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Wahl Professional Releases First of Its Kind Power Station™

The next generation of charging, the NEW Wahl Professional Power Station™ allows you to charge three tools at once.

Wahl Professional has unveiled a new solution for the growing number of tools being used by barber professionals: Wahl Professional Power Station™. Barber professionals commonly use many different tools throughout the day, and during a single haircut. In response, Wahl designed the most efficient charging station on the market. The innovative Wahl Professional Power Station quickly charges three Wahl Professional cordless clippers, trimmers, or shavers — in the time it takes to charge one — with one space-saving cord. It also includes one USB-C port, perfect for charging a phone or payment processing device.

The new Power Station comes with multiple tool inserts – three clipper, two trimmer and one shaver insert – allowing you to mix and match any combination of Wahl Professional tools to charge. It comes with direct-contact charging which is the fastest, most efficient way to recharge your Wahl Professional cutting devices. And the space-saving design means your workstation remains tidy and uncluttered.“I love that the customizable and interchangeable system lets me choose which tools to charge and when. I can change my setup as often as I like,” says Wahl Professional Educator, Nieves Almaraz (@howtofadehair). “This new Power Station allows me to charge three tools at the same time, and it keeps my workspace neat and professional by eliminating cord clutter.”

Barbers and stylists who want fully charged tools and an organized workspace can purchase the Wahl Professional Power Station February 1 for $199 at or by visiting their local distributor.

Hair & Vision Presents…

After an exceptionally successful year, the Fellowship’s live regional showcase event – Hair & Vision Presents is back with new content, new locations and new presenters for 2023.

Throughout this year Hair & Vision will be visiting Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds and London providing Fellowship members throughout the UK with a venue that is easily accessible to them. Everyone is welcome at Hair & Vision, Fellowship members can attend for free as part of their membership status and non-members who are looking to find out more about becoming a Fellowship member and see some inspiring education can attend for £19.95. 

Each Hair & Vision event has its own theme; cutting, textured hair, men’s hairdressing or colour as examples and will be hosted by a member of the Fellowship or the sponsor of the event.  The content of the evening is diverse and will vary from event to event, but one thing that you can rest assured of is that the evening will leave anyone who attends inspired and motivated. Fellowship members will be invited to take part in Hair & Vision, presenting their latest looks and sharing their ideas and inspiration with others.  There will also be an opportunity to meet your hair heroes and chat to them in a relaxed informal setting and members of the Fellowship Executive Board will be on hand to answer any questions you have. 

Dates are constantly being updated on the Fellowship App or Website and the first Hair & Vision Presents Let’s Talk Texture sponsored by Avlon/Uberliss is taking place on Monday 27th February in Leeds.  Co-hosted by Fellowship President Robert Eaton and Avlon’s Jacqui MacIntosh, the event will feature textured hair experts – Brandon Messinger, Lathaniel Chambers, Anthony Grant and Claire Chell. 

The second Hair & Vision Presents will be held in London on Tuesday 28th March at the Hunter Collective. Providing our southern members with the  opportunity to experience the Let’s Talk Texture theme sponsored by Avlon/Uberliss and co hosted by  Fellowship President Robert Eaton and Avlon’s Jacqui MacIntosh and featuring Avlon artists Claire Chell, Anthony Grant and Pashcan’el Mitchell. 

Book your tickets now via the Fellowship App or via

Give your Winter Beard a Boost of Hydration with Samson’s Hair and Beard Care

It’s important to keep your hair hydrated all year round, and especially in the winter months when hair is more vulnerable to dryness. Men – did you know that not only can the hair on your head dry out, but so can your beard? Samson’s Haircare, an artisanal men’s hair and beard care range, has just the products your beard needs to stay hydrated throughout the harsh winter months. 

During the winter when facial hair becomes dry, it can start to look and feel coarse, brittle, and frizzy. Even worse, it can be uncomfortable and itchy, leaving you scratching and irritating your face all day long. Samson’s Haircare Beard Oil (1 oz./ $16.00) is exactly what your beard and the skin underneath it needs. This beard oil is perfect to combat dry skin, dry facial hair, and itchiness. It is formulated with ingredients perfect for moisturizing and softening your beard and the skin underneath it.  

If your dry, winter beard has you feeling and looking like a caveman, Samson’s Haircare Beard Balm (2 oz./ $17.00) can turn any caveman into a gentleman. This oil and wax-based beard balm nourishes and softens coarse, scratchy, or pokey whiskers. With ingredients such as beeswax and shea butter, this balm is specifically designed to moisturize and tame your beard, so you can feel comfortable and distinguished all winter long. Choose from two delectable scents: the Original earthy and citrusy scent of bergamot and sandalwood or the Morning Ritual scent of sweet coffee pecan. 

The hair on your end isn’t the only hair that needs a boost of hydration this winter. Help your beard and your skin underneath feel and look its best with Samson’s Haircare

Samson’s Haircare products are available online at


Samson’s Haircare is an artisanal men’s hair and beard care range founded in 2019 by barber, Jake Hamlet and relations expert, Adam Muncy. Jake and Adam hand-batched their first product in a basement using a modified rice cooker, and since then, this grassroots company has become more than just a range of hair and beard care products and became an extension of who they are. Largely embedded in the foster care community, Jake and Adam strive to do everything with good intent and purpose, and their character is built within their hard work and dedication to delivering the best products possible.

New Tea Tree Collection gives Hair and Scalp a Total Reset

JPMS™ and its award-winning Tea Tree brand focus on the root with new scalp care line and recommitment to planting another one million trees    

CENTURY CITY, California, Jan. 20, 2023– Tea Tree, the best-selling body and hair care brand from the iconic John Paul Mitchell Systems® (JPMS™), introduces a new collection to its line-up of award-winning products: Tea Tree Special Detox. With the continued growth of scalp care awareness among clients, these two new additions allow stylists the opportunity to refresh their clients’ scalps with a detoxifying experience at the shampoo bowl. Tea Tree Special Detox is formulated with ingredients known for skin-balancing properties for a facial-like feeling that scalps deserve, while promoting shinier, more-healthy looking hair.  

The new collection includes:  

·        Tea Tree Special Detox Kombucha Rinse 

·        Clarifying rinse infused with kombucha and apple cider vinegar 

·        Clinically proven to remove 74% of scalp buildup after one use* 

·        Smooths and seals the hair cuticle for shinier, softer hair  

·        Tea Tree Special Detox Foaming Salt Scrub 

·        Clinically proven to exfoliate and remove dry skin and buildup after one use* 

·        Formulated with an antioxidant-rich blend of volcanic ash, Himalayan pink salt, and French green clay  

·        Polishes and soothes the scalp​, leaving it feeling refreshed and renewed 

While the new Tea Tree Special Detox products remove unwanted buildup, the line also gives back – to the planet. Tea Tree is continuing its relationship with Reforest’Action, an organization with a mission to preserve, restore and create forests around the world. In 2022, Tea Tree and Reforest’Action succeeded their goal of planting one million trees across Peru and Haiti to aid and combat deforestation. Tea Tree has recommitted to increasing the scale of these efforts, pledging to plant another one million trees by the end of 2030. Learn more about Tea Tree’s commitment here: 

Use Tea Tree Special Detox at the bowl for clients in need of a clean slate so they can experience that signature Tea Tree tingle, the invigorating fragrance and squeaky-clean scalp feeling. Offer it as retail for clients looking to maintain a refreshed scalp at home to remove product buildup. The Tea Tree Special Detox Collection launches this month, January 2023. To learn more about these latest additions, as well as the entire Tea Tree collection and its offerings, please visit:  

Tea Tree Special Detox features 100% PCR** (post-consumer recycled) packaging as part of a long-standing commitment to the environment. 

*Based on a clinical study conducted with 29 participants  

**Excludes closures  

About John Paul Mitchell Systems®    

John Paul Mitchell Systems®, a top manufacturer of salon-only professional hair care products, has been serving the professional beauty industry for 40 years. The company produces salon-quality hair care, hair color, and styling tools through a family of brands including Paul Mitchell®, Paul Mitchell® Professional Hair Color, Paul Mitchell® Pro Tools™, Tea Tree, Awapuhi Wild Ginger®, MITCH®, MVRCK®, Neuro®. JPMS™ was the first company to take a stand against animal testing since its inception in 1980. In accordance with Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board John Paul DeJoria’s motto, “Success unshared is a failure,” the company has a strong commitment to giving back, supporting a wide range of philanthropic causes both domestically and internationally. For more information, visit us|| @paulmitchellpro|@paulmitchell   

Andis® Company Unveils Centennial Bespoke™ Trimmer


Andis Company, a leading manufacturer of barbering, styling, and grooming tools, is thrilled to announce today the launch of the Centennial beSPOKE Trimmer. The latest trimmer in its portfolio is designed specifically for professionals who are inspired by precision design to create custom looks. The beSPOKE trimmer uses the latest technology, including revolutionary induction charging and next-level design, to pay homage to the brand’s leadership in innovation on its centennial anniversary.

“The beSPOKE Trimmer commemorates our 100th anniversary and ushers in the next century of Andis,” said co-CEO Matt Andis. “The premium Z-Blade celebrates the legacy of Andis as a quality blade manufacturer, while the wireless induction charging represents our relentless drive to innovate and help our creators take their artistry to the next level.”

The beSPOKE Trimmer’s design is a nod to the future with an ergonomic shape, sleek lines, and a modern, metallic color palette toasting Andis Company’s spectacular history. But what’s most unique is the tool’s wireless charging technology. The induction charging stand provides convenient, wireless charging, proudly displays your trimmer, and is compatible with other induction charging Qi-compatible devices, such as your phone.

“The beSPOKE Trimmer embodies who Andis is as a brand. By infusing innovation, modern trends, and premium color schemes, along with truly understanding advancements to solve daily challenges that our barbers and stylists face, the beSPOKE trimmer is a combination of sleek design and leading-edge technology,” said Angie Vlasaty Peterson, Andis VP of Marketing.

Like all Andis tools, the beSPOKE delivers power and precision with a high-speed rotary motor and lithium-ion battery providing 1.5 hours of cordless freedom to create. Wrapped in an elegant champagne finish, the Andis Outliner Deep-Tooth GTX-Z Blade delivers crisp visibility for tight lines, slick fades, and top-notch design work. The blade’s aggressive, zero-gap setting delivers a razor-like finish.

Available at authorized Andis dealers and online (MSRP $250.00), the beSPOKE Trimmer includes a premium induction charging stand, phone charging clip, 4 attachment combs, a power supply cord, and a one-year warranty.

With its sleek, ergonomic shape designed for all hand sizes and next-level performance features, the beSPOKE Trimmer is sure to become the next go-to trimmer for barbers and stylists. Learn more about the new tool at:

Connect with Andis Company on InstagramTikTok, and Facebook.

About Andis® Company

Andis® Company is a fourth-generation, family-led business and a market leader in barbering, styling and animal grooming founded in 1922. Its industry-leading clippers, trimmers and styling accessories are used by both professionals and DIYers across the globe.  The #1 preferred brand for textured hair, Andis remains committed to leading the category while ensuring quality, durability and innovation. Andis believes that creativity makes the world a better place and takes pride in developing tools and educational resources that help everyone create their way. To find a local distributor or retailer, call 800-558-9441 or visit

Denman Delivers for Haircuts 4 Homeless

Stewart Roberts founder of Haircuts 4 Homeless recently received 200 bespoke branded Denman Original Stylers to gift or sell in support of his amazing charity. Haircuts 4 Homeless has built a community of skilled hairdresser volunteers who generously give their time free of charge to give haircuts to homeless people. This simple act of personal care helps give those experiencing homelessness a boost and just a little of the kindness they so richly deserve. Kevin McNamee, CEO of Denman International says “We were so happy to gift these tools to this amazing charity. We have a dedicated CSR team at Denman that actively seeks out opportunities to support brilliant causes like this one.

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Along with the branded Original Stylers Denman delivered 10 full hairdressing brush and comb kits for Stewarts professional network and 60 Be Bop Brushes to gift to their clients. The Be Bop is a simple palm styler that is small, lightweight and very easy to clean, making them the perfect takeaway tool. 

If you believe you can help extend Stewart’s network by volunteering your time and talent then please reach out on @haircuts4homelessuk on Instagram.

Booksy Launches Innovative Service Variants Feature to Help Businesses Customize Appointments

If you are a barber pro and own a business, you may have staff of varying experience levels, with different speed of services and pricing. Although this is the industry norm, it can be tough for business owners to keep up-to-date on service lists and price menus that reflect so many variations. To make things easier and more efficient, Booksy, the leader in booking and business technology for our industry, launched their newest updated feature – Service Variants

Booksy Service Variants makes it simpler than ever to list and promote different services, descriptions, prices, and durations of services. Best of all, business owners will be able to assign variations to specific staff members.  

Why are Service Variants important? Well, the business owner of a nail salon might employ an entry level nail tech and an experienced nail manicurist. Those two staffers might perform a mani-pedi at different speeds and charge different prices. If that business owner uses Service Variants, clients won’t have to spend additional time trying to figure out which mani-pedi on the service menu they should book.  

Service Variants also help providers run their business more efficiently with customized team settings. Business owners now have more flexibility when assigning service duration and price to individual team members, helping to eliminate stressful workarounds of staff who work at different levels. 

This updated feature also allows for a more accurately booked team calendar. Before Service Variants, staff who worked faster than others may be limited to the number of appointments or standing around in between bookings due to a default booking duration. Now, business owners can embrace each team member’s own pace by adjusting service duration for individual staff members to make sure the teams’ calendar is accurately booked.      

Taking advantage of Service Variants means that clients have all the information they need to book by the experience level and pricing model they want. The amount of service time is crystal clear. Staff members availability becomes easier than ever to manage. This updated feature also eliminates common client misunderstandings which enhances satisfaction and keeps your salon, spa, barber shop running smoothly. 

Start creating Service Variants with just a few simple steps: 

  1. Head to “Business Settings” in the Booksy Biz app and select “Services Setup”
  2. Click on “Services & Combos Services”
  3. Select an existing service to edit, or “Add a Service”
  4. Under “Duration/Pricing”, in the “General” heading, click + “Add Service Variant”.
  5. Add a description to each one of the “Service Variants” 

In the beauty business, there’s no one size fits all model. Booksy Service Variants helps businesses of all sizes embrace the pace and level of experience of each staffer and helps customers find the best service for them.   

Download the Booksy Biz mobile app for free or visit to learn more.


Booksy is a cloud-based appointment booking solution for hairstylists, colorists, barbers, nail artists, estheticians, massage therapists, salons, barbershops, spas and more. It offers appointment scheduling, calendar management, online payments, and a suite of marketing management functionalities. Android and iPhone apps supported. Booksy features two mobile applications: Booksy Biz for businesses and Booksy Lite geared more for independent professional plus a Booksy app for clients.

Samson’s Haircare Launches Matte Styling Cream for More Versatile Short Hair Styling

Samson’s Haircare, an artisanal men’s hair and beard care range, founded in 2019 by barber Jake Hamlet and relationship manager, Adam Muncy, are excited to announce the launch of their Matte Styling Cream (4 oz. / $19.00). They describe their Matte Styling Cream is the brand’s hair gel but without the shine or the crunch! 

When you want an easy application, great look, and a matte finish, the Matte Styling Cream is the product for the job. This water-based, lightweight styling cream is perfect for men who prefer a matte finish over a shiny finish to their hairstyle. Although this styling cream is lightweight, it offers a firm hold for loose, textured looks or for tight, traditional styles. It just might be their most versatile product you’ve ever tried!  

With scent notes of bergamot, sandalwood, amber, and frankincense, hair will smell fresh and wonderfully earthy all day long. Ingredients in the Matte Styling Cream like kaolin clay help boost hair growth and prevent breakage, while other ingredients like beeswax helps seal in moisture to strands, eliminates frizz, and maintains a long-lasting hold.  

Rub a dime sized amount into hands and apply to towel dried hair using fingertips. Style using a comb or hairbrush. Blow dry for additional volume.    

Samson’s Haircare is not just an ordinary haircare brand – Like many pioneers in the beauty industry, Jake and Adam hand-batched their first product in a basement using a modified rice cooker. After much experimentation and evolution, this grassroots company has become much more than just a range of hair and beard care products but rather, it has become an extension of who they are.

Samson’s Haircare products are available online at or by contacting Lisa Finucane at 630-935-4534. 


Samson’s Haircare is an artisanal men’s hair and beard care range founded in 2019 by barber, Jake Hamlet and relations expert, Adam Muncy. Jake and Adam hand-batched their first product in a basement using a modified rice cooker, and since then, this grassroots company has become more than just a range of hair and beard care products and became an extension of who they are. Largely embedded in the foster care community, Jake and Adam strive to do everything with good intent and purpose, and their character is built within their hard work and dedication to delivering the best products possible.

Wahl Professional® Releases 5 Star Vanish® Shaver for Flawless Finishes

The new independent suspension cutter bars and easily removable micro-thin gold foils provide an ultra-smooth, ultra-close finish without bumps or irritation. 

Wahl Professional listened to the requests of barbers and stylists around the world and designed the new 5 Star Vanish® finishing tool to give them what they wanted: foils that remove easily without tearing or denting, the closest shave possible, and a fuel gauge to display battery life.

The NEW Wahl Professional 5 Star Vanish® shaver provides an ultra-close finish without irritation thanks to a revolutionary new independent suspension cutting system and micro-thin gold foils that hug the face, head, and neck for the smoothest shave out there. Designed with a power level light with smart LED fuel gauge display, 100+ minutes run time and a travel power-saver mode, you’ll always be ready to go. Wahl Professional knows that barbers who work all day need a tool that feels good in their hand. The ergonomic design with comfort grips provides a well-balanced, comfortable, and secure hold at any angle. A quick release button makes removing the entire shaver head fast and easy. And the micro-thin gold foils easily remove individually – without tearing or denting – for cleaning, rotating or replacement. 

“The 5 Star Vanish® Shaver does more than just shave. You can blend bald fades, eliminate stray hairs on finished hairstyles and clean up neck and facial hair,” says Wahl Professional Educator, Nieves Almaraz (@howtofadehair), “I can save money by extending the life of my gold foils by easily popping them out and rotating them and by replacing just one gold foil, instead of the entire shaver head.”

Barbers and stylists can purchase The Wahl Professional 5 Star Vanish® Shaver for $129 at or by visiting their local distributor.

About Wahl Professional

Since 1919, with the invention of the first practical electric hair clipper, Wahl Clipper Corporation has been the leader in the professional and home grooming category. Today, with over 2,500 employees worldwide, Wahl is proud to carry forward the tradition of innovation and superior customer service that was created by Leo J. Wahl. Headquartered in Sterling, Illinois, Wahl distributes to 176 countries and has eight global manufacturing facilities as well as 25 sales offices. At Wahl, we are proud of our heritage of excellence as well as our remarkable list of groundbreaking innovations for the present and future for the global market. Visit for more details.


Introducing Samson’s Haircare Small Batch, Artisanal Men’s Hair and Beard Range

Welcome to Samson’s Haircare, an artisanal men’s hair and beard care range, founded in 2019 by barber Jake Hamlet and relationship manager, Adam Muncy. Like many pioneers in the beauty industry, Jake and Adam hand-batched their first product in a basement using a modified rice cooker. After much experimentation and evolution, this grassroots company has become much more than just a range of hair and beard care products but rather, it has become an extension of who they are.

As the son of a lineman and veteran, Jake and Adam take great pride in Samson’s Haircare, their mission, the formulas and creating this range themselves. With no outsourcing or backdoor chemist, everything is produced on site from start to finish using only the finest, quality ingredients. Samson’s isn’t a conglomerate of marketing professionals and PhD chemists; it is the result 2 hair obsessed guys focused on delivering a better product to the beauty community.

Some of Samson’s top products include:

Hair Pomade (3 oz. / $19.00) – You know how disappointing it is to have a great hair day in the morning only to have it deflate by lunch? This exceptional pomade won’t let you down. Endurance is what makes us different from everyone else on the market. Sunup to sundown, Samson’s will hold your hair in place. It is small batch goodness and Midwest made! Delivers all day hold and natural shine.

Beard Balm (2 oz. / $17.00) – This sought-after beard balm is specifically designed to nourish, soften, and tame beards so you or your clients will feel comfortable and distinguished. Looking like a caveman is not a requirement for having a beard.

Beard Oil (1 oz. / $16.00) – Do you suffer from dry skin and coarse facial hair? Our beard oil is perfect to combat these exact issues. Our oil is formulated with sweet almond oil, avocado and jojoba oils, and other natural ingredients that moisturize and soften your beard and the skin underneath it. 

Matte Finish Clay Pomade (3 oz. / $19.00) – When you want a lightweight, medium hold pomade with no-shine, this is the choice for the task at hand. Developed over 4 months with input from 100s of clients and barbers, it’s a favorite. With an easy scoop and breakdown, application of this product is a breeze with the same restyling you’ve come to expect from Samson’s Original Pomade

Matte Styling Cream (4 oz. / $19.00) – When you want easy application, a great result, and a matte finish, Samson’s Matte Styling Cream is the product for the job. Jake prefers to use if for loose textured looks, but it can also achieve tight traditional styles. It could be the brand’s most versatile product yet. 

Foster the Curl (6 oz. / $26.00) – As business owners, Jake and Adam felt very frustrated that some of their products could not serve families. Both men are foster parents of children with textured hair. Foster the Curl is a light hold crème that delivers low shine and holds curls all day while nourishing hair.

Also available are The Bench Leg ShampooConditioner, Solid Cologne, and Volumizing Matte Powder.

For these two entrepreneurial gentlemen, it is not only about sharing their barbering passion and creating an exceptional range of men’s products, but it’s also about sharing their passion and love for the foster care community. Currently, there are more than 400,00 children in the foster care system in the US. To help battle those numbers, a portion of proceeds from Foster the Curl will go towards supporting foster youth in achieving safety, permanence, and well-being.

All Samson Haircare products are available online at, or by contacting Lisa Finucane at 630-935-4534.


Largely embedded in the foster care community, Jake and Adam strive to do everything with good intent and purpose, and their character is built within their hard work and dedication to delivering the best hair care products possible.