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The STMNT journey continues

STMNT was created with a distinct message, and that was to rewrite the standards of grooming, looking back over the last year, does the group feel they are on their way to achieving that standard?

“Yes!” says Sofie, “We stayed very true to our intention for the brand. We were very careful and deliberate in our messaging, both when we started and in the growth since then.”

As a gender-neutral product range, STMNT has seen incredible uptake in both salons and barbershops. Sofie adds: “There are so many people, from all walks of life that travel to and from shops everywhere. We want to encourage everyone to understand that grooming products are not just for men!”

The founders are the people who know how to use these products best. Hit us up with a cocktail that will blow our minds.

Jules steps forward to take this one. “Recently, Shine Paste x Beard Oil cocktailed together, raked thru towel damp hair, and blow-dried through has been a favorite! It’s a unique mixture that gives a very sleek all-day finish that acts as a heat protectant via the beard oil with the natural structure for shape via the shine paste.”

The range at the moment has two branches, the styling range, and the care range. Are there any thoughts of extending?

Jules says: “We feel like we have a strong foundational range but plans to extend the range is definitely a major consideration down the line!”

It’s a major undertaking launching a brand-new brand, product development, marketing etc. How did you all cope with the challenges that came your way?

Miguel says: “It’s been an interesting experience, obviously being in the middle of a pandemic had changed it from the normal routine you’d be in launching a new brand. As we’ve been working away hard on the brand since 2017 it’s more of a natural progression to see the launch and it’s amazing to see the response we’ve had. Knowing we made all the right decisions as a team prior to launching by the buzz around the brand in its first year is fantastic.”

It’s been an amazing process to take the idea from just that to an actual range. What’s been the fun part?

“I love creating,” says Miguel, “Just like Jules and Sofie. The whole process from throwing ideas around to watching it all come to fruition is fantastic. We have a lot of synergy between us and this makes the process even easier.”

And the big question, in five years’ time, Jules, Sofie, and Miguel are sitting around a table, what are you discussing and where will you be in the STMNT journey?

Sofie says: “Our products have helped barbers/stylists/ and people around the world feel and look their best. This is something I am so proud of. I love the fact that STMNT is such a quality product line and has created an extremely loyal line of users. I am proud to be a co-founder of such a quality line!”

Jules adds: “In this day and age, I think it’s important to appreciate the NOW and to foresee the future is something that I’d like to be mindful of, yet do not want to put solid expectations for. So much can change in the blink of an eye, and the world literally has seen that happen with the pandemic. I think we are all focused on continuing to build day by day, with the goal to have STMNT help bridge the gaps in our industry and be the platform to tell our own story. I’m grateful for all the amazing feedback and response we have received so far. If I were to look at where myself, Sofie, and Miguel were at five years prior til the present day… based on that, I can say the next five years should mirror that evolution and success, on a much higher precedent.”

And Miguel concludes: “Honestly, considering we started planning this nearly four years ago, in another five years’ time we’ll probably just be blown away by how time has gone so fast. Hopefully, we are talking about the shoots and shows we got to do together post-pandemic versus the zoom calls during it, haha.”

STMNT is available for purchase in-store and online at Cosmo Prof STMNT Mens Grooming products (

Paramount Beauty stmnt | Paramount Beauty, Life of Riley Salon Supply Magento Commerce (, ISC Solutions ISC Solutions | Fully Optimized Cross-Function Supply Chain Management ( and Beauty Craft Beauty Craft

Modern Male Barbershop Hosting ‘Grow-A-Pair’ Cut-a-thon

Nick Prosseda’s Modern Male Barbershop is hosting “Grow-A-Pair” Cut-a-Thon on Sunday, September 12th, with 100% of proceeds from the events to be donated to Abington-Jefferson Health.

Nick Prosseda, the visionary behind seven Modern Male Barbershops throughout Montgomery County, including Modern Male Barber Academy — a barber training facility which opened in 2019 at 209 W. Main Street in Lansdale — will be hosting his annual “Grow-A-Pair” Cut-a-Thon event on Sunday, September 12th to help raise money for Abington-Jefferson Health while also raising awareness for prostate cancer.

The fundraiser, an annual awareness campaign and fundraising initiative under the Modern Male Barbershop brand since 2011, will take place on September 12th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Lansdale location. Since its inception, Prosseda has raised nearly $50,000, including $10,000 last year during the pandemic, which he said was “pretty amazing, to say the least”.

“We’re already on pace to raise $30,000 this year,” said Prosseda. “The reason this fundraiser exists is to pay it forward to those in need. If it wasn’t for my father or grandfather passing from cancer, I would have been supporting another charity. You cannot take wealth without giving it back.”

The annual campaign is organized to not only raise money but also to help men receive prostate cancer screening and treatment. Prosseda lost his father to cancer at the age of 10 when his dad was 39. Now the exact same age as when his father passed, Prosseda is making sure that others can avoid what he went through. “My dad passed away because he was too proud to get checked out and schedule routine checkups. I know that I’m doing the right thing by helping others understand the value of cancer screening and regular examinations.”

The event will feature discounted haircuts for donations, as well as donated food, drinks, and live entertainment. Donations are welcome at the event, as well as until the end of September, all of which will be directed to Abington-Jefferson Health. Prosseda is also hoping to attract 100 barbershops to participate in the fundraiser in 2022, but in the meantime, he is very excited for the new businesses who have decided to join in the Grow-A-Pair event this September, including J’s Barbershop at 3723 Old Capitol Trail in Wilmington, Delaware.

“J’s is now doing their first cut-a-thon, and we are very excited about that,” said Prosseda. “Justin, the owner, has reached out to other shops in his hometown and they are collecting donations at their registers as well. As more people become aware and educated, more and more people will be able to schedule routine checkups and hopefully avoid serious health issues.”

Learn more about Nick Prosseda and his brand by visiting

Nieves Almaraz named Men’s Hairstylist of the Year, NAHA 2021

Wahl Professional Lead Educator, Nieves Almaraz has been crowned the Men’s Hairstylist of the Year at the 2021 North American Hair Awards (NAHA).

The winners were announced at ceremony held in Las Vegas on August 29th.

Almaraz (@howtofadehair) has been a Wahl Professional educator for the past eight years. Most recently he’s been leading the Wahl Professional Disruptour Trifecta to bring high-end barber education in intimate settings to stylists and barbers across the U.S.

Chicago, “The City of Big Shoulders,” was the inspiration behind the NAHA submission created by Almaraz. A nod to the urban richness that defines his hometown combined with a futuristic photography approach, Almaraz found his niche in the Men’s Hairstylist of the Year category. “Stick to your roots, honor your legacy”, is Nieves’ approach to his creative process.

“We’re thrilled for Nieves and so proud of him.  He’s an amazing barber and artist and deserves all the recognition he’s earned,” says Lisa Finucane, U.S. Director of Education. “He’s an integral part of our education team and is helping Wahl Pro bring so many opportunities to barbers and stylists who want to learn more.”

When not working with Wahl, Almaraz owns and runs Jacob’s Barber Shop and How to Fade Hair educational academy in Cicero, IL.

To learn more about Almaraz and his passion for barbering education and cutting hair visit

Barbers/Stylists Earn Money For Your Opinions!

Would you be interested in making money on the side for your expert opinions as a professional barber?  
Thanks to City Research – a Midwest market research company that conducts extensive research with hair care professionals, you can!

City Research is currently looking for Licensed Barbers to join a 12-month, paid online market research community to discuss hair styling and barbering trends.

If you qualify, you get $25 just for signing up, and can earn up to $100 or more per month (Up to $1,000+ total for 12 months) for successful participation in community studies (surveys, focus groups, product testing, etc.). This is ALL online and your time commitment is voluntary.

If you/someone at your barbershop wants to know more, please take the survey below to see if you qualify.

City Research hopes to work with you on this project!

For more information, click here.

Great British Barber Bash Education Heads to the Emerald Isle

The Great British Barber Bash is taking its education to both Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland, offering two day courses in

Educators scheduled to feature include Hayden Cassidy and Ollie Foster
(educators vary depending on location).

Demonstrations take place each morning and you will work on up to four live models over the two days. Two educators work on each course ensuring great attention will be paid to every attendee.

The GBBB tailor the courses to the individual’s needs and the educators will work closely with students on whatever area of barbering they want to develop. The course is suitable for all abilities.

Ideal for barbers or hairdressers who want to massively improve their barbering ability. This course will take your skillset to the next level, give you new ideas, techniques and a fresh approach.  

For all the information needed to get booked in, go to

Barbershop Helps Those Hardest Hit By Pandemic

A Reading barbershop is offering free haircuts and food to homeless people, refugees and anyone else in financial difficulty.

Wahed Ullah who owns Diamond Scissors on Oxford Road says he wants to help people who have suffered the most during the pandemic.

Client Roberta is currently sleeping on a friend’s sofa while she seeks help to find a more permanent solution. A trip to the hair salon is a luxury she cannot afford right now. This was her first haircut in three years.

She says: “It’s absolutely fantastic, it’s actually unbelievable because no one else has offered anything else like this”.

As well as free hair cuts, the barbershop is also offering free food to those in need as well as providing them with essential toiletries.

Hundreds have so far taken up the offer and the service has now been expanded to two days a week with the help of community-based charity Sadaka.

The barbershop owner, Waheed Ullah, says: “I’ve been in my life in a hard situation and I was thinking it was my aim to help needy people. We are human beings and as humans, we have to help each other”.

One customer says: “Oh it means quite a lot to me that I’m able to come and get a free haircut, free food, have a chat, a cup of coffee.”

“You know I think a lot of people will be proud of what these people are doing for them you know.”

And paying customers agree this barbershop is a cut above the rest, with one saying: “I’m so glad I’m coming here all the time and help other people, it’s something very nice”.

Andis enters a new era with rebranding centered on empowering creators

Andis® Company, the leading barbering, styling and animal grooming tools brand dedicated to empowering users to create their way, is reimagining the end-to-end brand experience. Today, it introduces a new positioning as a lifestyle brand that empowers creativity within. The organization will use unique visual storytelling to highlight those at the center of their business – the creators. Andis believes creativity makes the world a better place and takes pride in developing tools and educational resources that help everyone create their way.

Front and center of the brand’s new positioning and look is the empowered creator. For Andis, creators can be internationally-renowned artists
perfecting their next viral hair design, ranchers getting ready to show cattle, pet parents touching up their furry friends between grooming appointments, or people cutting hair at home.

Watch the brand’s manifesto HERE.

“Andis has always been a passionate advocate for the creatives and visionaries in the world, as well as those solving practical challenges with our tools at home. Now, with our elevated brand experience and striking new look, we are focusing on what matters most to our company – our community of creators,” said Co-CEO Matt Andis.

“Our new brand identity celebrates a new generation of creators,” said Angie Vlasaty Peterson, Andis Company’s Director of Branding.

“The stories of customers using our tools to express their creativity has always been our motivation to innovate, and we are excited to
showcase their inspiration and passion with our new look. What matters most is the artistic journey our users embark upon with their Andis tools – creating in the manner they prefer – an idea central to our new tagline, ‘Create Your Way’. “

Andis has released a new website, a new logo and a host of new content.

Building Skills With Afro Hair – Jake Hickey Shares Five Tips

Serving a culturally diverse community means making sure that your skills measure up to the challenges presented by every head of hair. Jake Hickey of MR Barbers in Sawston and MR Barbers Newmarket has been working with afro customers from the very beginning of his career and has quickly built an afro clientele that is happy to trust him with their hair.

Jake says: “I love the way that you can literally sculpt afro hair and my customers are incredibly loyal. A black guy is very likely to stop another black guy in the street and ask them where they get their hair cut, so the word-of-mouth referrals are strong too.

Here’s Jake’s top tips on working with afro texture:

The consultation – spend time on the consultation and go OTT with the questions. There is nowhere to hide with afro, so any mistakes are super obvious. Make sure that you and the client have a VERY clear picture of the look you want to achieve. Discuss everything from height to hairlines.

Combing out – use an afro comb to comb out the whole head to its full length, so that you know what you are working with.

Clipper work warning – if your client asks for a certain number on top then work against the growth. There is a huge difference in length depending on the direction of growth.

Speed – go slow and work methodically. The afro hair follicle is thicker and if you work too fast the hair will catch in your clipper.

Blades – never work with a bare blade. Afro customers commonly have problems with razor bumps and ingrowing hairs.  Always ask how sensitive their skin is and how they have reacted in the past to a foil razor. I recommend Clubman Pinaud ‘No Bumps Gel’ which works really fast.

Images: Liam Oakes Hair by: Jake Hickey


American Crew UK and IE Winners Announced

American Crew™, the Official Supplier to Men™, announced today that Serena Hussain Hill from Toni and Guy Birmingham has been named UK winner and Ciara Madden from Marks Barbers has been named the IE winner of the 2021 All-Star Challenge in the first-round of the brand’s highly-anticipated global grooming competition.

Matt Horder, Revlon Professional Commercial Director for UK & IE explained: “The past year has taught us a thing or two about our community and our American Crew family.  Continuing to strive in the face of adversity is a testament to their dedication, strength and spirit.  We know it’s been so difficult to not only navigate this pandemic and all it encompasses but also stay inspired and energised for the year to come, which is why we  were so excited to run the American Crew All Star Challenge this year.  We are so proud of the winners and runners up who’s passion and skill shone through in their entries and now join our elite All Star Challenge hall of fame winners from years past.’

UK: Serena Hussain Hill – Toni and Guy Birmingham

Serena explained “I’m still in shock from this incredible win! To get recognition for men’s hair which I have a true passion for is overwhelming! It means the absolute world to me to be recognised by such a prestigious brand. The past year has been tough for everyone but entering this competition really helped me channel my creativity and kept me motivated through the difficult times.”

Ireland: Ciara Madden – Marks Barbers

Ciara Explained “It means so much to me I’m still shaking after hearing the news. I’m absolutely delighted with it couldn’t be happier. I’m very honoured and grateful for the opportunity thank you so much American Crew and all the judges.”


UK: George Smith – Toni & Guy Salisbury

Ireland: Keith Quinn – Roches barbers


UK: Kieran Evans – Jacks of London



Adil Ismael – Jacks of London

Jack Mead – Jack & The Wolfe


Anne Marie Mcllwraith – Just For Men

Donata Grigaitiene- Best For Men

The All-Star Challenge encourages barbers and hair stylists from across the globe to showcase their top-tier technique and skill by creating original looks with American Crew® products that capture the trendsetting-yet-timeless spirit of the brand. Providing vast opportunities and industry inspiration, the competition displays the world-class talent driving the trends in men’s grooming.

“Despite the many challenges the grooming community and salon industry faced during the global pandemic, these Professionals never cease to amaze us with their creativity and talent. We are honored to have given professionals an outlet where they could bring their originality and imagination during a challenging year,” said American Crew Founder, David Raccuglia. “These countries’ winners brought their A-game on creating fresh, elevated looks and I, along with the rest of the All-Star Challenge Global Committee have our work cut out for them as we move forward with selecting five global winners of the competition. “

What’s Next?

As the All-Star Challenge progresses, the cut and style created by Serena and Ciara will be submitted to the American Crew™ All-Star Challenge Global Committee, which consists of David Raccuglia, Founder of American Crew™, Paul Wilson, Global Artistic Director; Phoenix Thomson, Global Education Director; and Luke Munn, 2019-2020 Australian All Star Challenge Winner. After careful consideration under the following competencies: Barbering: mastery of clipper skills, fading and shaving; High Texture: ability to display technical skills, shape, and control whilst working with highly textured hair; Length: excellence in cutting and styling hair with length while maintaining a masculine edge; Retro: ability to recreate a classic cut from the past, with technical excellence in cutting and styling; and Trend: ability to be creative and think ahead by producing a shape or style that could become a trend, the committee will name five top competitors as the 2021 Global All-Star Challenge Winners.

Announced in June 2021, the five Global All-Star Challenge winners will receive a number of prizes including a $5,000 monetary award and an all-expense paid trip to Barcelona, Spain to participate in an editorial photo shoot directed and shot by American Crew Founder, and renowned photographer, David Raccuglia.

Simon Shaw Makes MR. Barbers His First Stop

Simon Shaw, Global Creative Director of Wahl made MR. Barbers HQ his first post lockdown stop this week, with a high energy training seminar on Problem Solving with Retail. A select group of MR. Barbers team members gathered at HQ to catch one of the industry’s most well-known figures and hear his wisdom on retail best practice. Simon enjoyed his first in-person (Covid safe) event since before the pandemic almost as much as the MR. Barbers team members enjoyed attending.

Simon said “Everyone hates to be sold to, but everyone wants their problems solved. For barbers, solving hair problems should be part of every service. By focussing on the problem, not the product, it shows the customer that there is a solution available and that the barber has done their job.”

Karl Foster added: “We were so happy to have Simon here, his experience is worth it’s weight in gold. We are constantly seeking ways to help our barbers build their knowledge and upskill and this short seminar was much appreciated after a very tough 14 months for our teams.

Simon dropped golden nuggets of wisdom for three straight hours and the MR. Barbers team were left energised and on track with their retail goals!