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Samson’s Haircare Launches Matte Styling Cream for More Versatile Short Hair Styling

Samson’s Haircare, an artisanal men’s hair and beard care range, founded in 2019 by barber Jake Hamlet and relationship manager, Adam Muncy, are excited to announce the launch of their Matte Styling Cream (4 oz. / $19.00). They describe their Matte Styling Cream is the brand’s hair gel but without the shine or the crunch! 

When you want an easy application, great look, and a matte finish, the Matte Styling Cream is the product for the job. This water-based, lightweight styling cream is perfect for men who prefer a matte finish over a shiny finish to their hairstyle. Although this styling cream is lightweight, it offers a firm hold for loose, textured looks or for tight, traditional styles. It just might be their most versatile product you’ve ever tried!  

With scent notes of bergamot, sandalwood, amber, and frankincense, hair will smell fresh and wonderfully earthy all day long. Ingredients in the Matte Styling Cream like kaolin clay help boost hair growth and prevent breakage, while other ingredients like beeswax helps seal in moisture to strands, eliminates frizz, and maintains a long-lasting hold.  

Rub a dime sized amount into hands and apply to towel dried hair using fingertips. Style using a comb or hairbrush. Blow dry for additional volume.    

Samson’s Haircare is not just an ordinary haircare brand – Like many pioneers in the beauty industry, Jake and Adam hand-batched their first product in a basement using a modified rice cooker. After much experimentation and evolution, this grassroots company has become much more than just a range of hair and beard care products but rather, it has become an extension of who they are.

Samson’s Haircare products are available online at or by contacting Lisa Finucane at 630-935-4534. 


Samson’s Haircare is an artisanal men’s hair and beard care range founded in 2019 by barber, Jake Hamlet and relations expert, Adam Muncy. Jake and Adam hand-batched their first product in a basement using a modified rice cooker, and since then, this grassroots company has become more than just a range of hair and beard care products and became an extension of who they are. Largely embedded in the foster care community, Jake and Adam strive to do everything with good intent and purpose, and their character is built within their hard work and dedication to delivering the best products possible.

Wahl Professional® Releases 5 Star Vanish® Shaver for Flawless Finishes

The new independent suspension cutter bars and easily removable micro-thin gold foils provide an ultra-smooth, ultra-close finish without bumps or irritation. 

Wahl Professional listened to the requests of barbers and stylists around the world and designed the new 5 Star Vanish® finishing tool to give them what they wanted: foils that remove easily without tearing or denting, the closest shave possible, and a fuel gauge to display battery life.

The NEW Wahl Professional 5 Star Vanish® shaver provides an ultra-close finish without irritation thanks to a revolutionary new independent suspension cutting system and micro-thin gold foils that hug the face, head, and neck for the smoothest shave out there. Designed with a power level light with smart LED fuel gauge display, 100+ minutes run time and a travel power-saver mode, you’ll always be ready to go. Wahl Professional knows that barbers who work all day need a tool that feels good in their hand. The ergonomic design with comfort grips provides a well-balanced, comfortable, and secure hold at any angle. A quick release button makes removing the entire shaver head fast and easy. And the micro-thin gold foils easily remove individually – without tearing or denting – for cleaning, rotating or replacement. 

“The 5 Star Vanish® Shaver does more than just shave. You can blend bald fades, eliminate stray hairs on finished hairstyles and clean up neck and facial hair,” says Wahl Professional Educator, Nieves Almaraz (@howtofadehair), “I can save money by extending the life of my gold foils by easily popping them out and rotating them and by replacing just one gold foil, instead of the entire shaver head.”

Barbers and stylists can purchase The Wahl Professional 5 Star Vanish® Shaver for $129 at or by visiting their local distributor.

About Wahl Professional

Since 1919, with the invention of the first practical electric hair clipper, Wahl Clipper Corporation has been the leader in the professional and home grooming category. Today, with over 2,500 employees worldwide, Wahl is proud to carry forward the tradition of innovation and superior customer service that was created by Leo J. Wahl. Headquartered in Sterling, Illinois, Wahl distributes to 176 countries and has eight global manufacturing facilities as well as 25 sales offices. At Wahl, we are proud of our heritage of excellence as well as our remarkable list of groundbreaking innovations for the present and future for the global market. Visit for more details.


Introducing Samson’s Haircare Small Batch, Artisanal Men’s Hair and Beard Range

Welcome to Samson’s Haircare, an artisanal men’s hair and beard care range, founded in 2019 by barber Jake Hamlet and relationship manager, Adam Muncy. Like many pioneers in the beauty industry, Jake and Adam hand-batched their first product in a basement using a modified rice cooker. After much experimentation and evolution, this grassroots company has become much more than just a range of hair and beard care products but rather, it has become an extension of who they are.

As the son of a lineman and veteran, Jake and Adam take great pride in Samson’s Haircare, their mission, the formulas and creating this range themselves. With no outsourcing or backdoor chemist, everything is produced on site from start to finish using only the finest, quality ingredients. Samson’s isn’t a conglomerate of marketing professionals and PhD chemists; it is the result 2 hair obsessed guys focused on delivering a better product to the beauty community.

Some of Samson’s top products include:

Hair Pomade (3 oz. / $19.00) – You know how disappointing it is to have a great hair day in the morning only to have it deflate by lunch? This exceptional pomade won’t let you down. Endurance is what makes us different from everyone else on the market. Sunup to sundown, Samson’s will hold your hair in place. It is small batch goodness and Midwest made! Delivers all day hold and natural shine.

Beard Balm (2 oz. / $17.00) – This sought-after beard balm is specifically designed to nourish, soften, and tame beards so you or your clients will feel comfortable and distinguished. Looking like a caveman is not a requirement for having a beard.

Beard Oil (1 oz. / $16.00) – Do you suffer from dry skin and coarse facial hair? Our beard oil is perfect to combat these exact issues. Our oil is formulated with sweet almond oil, avocado and jojoba oils, and other natural ingredients that moisturize and soften your beard and the skin underneath it. 

Matte Finish Clay Pomade (3 oz. / $19.00) – When you want a lightweight, medium hold pomade with no-shine, this is the choice for the task at hand. Developed over 4 months with input from 100s of clients and barbers, it’s a favorite. With an easy scoop and breakdown, application of this product is a breeze with the same restyling you’ve come to expect from Samson’s Original Pomade

Matte Styling Cream (4 oz. / $19.00) – When you want easy application, a great result, and a matte finish, Samson’s Matte Styling Cream is the product for the job. Jake prefers to use if for loose textured looks, but it can also achieve tight traditional styles. It could be the brand’s most versatile product yet. 

Foster the Curl (6 oz. / $26.00) – As business owners, Jake and Adam felt very frustrated that some of their products could not serve families. Both men are foster parents of children with textured hair. Foster the Curl is a light hold crème that delivers low shine and holds curls all day while nourishing hair.

Also available are The Bench Leg ShampooConditioner, Solid Cologne, and Volumizing Matte Powder.

For these two entrepreneurial gentlemen, it is not only about sharing their barbering passion and creating an exceptional range of men’s products, but it’s also about sharing their passion and love for the foster care community. Currently, there are more than 400,00 children in the foster care system in the US. To help battle those numbers, a portion of proceeds from Foster the Curl will go towards supporting foster youth in achieving safety, permanence, and well-being.

All Samson Haircare products are available online at, or by contacting Lisa Finucane at 630-935-4534.


Largely embedded in the foster care community, Jake and Adam strive to do everything with good intent and purpose, and their character is built within their hard work and dedication to delivering the best hair care products possible.

Must-Have Kid Friendly, Fuss-Free Products

As a stylist, your clients are the most important part of your business. It’s important to remember that clients come in all different shapes, sizes, and ages, and mop® (Modern Original Products for Modern Original People) Hair Care is helping you include all of them! Even your littlest clients need to have their hair taken care of, and their experience in the salon should be pain-free. mop® offers kid-friendly options that are gentle enough to be used on any little tike.  

mop® makes washing and styling children’s hair in the salon fun and safe, as their products are 100% vegan and gentle enough for even your youngest of clients.  

Infants and toddlers have more sensitive scalps than adults, so it’s essential to wash with a shampoo that is gentle and safe for their tiny heads. mop® pear gentle shampoo is the kindest, most effective way to cleanse sensitive scalps. Pear extract and soothing aloe doesn’t dry out tender skin and scalp while pear puree moisturizes sensitive skin. It contains no harsh additives, and is easy to rinse, making it especially helpful for little ones squirming in the salon chair. An infusion of fruits, vegetables, and botanicals make it smell just plain yummy! A neutral pH guards against eye irritation and stinging, so you can wash hair worry free!   

Getting children to sit still in the chair can be challenging enough, let alone trying to detangle frustrating, snarly knots. Combing through these knots can be painful and may even be damaging to hair. mop® pear detangler detangles twisted hair with naturally soothing pear juice, aloe and silk amino acids. Nature’s emollients join forces to do away with nasty knots, leaving hair happy, healthy, and carefree. With no added parabens or sodium chloride and 100% vegan ingredients, this detangler is perfect for your littlest clients. 

Don’t forget that your kid clients are just as important as your adult clients! Kid-friendly mop®products can help keep the tiny hairs on their head strong, happy, and healthy.

mop® can be found in salons nationwide and at

About mop® Modern Original Products for Modern Original People

For over 15 years, mop has been making innovative products for the professional beauty industry. Our mission is to create a community of salons, stylists and their clients where they express themselves without being judged, condemned or criticized. At mop® we want everyone to be the best versions of themselves and to know that our community is inclusive, not exclusive. Formulated with the most powerful ingredients, our products are designed to inspire every stylist to unleash their creativity and have the freedom to style hair their way.

Keratin Complex® Launches Newest Addition to the KCTexture Collection, KCTexture® Leave-in Conditioner!

Calling all curly, coily, wavy and tight textures! Keratin Complex, the professional salon industry leader in professional smoothing treatments, hair color, haircare, and styling ranges, has just launched their new leave-in conditioner specifically designed for all kinds of curl patterns. Did you know that keratin does not necessarily equal straighter, smoother hair? Signature Keratin strengthens hair and delivers healthy, beautiful results to all hair types and textures. Keratin Complex is proving this through their newest addition to the KCTEXTUREcollection.     

Introducing KCTEXTURE® Leave-in Conditioner! The Keratin Complex KCTEXTURE is all about supporting beautiful, healthy curls every day with products designed to deliver amped up hydration and definition! 

Stylists and clients will love KCTEXTURE® Leave-in Conditioner as this lightweight, ultra-hydrating leave-in conditioner restores curls and locks in moisture while adding curl definition, softness, and shine. Featuring a proprietary blend of Signature Keratin, coconut and watermelon seed oils, and soy and barley proteins, this hydrating leave-in strengthens and moisturizes, and while it’s designed specifically for curls, it can also be used on all hair fabrics. 

Give hair the ultimate boost of hydration with this best-in-class curl care. Prevent dry or frizzy curls with this all-new, versatile leave-in designed to seal in moisture to every curl while also helping to soften, detangle and protect the hair. It also helps deliver soft curl pattern definition.

Curly hair can be more prone to frizz, but this hair revitalizer reduces frizz and flyaways while improving elasticity. Use it on dry or damp hair to prep for protective or natural styling by spraying and distributing throughout hair, focusing on mid-shafts and ends, then style as desired. Or use it for finishing or refreshing a style by applying a small amount to hairline or throughout style to tame and control unruly dry hair. 

KCTEXTURE® Leave-in Conditioner is an esssential part of the aftercare of KCTEXTURE®Curl Enhancing Keratin System—the first-ever keratin treatment created for all curl levels that requires NO HEAT! It enhances and defines curly, coily and tight textures while restoring essential moisture to the hair. This treatment preserves all curl patterns, adds softness and shine and lasts up to 3 months!

KCTEXTURE® Leave-in Conditioner is designed to maintain the results of the KCTEXTURE®.  treatment and is the perfect addition to every curly hair regimen!

Keratin Complex products can be found at your local professional beauty distributor, SalonCentric or online at


Keratin Complex, a leading full-service professional beauty manufacturer, was founded in 2007 and quickly gained national and international recognition thanks to its revolutionary keratin smoothing treatments. Keratin Complex realized that the key to creating an innovative treatment that was both gentle and effective lay in harnessing the power of keratin, an essential hair protein that delivers incredible benefits, all without breaking the bonds of the hair. Since its launch, Keratin Complex has introduced a number of ground-breaking products, including KCMAX – the company’s strongest, straightest smoothing treatment yet.

Wahl Professional® Releases 5 Star Gold Cordless Detailer® Li

New, cooler blades paired with a powerful motor provide dazzling performance while the new gold finish dazzles the eye. 

Wahl Professional continues to upgrade the performance and look of their 5 Star product line with the release of the Gold Cordless Detailer® Li trimmer

The NEW 5 Star Gold Cordless Detailer® Li takes everything that barbers and stylists love about the 5 Star Cordless Detailer® Li and makes it even better. Wahl’s latest tool improves upon their world-renowned, extremely close-cutting, adjustable T-Wide blade made from high-carbon steel by upgrading the blade to add NEW titanium and DLC coatings. These stronger blades stay cooler, resist corrosion and are perfect for detailing and fine-line trimming. The 5 Star Gold Cordless Detailer® Li also comes with a powerful, full-size clipper motor that creates crisp, clean lines with one hit precision. Every 5 Star Gold Cordless Detailer® Li includes a premium weighted charge stand designed for small workspaces.

“The new 5 Star Gold Cordless Detailer® Li is flashy, but in terms of performance it’s absolute fire,” says Wahl Professional Educator Garland “G-Whiz” Fox (@thisisgwhizwahlclippers). “When I see those gold and black tools at my station, I know I’m ready to cut some clean lines.”

Cool Look, Cool Blades

Wahl knows the artists who upgrade to the new Gold line of 5 Star products appreciate the flashy appearance but care even more about performance. Now professionals can match the power and polish of the 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic Clip® with the new 5 Star Gold Cordless Detailer® Li.

The adjustable T-wide blades are made of high carbon steel with titanium and DLC coatings. This allows for corrosion and heat resistant blades that stay cooler – even when close to the scalp. Blades can adjust to zero-gap for extremely close trimming, detailing and clean, crisp lines on hair of any texture or thickness. A pro-set tool that easily and accurately sets the blades to zero-gap is included with the purchase of the Gold Cordless Detailer® Li.

Professionals will also enjoy the powerful motor of a full-sized clipper with the convenience of a cordless detailer, designed to work for 100 minutes before its Lithium Ion (Li) battery needs to be charged. They can plug it in and keep cutting or use the included premium, weighted charging stand. 

Now that he’s been impressed by the new 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic Clip®, “G-Whiz” Fox knows it’s time to upgrade to the 5 Star Gold Cordless Detailer® Li as well. “I’m sold on the black and gold,” he says. “My tools have to look as good as my cuts.”

Full Package

The Wahl 5 Star Gold Cordless Detailer® Li comes with:

  • Adjustable T-wide blade with titanium and DLC coatings
  • 3 guide combs (1/16”- 3/16”)
  • Long-lasting, lithium-ion battery
  • Matching gold and black premium, weighted charging stand
  • Pro-set tool to easily, accurately zero-gap blades
  • Pre-shave brush, oil, cleaning brush, and red blade guard
  • Power cord, which can be used for both detailer and charging stand

Barbers and stylists can purchase the 5 Star Gold Cordless Detailer® Li beginning in October for $189 or by visiting their local Wahl Professional distributor.

Five Economic Saving Hacks for Barbershop Owners

By Ollie Foster, OSMO Ambassador and owner of Number 47 Barbers in Chester

Assess your shop space costs

Are there areas within your shop that you can look to shave costs?  Lighting for example, you can change your bulbs to low energy where you don’t need the brightness as much (think staff rooms, toilets etc), can you also change your lights to movement sensor ones too in areas?  With your backwash, can you look to swap to a water pressure system like ECOHEADS that helps to increase the water pressure without using more water?  Also, have you looked at comparison on washing your towels in the shop versus an outside company?  You may be surprised! 

Take a good look at your colour stock

Size and space matters!  For those barber shops who’ve expanded their services into colour, have you taken time to really understand what’s needed or not in you colour stock room?  Buying lots of colours when you can just invest in a colour range that enables you to create permanent or semi shades from one tube, is a great cost saving option.  OSMO IKON is a demi colour range, so you just adjust the mix and timings to achieve your desired effect.  Plus, all the shades are intermixable, so you get an endless colour palette, too.  Also, think about how much you’re getting in your colour tube – often it’s only 50/60ml tubes, whereas brands like OSMO are 100ml tubes, so not only will you probably be paying less per tube, but you’re also getting a bigger size too.  So, make sure you’re looking at your colour stock and consider sensible changes to your core colours, as you can definitely be making savings on your colour services.  

Ensure your backwash is earning for you

We’re good at offering added services like shaves and maybe facial waxing, but are there treatments we can up-selling at the backwash area too?  Products like the new OSMO Scalp Therapy Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt is a great pre-cut experience to help remove product build up and get the scalp healthy too.  You can then finish this with the new OSMO Scalp Therapy Mask to elevate your hair cutting experience.  Work the backwash costs into your hair cut, so it’s not seen as an add-on but more of a luxury service.  Even if you don’t offer colour services, have you considered offering colour conditioning treatments at the backwash instead?  Products like the OSMO Colour Revive Conditioning Treatment is a low investment option to give your customers a refresh of their natural hair or help mask early greys – plus may stop them heading to those dreaded Just For Men box dyes!  The backwash is your shop window for retail too, so ensure you’re talking up the products you’re using, how they can be beneficial ie scalp cleansing, thickening, moisturising etc.  You’ve got a captive audience in that chair, and they want to hear what you have to say to ensure their cut lasts.

Be the expert you are when it comes to retailing advice

Selling retail products, doesn’t come naturally to many of us but we need to believe in our expertise and products we use!  Customers are investing their time and money to have a professional service, so ensuring they have the best products and advise to use at home, is a no-brainer.   Plus, once you get your customer onto that product, he becomes a fan of it for life usually!  Also, make sure you’re picking up on selling tales – is your customer concerned about his thinning hair?  Then recommend them subtle volumising products like the OSMO Power Powder, it’s easy to use and gets results instantly.  Retail should be second nature to us experts. 

Make sure you’re encouraging regular re-visits to your shop

As barbers, we get a mix of those bi-weekly customers versus those once every few months walking in.  It’s up to us to get our customers booking in more regularly.  Can you look at your current booking system – does it have a text/email reminder that can be sent out?  Target your social media posts to your  customers so they’re aware of your availability (and any cancellations).  Listen out to chats in the chair about upcoming Birthdays/Job interviews etc and encourage them to book in the day before with you.  If you can, the best way is to get them booking before they leave the shop – when you have them in the chair, this is the ideal time to be talking through the haircut, home styling tips and then cutting maintenance over the coming few months.  Get them into a routine of trims and reshapes. 

To order OSMO for your salon visit for your nearest wholesaler

Andis® Company Launches New Cordless reVITE™ Clippers


Andis® Company, a leading manufacturer of barbering and grooming tools, is excited to announce the launch of its new professional, cordless reVITE Clippers.

Both uniquely designed reVITE Clippers (black and gray) include a stainless-steel blade design which combines the functionality of a removable blade and adjustable blade in one single tool. This enables the stylist or barber to make changes between a Taper blade and Fade blade quickly and easily for added efficiency and convenience. The reVITE also has a large, textured grip that enhances comfort to prevent slipping, a tapered body to improve ergonomics for all hand sizes as well as a new high-speed rotary motor with Constant Speed Technology; meaning it won’t drag or stall in thick hair. The reVITE features 2 hours of non-stop run time while the LED battery status indicator turns from blue to red when battery level is below 10%.

Black reVITE Clipper

The black reVITE features a Fade blade which adjusts from size 00000-000 for ulta-close cutting, and an unbreakable aluminum housing for years of dependable use. This reVITE is great for clipper-over-comb technique, bald fading and freehand work. 

 Gray reVITE Clipper
The gray reVITE features a Taper blade which adjusts from size 000-1 for all-around haircutting. However, this version is designed for those who prefer to create with an ultra-lightweight clipper and features a composite housing. This combination of light weight and slim shape is perfect for smaller hands.

“The reVITE clipper is a sleek tool with endless versatility that meets all of my needs,” says Angie Perino, Andis Company Global Education Manager and cosmetologist. “Its powerful cutting performance and ergonomic design allows me to feel empowered to create any look — I can quickly swap the Fade blade out for the Taper blade in a matter of seconds. The reVITE features a high-speed rotary motor with Constant Speed Technology to prevent any dragging or stalling when used on thick, coarse hair. Plus, the  precision of the reVITE provides a sharp edge, giving the modern classic look, a perfect finish.”

MSRP: $200 For more information visit

Andis® Company is also currently celebrating its centennial year — and the reVITE Clippers are the first Andis professional clippers to use the new visual brand language since its recent rebranding.To keep up with Andis® Company, follow them on InstagramTikTok and Facebook.

Time to Shine: New 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic Clip® from Wahl Professional® Dazzles

Release boasts a stronger motor, cooler blades, and an eye-catching color.

Style or substance? Flash or function?

Proof that cutting tools can have it all, Wahl Professional introduces the next generation of the world’s most popular professional clipper.

The new 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic Clip® has everything you love about the Magic Clip® – blades that blend hair seamlessly and an ultra-lightweight feel that’s comfortable to hold all day. Plus, features that take it to the next level, including a more powerful motor, blades that stay cooler thanks to new titanium and DLC coatings, plus a sleek new gold finish that’s complimented by an included matching premium, weighted charge stand and a full set of premium cutting guides with metal clips.

“There’s nothing else like this on the market,” says Wahl Professional Educator Garland “G-Whiz” Fox (@thisisgwhizwahlclippers). “The way it cuts. The way it looks. The way it feels in your hand.”

Power Meets Pizazz

You can’t help but stare at how these clippers look in the light. And barbers and stylists who use them can’t help but notice the difference.

The stronger motor cuts through thick, wet, and textured hair easier than ever, and yet the new blade surface stays cooler than ever.

“These titanium and DLC coatings reduce the friction of the blades’ surface,” said Fox. “So, even though the blades are rubbing together faster, they stay cool.”

These DLC blades also stay sharper longer and resist corrosion, all while barely making a sound.

“Smooth and silent,” says Fox. “It’s a cutting experience on a different level.”

Full Package

The Wahl 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic Clip comes with:

  • Lightweight, ergonomic design that’s comfortable to hold all day
  • Patented stagger-tooth™ blades with titanium and DLC coatings
  • Matching gold and black premium, weighted charging stand
  • 8 patented premium cutting guides with metal clips
  • Long-lasting, lithium-ion battery
  • New gold color

Barbers and stylists who have the golden touch—and want a clipper to match—can purchase the 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic Clip beginning August 15th for $229 at or by visiting their local distributor.

Denman Fast Tracks Brush Technology at the World Rally Championships

Earlier this month Denman CEO Kevin McNamee attended the FIA World Rally Championship in Finland to present the Toyota team with their very own bespoke brush. The unique brush design was fully wrapped using specialised High-Definition Micro Fusion technology. The brand-new technology from Denman is energy efficient and environmentally friendly and delivers a premium, textured finish by infusing the print into the body and handle of the brush with recyclable films and water-based inks. The new Deluxe range from Denman will carry designs using this new technology.

Denman is committed to continually developing new products and supporting creativity. Demand from the market led our team to look for new techniques in brush decoration. Our customers, hairdressers, barbers and beauty professionals have high expectations in terms of design and appearance. Using specialised High-Definition Micro Fusion technology, this new process incorporates full-wrap designs to offer a premium, textured finish. Investing in this new machinery allows us to react quickly to the creative wishes of the market and offer innovative personalisation on demand,” says Denman CEO Kevin McNamee.

The new print technology is scratch resistant and currently available for Denman D3, D90L, D83, D38, D81 and D82 tools.