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New Dates Added to ARROJO’s Award-Winning Barber Program

At ARROJO’S award-winning school in NYC, new summer start dates present exciting opportunity for future professionals.

ARROJO Academy, Nick Arrojo’s eponymous New York City Beauty School launches new summer start dates for Barbering and Esthetics at celebrated Soho location.

“When we launched the Barber Licensing Program, we knew grooming was verging on a renaissance,” said Nick Arrojo. “Our goal was to improve craftsmanship and creativity for the next generation. We want our students to graduate with modern classic techniques, like scissor cutting, straightedge razor cutting, the ability to create texture and taper. We focus on progressive, contemporary techniques that give our graduates head starts and inspires them to champion an elevated approach for all barbers.”

While it is easy to speak of a commitment to excellence, the ARROJO Barbering Program takes action to ensure their students can go to the top.

Nick continued: “The programs include 20% more hours than is required by NY State because we go beyond the basics. The Barbering Program is 600 hours over 4.5 months. Logistically speaking, we could get more students through the doors if we did the minimum hours, but it’s the extra time which sets our students up with the skills for success.”

Known to be more fashion-forward and creative than a typical barbering curriculum, located in downtown NYC, and with an innate connection to the ARROJO brand name, it’s no surprise the school is attracting future barbers from across America, which necessitates the new summer start dates.

Nick added: “Typically, our Barber (and Esthetics) Programs start in spring or fall. But we’ve seen so much interest in and excitement for these programs, we decided on new summer start dates.

With class starting on August 14, registration has begun. One additional benefit of the August start date is that for those that missed spring registration, or who are eager to get to work, can become a licensed pro before the end of the year, meaning they can cash in on the lucrative Holiday season.

If you are interested in the August 14 start date for Barbering or Esthetics at ARROJO Cosmetology School, please email or call 212 242 7786 x 231 to begin your application or arrange a tour of the school campus in Soho NYC.

Applications can also be submitted online. For more general information about ARROJO Cosmetology School Barbering, Esthetics, or Cosmetology Programs, please contact

EVO Partners with Barber Strong at Top Industry Events

With the industry events season at its height, EVO have teamed up with some of the leading brands in the industry, such as legendary apparel and cape brand, Barber Strong. Making a huge splash at Chicago’s ABS, CT Barber Expo and now, onto Premiere Orlando, they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. 

At each event, the EVO Media Zone features multiple interactive activations, such as the EVO Cover Booth and the EVO Interview Hub. As a collaboration with Barber Strong, the EVO team (including the publication’s Director and Co-Founder, David Foster, and Editor Jennifer Paxton) interviewed countless industry leaders, such as: Kenny Duncan, Tyrik Jackson, Jay Majors, Kristi Faulkner, Byrd Mena, Hayden Cassidy, Steven Rivera, Kevin Nguyen, and many, many more. 

With each interviewee, the discussions surrounded the pro’s career, industry advice, and the importance of client comfort and barber professionalism. With the EVO Interview Hub decked out in Barber Strong’s top selling products, barber and salon professionals spoke about the importance of investing in durable, top quality, and long-lasting barbershop essentials. Interviewees held up their chosen jackets, vests and capes and discussed the top elements of what they look for in these products, and why Barber Strong are at the top of their game. 

Engineered especially for the professional barber, Barber Strong apparel and capes, use innovative methods, such as their NanoShield Technology to repel hair and maximize airflow for peak performance. In addition, the products are water and chemical resistant which gives the barber and stylist peace of mind when creating. Their wide collection of capes and apparel excel at providing a comfortable experience for clients, heightening the client experience. 

This is what some of the interviewees had to say: 

“You have all shapes and sizes of people come into your shop. So, to have a cape you know is going to be durable, comfortable and adaptable for all sizes, it will just help your clients feel relaxed and comfortable in your chair.” – Kristi Faulkner, on Barber Strong’s Shield Collection Barber Cape

“Client comfort is the number one thing. When you create a business, you have to reverse engineer and think of the customer’s experience before you think of your own needs. What is the customer experience going to be like? To me, it’s all about the five senses. Taste, smell, sight, hearing, and feeling. This cape feels good.” – Tyrik Jackson, on Barber Strong’s Classic Collection Barber Cape 

“When you walk into my barbershop, you know exactly who the barbers are, and who the clients are. So, every barber in the shop has a uniform and looks the part, so the clients know who to go to for any help they may need.” – Angel Raws, on Barber Strong’s Barber Tech Tee

Missed the EVO Media Zone at ABS or CT? Well, you’re in luck because we are taking it on the road again. Next stop, Premiere Orlando, and then, to a city near you?

Find out more about Barber Strong at


Samson’s Haircare, the artisanal men’s hair and beard care range, have recently launched an innovative hair styling clay designed to help men achieve and maintain the perfect hairstyle, while at the simultaneously nourishing the hair with vital minerals. Samson’s Haircare Dead Sea Clay (4oz. / $22.00) is an easy-to-use moldable hairstyling clay that provides a matte finish and a medium-to-high hold. It is ideal for men (or anyone with short hair) who wants a natural-looking style that lasts all day.

This new hair styling clay is made with natural ingredients sourced from the Dead Sea region on the Eastern shores of Jordan. The formula predominantly contains the coveted Dead Sea Clay, which is known for its nourishing and healing properties that cleanse and purify the hair. The product also contained the addition of Black Hawaiian Sea Salt which delivers a naturally soft and moldable texture. Samson’s Dead Sea Clay is suitable for all hair types and can be used daily to revitalize hair texture.  And….the best part is that this clay can actually be rinsed out with water!

Dead Sea Clay is medium-to-strong hold, which makes pliable and easy to use, allowing you to style hair into the desired look with ease. Whether you prefer a casual, messy, textured look, or a more formal, modern pompadour style, this clay provides a natural-looking ultra-matte finish that lasts all day. 

The Samson’s Dead Sea Clay is packed with good-for-you minerals that nourish hair follicles and allow them to retain a healthy moisture level. The matte finish of the product ensures that hair looks effortlessly styled without appearing greasy or shiny compared to other products on the market. The Dead Sea Clay and Black Hawaiian Salt are ethically sourced and are hand batched and distributed by the Samson’s Haircare team.  

“We know that men want a hair product that is easy-to-use and delivers great results,” said Adam Muncy, co-founder of Samson’s Haircare. “We originally started experimenting with Dead Sea Clay for its healing and restorative properties and our new forming clay is specifically designed to provide a range of benefits for men’s hair. The product itself is a major achievement for my partner Jake, as a brewer and formulator, as this improves hair health and delivers a natural-looking style that lasts all day. We believe that this product will be a game-changer for men who want to achieve stylish and healthy-looking hair with minimal effort. Usually, it’s almost impossible to check all these boxes at once, but Samson’s Dead Sea Clay allows us to do so.”

Samson’s Haircare is committed to using only the highest quality and naturally sourced ingredients in every product. The Dead Sea Clay is free from harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, making it safe and gentle for daily use to improve hair texture, hold and moisture levels for men who care about the look and health of their hair.

Dead Sea Clay is now available for purchase online at Samson’s Haircare website. Customers can enjoy free shipping on orders over $16 and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For more information on the Dead Sea Clay Hair Product and other Samson’s Haircare products, please visit their website

NHBF ‘State of Industry’ Survey Shows Positivity Boost

Despite the challenging economic climate with double-digit inflation, the latest National Hair & Beauty Federation (NHBF) quarterly survey demonstrates a return by the industry to a positivity that we previously saw in spring/summer 2022. 

More businesses report making a small or good profit (43%); 38% of businesses are breaking even, with fewer businesses (19%) making a small or substantial loss.

The general trend towards increasing prices is slowing. Over the previous three months, 64% of businesses raised their prices. A further 51% will do so over the next three months.

Energy costs are still at the top of business concerns in terms of impact of the business (80%). The NHBF has already presented the detail of these findings to Ofgem the regulator to feed into their review of the non-domestic energy market and report to government in the summer.

The increased cost of trade supplies and increases to National Minimum Wage/National Living Wage (NMW/NLW) are the next two major concerns for business owners. In response, they are removing non-essential expenditure, increasing prices and continuing to hold off taking on staff/apprentices – 23% have cut back on apprentices and similar to the autumn, only 15% (up from 9% in January) were definitely or likely to take on apprentices in the next three months.

However, 21% of respondents were definitely or likely to take on new staff in the next three months, up from 15% in January. 

Reliance on external support has eased back to levels seen in spring/summer 2022; now only over half of businesses (58%) are either partially or completely reliant on Government support – down from 71% in January.

Business survival expectations have improved and are in line with more positive outlook seen in July 2022. Two thirds (64%, up from 49% in January) are now confident of their survival. Nevertheless, the number of businesses who are not sure whether they will survive over the next six months until September 2023 is still significant at a third.

Richard Lambert, Chief Executive of the NHBF said: “Overall, this latest NHBF State of the Industry survey is showing a more positive feeling in general and improvement for most of the industry.

“Hopefully, the announcement of a rise in funding for the apprenticeship standards will encourage more employers to change their mind about recruiting junior staff, and we will start to see more young people come into the industry – plus this will help businesses to grow.

“As an organisation, we will continue to use this vital information to help inform our work with government for their planning on issues that directly affect our industry.”

@nhbfsocial // NHBF

Phorest Reveals Winners of Highly Coveted Client Experience Award

Phorest’s highly sought after Client Experience Award is back for an eighth year. Awarded to salons who have maintained an average customer rating of four and five stars, from a minimum of 60 online reviews for 12 consecutive months ( 1st March 2022 – 28th February 2023).

It’s no secret that a high standard of customer service is key in the success of running any barbershop. From building personal relationships with clients to going above and beyond, it truly can have a significant impact and Phorest salons are no stranger to reaping the benefits from this. 

Phorest Salon Software is used by over 155,000 hair, beauty and clinic professionals worldwide, freeing teams up to focus on their passion and business success. More creativity. Less admin. Known globally for providing the best salon marketing tools, Phorest touches every point of the salon experience, from custom salon apps, online bookings and inventory control to e-commerce and payments.

The Client Experience Award is a true testament to all the hard work salons put in their business. Ronan Perceval, CEO of Phorest, said: “Beauty businesses who receive the annual award should be incredibly proud of this achievement. It’s a true reflection of who they are, their team and the level of service they provide.

From everyone at Phorest, a huge congratulations to all the winners! With economic uncertainties and the cost of living crisis across many regions, we know that this last year has not been the easiest for many businesses so to walk away with this award truly shows the hard work, dedication and passion you have for your shop and customers”. 

In addition to the Client Experience Award, Phorest also offers the five-year award, a special recognition for those salons who have won for five consecutive years, maintaining a strong suite of customer reviews.

Trend Alert: Spring Pastels for Men

Award winning men’s hairdresser, Jim Shaw, shared his comments on this season’s pastel hair colour trends for men.

With us now in spring, pastels are one of the biggest trends we are seeing this season. Pastels come back on trend year after year in springtime. However for 2023, pastels have a more contemporary and stylish update! Below are some of my favourite, current and on-trend ways for male clients to wear pastels this year…

Match pastel tone to natural shade

I love to cut my clients’ hair right down at the sides, revealing their natural hair colour, and then bleach and tone the top, longer section of hair. This creates a super cool and quirky contrast. I particularly love this look with a steel grey tone on the top or a blue. This is a great way for male clients to update their look with colour without opting for too much of a bold/statement hue.

Deep toners

Adding an opulent/pearlescent toner is another way for male clients to give their pastel hue an up-to-date finish for 2023. Giving the hair an opulent/pearlescent finish, instead of the ordinary soft pastel, creates a more expensive, luxurious, and high-shine look.  

Follow the seasons

Ashy/silver blondes have been on trend for some time but as we come into the warmer months, we will see hair colours becoming a lot warmer. Now is the time for men to go blonde and if they’re feeling bold and adventurous – try yellow! A pastel yellow/blonde hue can look great when teamed with the right cut. I think this looks particularly stylish with a crew cut. It’s such a fun, playful colour and a perfect match for men with bubbly personalities!

Embrace the rainbow

For those feeling daring and adventurous, pairing two or three pastel tones together is another modern way for male clients to wear their pastel hair for 2023. Teaming shades of blue, pink and green together will create an incredible rainbow-inspired hue that will have heads turning.


What’s the key to keeping pastel hair colour looking its best and long-lasting? Hair care! Clients should be advised to use a good quality, professional shampoo and conditioner that’s for coloured hair. They should also consider using a hair mask once per week to keep their hair in optimum condition and colour sealed in.

Heat styling

Heated styling tools can of course lead to colour fade, so it’s important that clients are aware that should they need to use heated styling, to always protect their hair with a heat protection spray first.

Find Jim on Instagram as @jimshawhair

Andis® Company’s Global Education Team Proud to Welcome Two New Female Barbers

Andis® Company, a leader in professional tools and education for the barber and beauty industry, is excited to introduce Sabra Clark and Brea Retic as the latest additions to its Global Education Team!

Now consisting of 44 educators across four continents, the Global Education Team could not be more thrilled to welcome the two educators and barbershop owners.

Angie Perino, Andis® Global Education Manager, said: “I’m thrilled to add such incredible barbering talent to our roster of global educators.”

She continued: “Not only are Sabra and Brea fantastic advocates for barbering education locally, but, most importantly, they are committed to bettering the next generation of barbers and stylists, no matter where they’re from or what stage in their career.”

Sabra (@Saaabra) was born and raised in San Diego and owns Straight to the Cut Barbershop. She has been fascinated with barbering ever since she was three years old and cut her bangs off after getting a comb tangled in them. She received her barbering license in 2017. 

Sabra is also founder of the SoCal Lady Barber Expo, the Lead Barber Educator for Bellus Academy from 2021-2022, and a six-time award-winning competitive barber. One of her goals is to start a non-profit organisation to empower women and femme people in the barber industry, creating a safe space for all to feel beautiful while developing hair and their craft. Now a part of the Andis team, Sabra will share her mission with a global audience.

Brea (@Breajcuts) made a drastic career change in 2009, moving to Atlanta to attend barbering school. Now the owner of the Brea J Cuts Studio and part of the SalonCentric It Takes a Pro Team, she has taken her calling in stride. Discovering her passion for barbering made her realise it was the perfect field to enjoy flexibility, family time, and a better quality of life. 

Brea is passionate about helping others and is a volunteer for A Different Cut, which helps barbers style young adults and children on the autism spectrum who can find the sensory aspect of getting a haircut overwhelming. Giving barbers the tools to be thoughtful and prepared in a sensorily-sensitive environment, A Different Cut offers as much peace of mind to barbers as it does to their clients.

Brea will be a powerful addition to the Andis team, fostering encouragement and community while sharing her craft. 

For more information about Andis Company or the brand’s educational offerings, visit To keep up with Andis Global Educators, look to #CREATEYOURWAY and follow Andis on InstagramTikTok and Facebook.