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Out Now: BarberEVO UK & Ireland Issue 32 – May 2022


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Take ‘pride’ in your business

The latest issue of BarberEVO is OUT NOW! This issue is headed up by a shot from the latest Kevin Luchmun Andis Fluid Vol.3 collection.

This inspirational and diverse collection headlines Andis’ new step-by-step educational resource for professionals to learn Kevin’s haircutting process. We also talked to Kevin about the process behind the scenes of shooting the collection and his inspirations on why he chose these styles.


We are all looking forward to June and when Barber Connect brings together the UK’s barbering community and we have a list of some of the big names to look out for. Also, in this issue we are giving away Simon Shaw. Take him, he’s yours! Well, for one day only. Win Simon to come to your barbershop or take your team to the Wahl Training Academy… however you want to use Simon’s knowledge, he’s up for it… nothing weird mind, that’s his only condition! See pages 92-93 to find out how to enter.


Barbershops are all about a welcoming environment and that should mean for everyone. We highlight the barbershops that are embracing gender-neutral pricing and offering a chair to anyone who walks through their doors, no matter their gender or sexuality. Blacc + Blond salon shows us a perfect example of how to be leaders in knocking down barbering gender stereotypes.

We also feature lots of fantastic gender-neutral styles from a selection of top barbers who treat hair as hair, no matter whose head it is on!  


How do you make your clients more comfortable… we don’t mean a padded chair! It’s about what other things you do to make the barbershop more welcoming. We talk to the owners of Rag and Bone about their beer vending machine, which has changed the atmosphere of their shop for the better and also to Paul Hewitt of Brislington Hill Barbers which has a coffee shop in-house for the clients and how both the barbers and clients love it.


Shaving services are always going to attract a new clientele and the more luxury you add to the experience the better. We speak to the shaving experts at Murdock about the benefits of having shaving on the menu and we also have a step-by-step from shaving supremo Kevin Vorley, we also have a look at the best shaving products on the market.


The buzz of barbershop activity is accompanied by clippers, trimmers, hairdryers and all sorts of electrical paraphernalia and we have a close look in this issue at barber’s hairdryers with our friends at Rum Barber who pick out the best on the market.

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Fellowship Welcomes New President, Robert Eaton

Robert Eaton has been welcomed as the new President for the Fellowship for British Hairdressing at a star-studded event in London.

Ken Picton, who has led the organisation for the past three years, handed over the reigns to British Hairdresser of the Year Robert Eaton in front of industry peers at the President’s Night.

Held at the Brewery in East London, Ken relived some of his favourite times as President – and the challenges brought with the pandemic. But before he could leave there were a few surprises – he brought his Drinks with the President live to the stage with some of his favourite guests including Sally Brooks, Mark Woolley and Michael Douglas, while a video highlighted just some of the things he has implemented during his reign.

The F.A.M.E team presented their first show, Evolution. Alex Cook, Darrel Starkey, Jessica Hau and Lydia Wolfe – a showcase of their skills learnt so far this year, with stunning 5ft colourful ponytails, precision cuts and dynamic shapes.

Ken recalled: “When I took over as President in 2019 we had no idea what was ahead of us. But we have worked hard to modernise the Fellowship for a new era of hairdressing. It’s been a privilege to lead the Fellowship through these turbulent times and I look forward to being part of the future.”

Receiving his regalia, Robert added: “Today is very special for me, when I started my journey in the family business it was about networking and making friends. My whole career has been shaped by the Fellowship; I was part of the 2003 F.A.M.E. Team which was incredibly special and instilled in me the importance of nurturing the next generation. Now, it’s my time to give back and help young people in this industry. I want to work with as many people as possible to evolve the industry and continue the heritage the Fellowship has always had.”

Reuzel techniques on show at Aaron Michael’s barbershop

The team at Aaron Michaels barbershop in Livingstone in Scotland were treated to a morning of education from Reuzel educator, Paul Taylor Clinch @pirate_paulus.

Paul was showing the team some of the expert techniques he has perfected over the years following his training at the world-famous Schorem barbershop in Rotterdam, home of the Reuzel brand.

The team asked him to demonstrate the specifics of side parting placement. Paul spent the morning showing them how he approaches a haircut by using varying shape patterns, and by starting on the top of the head first, perfecting the style and then finishing with the fade, if required.

Finding the baseline, working with precision, how to make the client feel relaxed and the importance of the final silhouette was all discussed.

Paul is a great advocate of letting the head shape and hair dictate the finished style using his experience and knowledge as a barber. Also, he taught the importance of working efficiently.

He finished the session by going through the Reuzel product range he recommended and what particular product to use to get the best hold for the specific style. He encouraged the barbers to use the product in the hair before the blowdry, as there is no point in finishing a cut, then having to misplace the look by adding product later.

Paul finished by showing the silhouette of the pomp he created, saying “This cut was designed based on the style the client asked for, the growth pattern, and the shape of the head.”

Aaron Michaels, owner of the barbershop said: “We were delighted to host Paul here today, I’ve been following his work for some time. We have all learned new techniques, loads of tips and tricks and it has given my team a new level of confidence. It has reiterated some of the techniques they already knew but Paul has explained them in detail showing them exactly why they are doing them and the results they can get.”

The event was part of a Reuzel tour, and the team has visited Rum Barber barbershop in Glasgow the day before to educate on specific techniques as well as Reuzel product use.

Out Now: BarberEVO UK & Ireland Issue 31 – March 2022


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The latest issue of BarberEVO UK and Ireland is OUT NOW. This issue is packed full of advice, features and trends to keep you up to date with what’s current.

There’s no mistaking the quiet confidence the RUGER . team are radiating from the front cover. The barbers may be female in an industry that is still very male dominated, but they are making their own statement through their work, and we are delighted to be able to showcase their latest collection.

Also, BarberEVO in collaboration with Wahl UK are buzzing to announce the chance to win a money-can’t-buy competition that will give you a full day’s mentorship with one of the members of the Wahl Artistic Team. Check out entry details on pages 46-47. It’s not to be missed.

Joining us for the first time as a columnist is BaByliss ambassador Pete Cranfield, he has a wealth of information to share from his two decades in the business and he opens up with some advice on how to prolong your clippers and trimmers rather than replacing them, in the name of sustainability.


Every client wants to feel like they are sitting on the Rolls Royce of barber chairs, but every barber has their own view of what that chair is. We have spoken to those that go for the classic, the vintage, the refurbished… all still amazing chairs that add a particular aesthetic to the barbershop as well as giving your client the comfort they deserve.   


The question is now why be sustainable, it’s why not be sustainable? The excuses no longer hold weight with so many eco options available. Coterie Barbershop and Noose & Key are just two barbershops that are flying the eco flag in every way. They have found solutions to every challenge, and we tip our hat to the effort they have put in for a more sustainable industry.  


With unlimited inspiration online, and advances in trimmers and tools, the talent in hair art has never been bigger. For some barbers, a fade is a fade, but for others, it is a blank canvas for patterns, designs, and masterpieces. We spoke to some of the UK’s finest hair artists about their inspiration, the tools they need to create those sharp lines and the trends they are seeing rolling back around.  

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Out Now: BarberEVO UK & Ireland Issue 30 – January 2022

The latest issue of BarberEVO UK and Ireland is OUT NOW.

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Firing into 2022

The latest issue of BarberEVO UK and Ireland is OUT NOW. This issue is packed full of advice, features and trends to keep you up to date with what’s current.  

Gracing the coveted front cover is a talent in the ascension, Dean Gleeson, who has recently been named Professional Barber World Series Barber of the Year, and brand ambassador for Dapper Dan. Dean has some great advice on how to elevate your career. First thing to do is enter competitions.  He is proof that his advice works as he finds himself on stage and being featured in the barbering press.

Also, in this issue we are hugely excited to introduce Simon Shaw as our new columnist. Simon is known for his expertise, knowledge and incredible stage presence. As Wahl’s Global Artistic Director and now the team leader of the Fellowship of British Hairdressing Project:Men, Simon has plenty to report in his column ‘Shaw Times’.

Also joining the BarberEVO columnists are Rum Barber’s Paul Montgomery and Joseph Goss. Known as the go-to duo for impartial reviews on any new tools and tech that hits the market, they are perfectly placed to offer advice and direction to BarberEVO readers on what’s living up to the hype.


They are back! We feature an update from the organiser of Barber Connect, Europe’s biggest barbering show that is scheduled for June 2022 in Telford. He tells us what to expect after two years of absence, and how now is the time to book FREE tickets for the event.

New year trends

A new year brings new looks, and we have the views of the industry’s top barbers about what trends we are likely to see in 2022. There’s an overall consensus that longer hair is back, and the mullet is making a comeback, albeit with an updated look.


How you market and brand your business is up for discussion, and we talk to Octane Hairdressing for Men, which has an amazingly strong brand about why that matters. Also, we talk to Where’s It App, a specialist app company that can help nail down your brand with a bespoke app that makes customers lives easier by integrating your own brand into your booking app. 

Additional services

Cutting hair is your bread and butter but what about all those additional services you are missing out on. Shaving, facials, and colour, to name just a few. Have a look through our additional services feature and see what you could easily implement into your service menu. 

We speak to Colin Petrie (Hard Grind) who has taken additional services to a whole new level by adding coffee shops, cafés and apparel to the Hard Grind brand. He has some great advice on what works as additional services in the barbershop.

Clippers and trimmers

We can’t work without them, but what works for you? Everyone has their favourites, and the choice is vast. We speak to industry pros about what clippers and trimmers are their go-to’s and we have the expert view of tool reviewers Rum Barber to help make your mind up.

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War Paint For Men

War Paint is a grooming brand on a mission to give men the freedom to feel confident every day.

When founder Danny first borrowed his sister’s concealer at 15, he discovered what War Paint customers the world over experience every day: the power of these products and how they can make people feel about themselves.

And when he couldn’t find a brand that related to him? He created one.

Since launch in 2018, they have gained media attention (GQ, BBC, The Independent), going viral several times. This has translated into sales to thousands of customers around the globe, with average 100% YoY growth (FY ’21 £1.5m P&L -£1.3m)*.

21 Makeup SKUs
5 New Skincare Products in the Pipeline

War Paint is not a subset of a women’s brand. They speak directly to male customers in their language. They sell their award-winning products D2C and through selected partners e.g. John Lewis & Reiss.

War Paint is about more than just products. They have partnerships with Norwich City FC & Wigan Warriors to support mental health initiatives. They have also opened the first men’s makeup & wellness store in the world.

While men’s makeup is still a growing sector, the men’s skincare market is well established; it’s estimated to grow to $16.9bln worldwide by 2027 (+5% 2020-27). With their existing credibility, partnerships and distribution channels, they see the skincare market as the next category to tackle.

War Paint are fundraising to launch their new skincare line, due to launch in 2022.

*Based on management accounts.

OSMO® Launches its NEW CHROMAPLEX™ Aftercare Kit

Help your clients maintain that ‘just left the salon’ feel in-between appointments with the new OSMO® CHROMAPLEX™ Aftercare Kit. Regular use further improves the condition of the hair, whilst helping to prevent future damage.


Futureproof hair health with this gentle sulphate free shampoo as it strengthens and restores the hair with its Fibre Bond Technology. Packed with Colour Save Complex and UV filters to help protect against natural pollutants and prolong the life of your colour. Hair is left feeling soft, strong and radiant.


Maintain your salon fresh colour with this nourishing, silicone-free daily conditioner. Formulated with Sunflower Seed Extract and Argan Oil, which help to protect against natural pollutants and prolong colour life. Leaves hair feeling replenished, strong, supple and radiant.


Designed to maintain hair strength, sensational shine and suppleness, this ultra-conditioning at home treatment is formulated with Fibre Bond Technology. Use twice weekly to complete your 3 step aftercare hair regime.

Aftercare Kit Contains:

  • 1x Bond Sustainer #3 250ml
  • 1x Bond Shampoo #4 250ml
  • 1x Bond Conditioner #5 250ml

RRP: £27.80

To request OSMO® for your salon, contact your local wholesalers or visit

The Lounge Introduces Gender Neutral Pricing

Soho-based The Lounge, owned by award-winning session stylist Joe Mills, has launched its new gender-neutral pricing list.

The salon, which has recently undergone a whole new look, has introduced new pricing for services, now based on hair length rather than gender. Removing the traditional male and female service menu, there are now three structures – Short Hair, that is above jaw length; Mid Length Hair for hair that is below the jawline and above the collar bone; and Long Length Hair, for those with longer lengths past the collar bone.

Owner and session stylist Joe Mills, says: “It is something we have been offering for quite a while, but it was time we made our gender neutral pricing official. We have a real cross section of clients coming into our salon and it makes sense to offer services based on hair length. It also means all our clients are paying for the time, expertise and professionalism of our stylists regardless of their gender.

“Our stylists are incredible at short hair as well as long hair and havebeen trained inall forms of haircutting, so updating our service menu made sense.”

The salon, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, has recently undergone a whole new look after a severe flood during lockdown earlier this year. The salon now has a home-home-home feel with comfy seating and a muted colour palette.

Find out more about Joe Mills:


Fellowship Image of the Year Awards 2021 Finalists

Judging has been done for the anticipated Fellowship Image of the Year Awards 2021–and the finalists in the five categories chosen.

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing was founded in 1946 as the Fellowship of Hair Artists of Great Britain and over the years has grown in stature and now covers many areas of the professional hairdressing industry. The independent, non-political organisation is run by our members, focusing on promoting artistic and creative quality, and providing support for future hairdressing talent keen to make their own mark in the industry. All the projects are designed to nurture skills and provide a career pathway – ClubStar, PROJECT: X, PROJECT: Colour and PROJECT: Men and the coveted F.A.M.E Team.

First launched in 1993, the prestigious awards have seen some of the most inspirational hairdressers clinch the title–and this year’s finalists can now be revealed!

Chancellor Ashleigh Hodges says: “This year we had another record amount of entries entered into our Image Awards and with two new categories, Afro and International, it was a very hard job for all our judges. As always, it’s a great way for our members to showcase their incredible work and I look forward to celebrating the winners in December at The Luncheon and Awards.”

The 2021 Finalists Image of the Year

Casey Coleman
Cos Sakkas
Emma Simmons
Karoliina Saunders
Melissa Timperley
Tracey Devine Smith

Colour Image of the Year

Adrian Hair London
Andrea Dorata
Ashley Gamble
Dorata Marlow
Goldworthy Hair
Hooker & Young

Afro Image of the Year

Anne Veck
Emma Simmons
Karoliina Saunders
Rick Roberts

Men’s Image of the Year

Caroline Sanderson
Charlie Cullen
Daniel Rymer
Sam Elliot

Snapshot Image of the Year

Brandon Messinger
Casey Coleman
Colin McAndrew
Efi Davies
Emma Vickery
Fatal Hairdresser

International Image of the Year

Danny Pato
Dee Parker Atwood
Jacky Chan
Jamie Furlan
Samij Hair
Shogoide Guchi

Tickets for the Luncheon and Awards are now on sale:

Fellowship Project 2022 Applications Open Now

If you are looking for a year of mentoring, inspiration, education and fantastic opportunities, then the Fellowship Projects are for you!

Applications are now open for those who are interested in joining one of the teams – PROJECT: Colour, PROJECT: Men and PROJECT: X


This annual programme brings the finest colourists together for a year of pure hair artistry.

The industry’s world-renowned colourists share their unique colour application techniques, creativity, art direction on photoshoots and vision in an exciting calendar, designed by Project Leader Paul Dennison, that will see you improve your knowledge and skills and become the best you can be.


The ultimate education aimed at hairdressers and barbers looking to develop their skills in the ever-growing men’s grooming market. Project leader for 2022 is Simon Shaw, who has put together an amazing programme of events, workshops and shoots – there’s nothing else like it for barbers and men’s hairdressers.


Described as the finishing school for hair, it’s aimed at qualified hairdressers who want to add finesse, knowledge and creativity to their portfolio.  Led by Project Leader, Sam Burnett, you will spend time with some of the most inspiring mentors in the industry to take your skills to another level, including stage time and photoshoots.

President Ken Picton, says: “There is nothing else like our Projects in the industry. They offer unrivalled opportunities with some of the best mentors in the industry, seminars and workshops with the most creative minds and the chance to put your new skills to the test in a special photoshoot. Some of the industry’s brightest stars have been part of our Projects and next year we have lots of exciting experiences planned for the new members.”

The application process is quite simple – head over to and follow the instructions to apply. Deadline has been extended to 29 November 2021.