campaign builder is the newest update to Fresha’s subscription-free suite of barbershop management tools, and it enhancestheir already best-in-class platform. Read on to find out how the campaign builder can help you manage and grow your business right now.

Drag-and-drop builder: This new marketing tool is the industry’s most powerful and intuitive drag-and-drop campaign builder. You don’t need specialised marketing knowledge to make it work for you, and it’s built with busy barbershop owners and staff members in mind.

Free template gallery: The email builder comes with a free gallery full of templates you can use to send messages in minutes. Each template can also be edited to match your shop’s branding, so everything you send out is cohesive.

Emails and text messages: The unique, multichannel campaign function lets you reach clients with email-style content via text messages, or shorter, post-appointment thank you messages that’ll make your clients feel valued.

Simple retargeting: With the campaign builder, you can also retarget your messaging to get more value from your campaigns and reach even more people.

Campaign reporting: You can evaluate all of this activity with enhanced reports that’ll give you visibility of your success so far, and help you make decisions about future marketing activity.

Boosted bookings: Fresha Partners who use this suite of marketing tools have seen at least four times their return on investment from email and text message campaigns. 

Fresha is constantly innovating, and this is just the latest addition to its end-to-end software. That means there’s always more to come, so you can maximise your time and focus on taking care of your clients. Join the 100,000 businesses globally taking barbershop management and client experience to the next level with Fresha – sign up now on

Wahl Professional® Introduces 5 Star Cordless Barber Combo™

Wahl Professional, has unveiled its highly anticipated 5 Star Cordless Barber Combo™.

This exceptional combo pairs Wahl’s best-selling professional cordless clipper and trimmer in one convenient package.

With an upgraded motor on the clipper, DLC blades, and a sleek design, this duo is set to optimize every barber’s workspace. Offering exceptional quality at an affordable price of just $279 (MSRP), professionals won’t want to miss the chance to elevate their craft and station with this remarkable combo.he 5 Star Cordless Detailer® Li trimmer, in a modern black casing with gold blades and details, boasts a T-Wide blade made from high-carbon steel.

Featuring cutting-edge titanium and DLC coatings, this new blade maintains a lower temperature, resists corrosion, and offers outstanding durability, making it perfect for precise detailing and fine-line trimming. Additionally, the trimmer comes equipped with an enhanced, full-size clipper motor to cut through all hair textures and densities in just one pass.

Matching the sleek black body and gold accents of the trimmer, the 5 Star Cordless Magic Clip® clipper showcases a more powerful motor that effortlessly handles thick, wet, and textured hair, providing exceptional cutting performance. The new titanium and DLC blade surface stays cool and resists corrosion, guaranteeing client comfort and optimal longevity.

Renowned Wahl Professional Educator, Garland “G-Whiz” Fox (@thisisgwhizwahlclippers), expresses enthusiasm for the upgraded Cordless Magic Clip and Detailer Li sold as a combo, as well as the space-saving single cord and the cost-effective price of the Cordless Barber Combo™.

Fox states, “As a professional, maintaining a clean and efficient workstation is essential, and cordless tools are a no-brainer. Having two high-quality tools charging on a single station with just one cord not only saves space but also adds a cool aesthetic touch.”

Barbers and stylists can purchase the 5 Star Cordless Barber Combo™ beginning July 12th for just $279 at or by visiting their local distributor.

OUT NOW: BarberEVO UK & Ireland Issue 40 – Sept/ Oct

WELCOME TO BARBEREVO UK & IRELAND ISSUE 40! Goodbye summer and hello autumn. The kids are back in school and we are gearing up for the busiest season in the barbershop. Put your flip flops away and get your pencils out, ‘cause class is in session!  

Here’s a lowdown of what to expect in the 40th issue of this packed 104-page magazine… 

Introducing Novo Cabelo, your no.1 answer to hairloss. The brand are changing lives one hair replacement at a time! 

We had exclusive behind-the-scenes access to this incredible cover shoot, discovering the techniques behind installing and styling Novo Cabelo hair systems – with the help of Artero hair tools.

It’s time to take notes on the endless benefits of adding hair systems to your repertoire and your service menu – fiscally and for the client.

A lot has been going on this summer, from our EVO on the Road with BaByliss PRO, to Barbersride and Captain Fawcett’s Great Expedition, a lot of adventures on the road! You’ll be inspired by the incredible journey that some of the industry’s most iconic barbers and brands are taking in 2023-2024.

Autumn is fast approaching, so in this issue, we cover all the latest and greatest trends and styles, from the rockstar cuts, textured mullets, perfect pompadours. We also chat with Paul Devlin about the benefits of getting creative and creating Halloween inspired collections.  

As a barber, you’ll want to make sure that no matter who sits in your chair, you can be confident working with their hair – regardless of the hair type, texture or style. We talk though all the hair textures, and how to choose the right tools based on the hair texture. 

From choosing the right payment and booking system, how build your price list, to the benefits of franchises, how to grow your business, and how to ensure your business is sustainable. We also talk a bit about how investing in your shop’s visual appearance and branding can make a major difference.  

There’s a fine line between a beard giving ‘sexy lumberjack’ or ‘I’ve been living in the woods for three months.’ We cover styling step-by-steps, trends, products, tools, and business advice on the added value of beard dervices for your clients and your bottom line.

We hope you enjoy this issue! Order your beautifully presented print copy here!  

Win a Takara Belmont Dainty Chair With The #justicefortommy Campaign

Stephen Farrar, owner of Custom Belmont is joining a band of friends to raise money for the #justicefortommy campaign. Tommy Kneebone was a thriving seven-month-old baby who passed away suddenly. The Kneebone family are raising funds to help cover costs as they strive to obtain justice by challenging the hospital care he received.

Tommy’s father, Josh Kneebone is a barber from Kent who has Strops Barbershop in Crowborough and is a friend of Stephen. Having seen firsthand the devastating effect of losing Tommy, Stephen has decided to raffle off a Takara Belmont Dainty chair to raise funds.

A Takara Belmont Dainty Chair is a much-coveted item to barbers, as it is seen as the pinnacle of quality in barbershop chairs. This is the perfect chance to have this iconic chair in your barbershop for the cost of a £10 donation. They are worth in the region of £1500.00 and he hopes to draw the raffle at the Barber Connect event in June in Telford.

To enter the raffle, please donate what you can. The suggested donation is £10.00, please remember to add your name to be added to the raffle, and support the #justicefortommy campaign. You can donate at,